Rashad Richey Net Worth 2024: The Most Trusted Voice in Atlanta Radio

Rashad Richey is an icon of the broadcasting industry not only as a news personality but for the value of the insights he regularly shares with his viewers. Just how much does a political pundit make? Find out by reading about Rashad Richey net worth.

The world relied on journalists for daily updates on what goes on in the world. Though there were times that these personalities slipped in a few sentences of their own opinions on the stories they were assigned to deliver, newscasters always filtered their personal comments to the brim.

It’s impossible that these intellectual people are not affected by what they see or hear when the ongoings of the world are at the center of their livelihood.

Broadcaster and news anchor Rashad Richey flipped the definition of journalism. He delivered each story gift-wrapped in fiery commentaries and precious insights. He polished the human side of broadcasters so the rest of us may see better that they are more than presenters following scripts.

The professor’s achievements, current wealth, and overall success are more than well deserved for the extensive effort and passion he has given to journalism and public service.

Rashad Richey – Net Worth

Rashad Richey is a multi-talented person with an estimated net worth of $5.8 million. He is a broadcaster, news analyst, political strategist, business executive, and university professor. 

His main income source is his radio program on News and Talk 1380 called Rashad Richey’s morning show and TV news show “Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey,” aptly dubbed as “America’s Fastest Growing Television News Show” and rightfully one of the most watched programs in the country.

However, he also earns from various other sources, such as teaching, writing, and broadcasting on famous streaming platforms. 

Rashad Richey – Short Bio

Rashad was born on May 24th, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. Rashad is a skillful man who has high knowledge of politics. His education and skills have helped him become one of the best public speakers in the world. 

Rashad is also involved in various fundraising activities. 

In 2016, Rashad graduated from Scofield Graduate School. Later, he joined Cornell University and learned executive leadership. One year later, he started studying business at Beulah Heights University. 

Rashad began pursuing a professional career after finishing his MBA program.

Rashad didn’t stop learning and went to Clark Atlanta University to become a doctor of education. His doctoral degree was completed in late 2020. 

Rashad held high positions in both governmental and private agencies. Since 2017, he has been part of the urban media company, Rolling Out and was appointed president in 2021. He is also a respected political analyst for CBS 46 and Peachtree TV Atlanta. 

He was even considered an Emmy for his brilliant effort as a news analyst. 

Rashad Richey’s Career and Achievements

Lifetime Passion

Before becoming a journalist, Rashad Richey’s primary and tireless passion is education. He is both a practitioner and scholar who believes that higher education can be achieved when approached more sensibly and realistically alongside character development

Dr. Richey’s research is published on popular platforms like Grin Publishing, CBS, Fox News, Atlanta Business Journal, and Rolling Out Magazine, the largest free-print urban publication in America.

A Respected Journalist

On top of being a broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur, Rashad Richey is a university professor and an esteemed lecturer. He is a regular on several television and radio channels, providing insightful analysis and riveting commentaries on various political, social, and policy-related themes.

He was the first African-American person voted for Best Talk Radio Personality in Atlanta, while the Atlanta Business Journal dubbed Dr. Richey the Most Trusted Voice in Atlanta. 

He served as chief editor and senior writer for the country’s largest free-print urban publication, Rolling Out Magazine. The platform has 2.8 million in America and a combined social media following of half a million.

A True Influencer

Rashad’s show attracts an average of 3 million views every day. Due to its popularity, it was added to streaming channels like Samsung TV, Roku TV, and YouTube TV, as well as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Amazon Music. Of course, Rashad’s skills in public speaking were not exclusive to his show.

He has also provided commentary for MSNBC, CNBC, BBC, The Young Turks Network, Fox News Channel, and many other platforms. He tackles a wide range of issues with the American culture and provides unadulterated ideas of measures that could be taken to solve these issues.

