Charlotte de Witte Net Worth 2023: Meet the Sensational Raving George

Charlotte de Witte is amongst the most successful DJs in the world. How was she able to rise in the male-dominated industry? Read more about her career and Charlotte de Witte net worth.

No, you read the title right. Meet Charlotte de Witte, previously known as Raving George. She made the list of DJ Mags 100 top DJs three times from 2019 to 2021. She won International Dance Music Award’s Best Female Techno Artist category twice in 2019 and 2020.

Similar to Mike Darlington’s Monstercat, Charlotte launched her own label, KNTXT, in 2019. She wanted to house her own creativity and provide a platform for other aspiring artists.

Charlotte de Witte net worth is estimated at $1 million. Her current fame and fortune prove that women are more than capable of rising above an industry popularly dominated by men. 

Her success brought other great talents to her side, like DJs Chris Liebing, Indira Paganotto, Monoloc, and Alignment.

Charlotte de Witte at Mainstage Tomorrowland 2022 Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Charlotte de Witte at Mainstage – Tomorrowland 2022

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Charlotte de Witte – Short Bio

Charlotte Aloïs de Witte was born on July 21, 1992, in Ghent, Belgium. At 16, she returned to her birthplace to continue her schooling. And of course, as a teenager, she was starting to experience a little bit of freedom, leading to her unexpected attraction to techno music.

According to the story she shared with Keynote, she went exploring with friends that led them to an underground club. She was first hesitant to step inside, expecting to drown in incoherent loud noise. To her surprise, her attention was immediately drawn to the irresistible beat of the bass.

After that unforgettable experience, Charlotte officially joined the populous of young adults who frequented clubs to lose themselves in music. The same hypnotic rhythm has inspired countless youths to seek out the perfect track that would best express themselves as an individual.

FWhile, for the majority, the hunt for that certain perfection is put to a momentary stop once it’s time to return home. However, Charlotte became determined to draw that music as her creation.

She began creating mixed tapes purely for her listening pleasure and perhaps occasionally sharing with friends. And despite realizing her passion for music, Charlotte never once considered back then, making a career out of itpatching together rhythms and beats.

Then that simple interest led to a winning a DJing contest in 2011 held by the Dutch-speaking radio station in Belgium called Studio Brussel, shortly after putting her compositions online.

The contest was a joint event by Studio Brussel and the organizers of the annual Tomorrowland music festival held in Belgium. Charlotte was one of three finalists who were given a chance to submit an hour-long mixed tape. Her life instantly changed after being declared the winner.

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Charlotte de Witte’s Career and Achievements

Who is Raving George?

Raving George is a persona that Charlotte created due to initial personal insecurities. Especially in the field of music, there has been much negativity, and prejudice pointed toward women. So, to preserve and protect her passion for music, Raving George was born.

Charlotte began her professional career shortly after the 2011 contest, and yes, she was promoted by the alias Raving George. 

IWhile it’s a hundred percent certain that the crowd stood still for a good few seconds after seeing a pleasant-looking girl enter the stage. But, how many would say that majority of the event-goers were disappointed upon finding out that Raving George wasn’t a burly, old dude?

More appropriately, the revelation would have been an amazing surprise. She completely captivates the stunned audience with her music. People who have been amongst the crowd at least once describe Charlotte’s creation and presence as nothing less than phenomenal.

Charlotte debuted in 2013 with “Obverse EP,” her first extended play, released under Crux records. Then in 2015, the non-album single “You’re Mine” became an instant hit. It featured the international sensation, Max Colombie, famously known as “Oscar and the Wolf.”

2015 was also the year that the alias, Raving George, was forced to retire. Charlotte released the album Weltschmerz under her real name for the first time.

Charlotte de Witte Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Charlotte de Witte Net Worth?

Charlotte de Witte net worth is estimated at $1 million as of the current year. She followed her initial success by launching her label, KNTXT, in 2019 to provide a platform for both famous and up-coming musicians. 

How Did Charlotte de Witte Became Famous?

The Raving George alias she used was the trampoline for Charlotte’s initial success. The real shocker was not about revealing her identity. Charlotte rose to international fame because of her music.

Is Charlotte de Witte Single?

Charlotte announced her engagement to Italian techno DJ and producer Enrico Sangiuliano on February 5th, 2021, through social media.

Charlotte de Witte Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: OnAir at The Lab New York

Charlotte de Witte Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Despite how much the times have changed and considering we have the likes of John Carmack rationalizing artificial intelligence and Elon Musk with his spaceships and self-driving cars, it’s a bit of a shock to hear that there are still plenty of narrow-minded people influencing the world.

But Charlotte’s insecurities were short-lived. Though Raving George stunned a few thousands of people for about the first three years of her career as a DJ, every time “he” made an appearance, Good ole George never performed in front of a crowd, wearing a fake beard.

Today, the story of the sensational Raving George is recounted as an amusing yet uniquely impressive experience of a girl who became one of the best DJs in the world.

And for one, that is precious history.

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