The news anchor lends his voice to social justice. He strongly speaks against discrimination, most especially racism. In a TV coverage for a news outlet, he once addressed the issue of a small town in Georgia where people still dealt with racism and systemic segregation. He earned a nomination for an Emmy award for this coverage.

We should also credit him for the outrage he expressed in his video when a school superintendent ignored pandemic restrictions. CNN was the source of the coverage. Rashad reacted to the carelessness of the school in the hopes that his message would reach the parents.

6.7% of the attending students were infected, freely interacting with other children. Rashad suspected that the percentage had already risen by the time he was recording his video. 

The professor also started an agency called The Rashad Richey Foundation, which aims to deprogram gang-affiliated and gang-affected youth. 

Rashad has been awarded two Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards for his contribution to solving societal problems. His first was during the time of Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden recently awarded his second. 

A Philanthropist

Rashad was named in the Top 40 under the forty most influential people by Atlanta Magazine. That is not it; his words and beliefs have made him earned him many other awards. Some of them include

  • Global Media Icon 
  • Media Influencer of the year and by ICON beauty and fashion
  • Broadcaster of the year by Tabitha’s house
  • Media personality of the year award by GA Black chamber of commerce
  • Best in Media at Rice awards
  • International Man of the year by iCreate International

His career as a teacher has allowed him to give the upcoming generation a new way of thinking. He provides lectures on race relations, politics, faith, media, economic and social disparities, leadership theory, and business equity. At the time of writing, Rashad serves as a Director and Professor of Institutional Advancement at MBC (Morris Brown College). 

MBC is liberal arts college that was first founded in 1881. The college was established mainly for black people living in the state. It was also the first institution in Georgia owned completely by African Americans. 

Rashad Richey’s Personal Life

Rashad doesn’t openly share his personal life but has revealed bits about his family and childhood. He was raised by numerous foster mothers but had great respect and love for the woman who gave birth to her. He expressed his grief on Twitter when his mother passed away, referring to her as the queen who brought him to life.

Dr. Richey also shared on Twitter that he has a 16-year-old daughter. Rumors say he is still happily married, and some say he is divorced and not currently in a relationship. Regardless, Rashad chose not to disclose the name of his daughter’s mother.

Social Media Presence

Rashad is active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. He has 28.8k followers on Instagram and 22.5k followers on Twitter. If we look into his LinkedIn account, Rashad has more than 4k followers with 500 connections. 

Most of his fame comes from his YouTube channel, which has around 500k subscribers with more than 272 million views. Rashad created his channel in 2011 but got most of his following after 2015. His YouTube earnings alone have a net worth of around $700k.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Rashad Richey Net Worth

Is Rashad Richey Married?

Rashad Richey doesn’t openly share details of his private life, like his marriage or total assets. But he is married to a woman whose name is not revealed. They have a daughter named Sabrina, who is currently 16 years old.

What is the Date of birth of Rashad Richey?

Rashad was born on 24th May 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the second and only living child of Nathaniel Richey and Precious O’June Jackson, both deceased. Rashad’s elder sibling died at birth in 1980.

Conclusion – Rashad Richey Net Worth

Rashad Richey rarely fails to make an interesting discussion, which is why more and more people subscribe to his channel to be part of exciting discussions that often end up trending on social media.

In a time where it’s either fake news or how to pay off a student loan debt is at the top of the list of most millennials, a talk show with Rashad Richey’s daily dose of truth, insight, and inspiration is something we all need. His is journalism in one of its finest forms.

Rashad Richey is also a self-made businessman, one of the wealthy, with an average net worth of  $5.8 million. He makes money as a slightly different kind of influencer in mainstream media. His passionate approach is similar to a traditional preacher, who glints like a YouTube star.

Rashad Richey used media outlets to inspire the next generation of journalists to focus more on what can help our development for the better than build a quick career financially securing themselves from one controversy after another of famous personalities. 

“As a guy who has made many mistakes, I now dedicate my life to ensuring others can benefit from them.” This bold statement is looped on Rashad Richey’s website, and he has earned the stars for it.

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