Angie Harmon Net Worth 2023: A Blend of Drama, Action, and Suspense

Alongside her impressive acting credits, Harmon’s accomplishments have also contributed to her noteworthy Angie Harmon net worth, cementing her status as a successful and influential figure in Hollywood.

Angie Harmon has emerged as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her undeniable talent and versatile performances. With a career spanning over two decades, she has showcased her acting prowess in film and television, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

From her breakout role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael in the long-running series “Law & Order” to her captivating portrayal of Detective Jane Rizzoli in “Rizzoli & Isles,” Harmon has consistently delivered stellar performances that have garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

Beyond her remarkable television career, Harmon has also made her mark on the big screen, starring in notable films such as “Agent Cody Banks” and “Fun with Dick and Jane.” Her ability to effortlessly transition between dramatic and comedic roles has showcased her versatility as an actress. 

Harmon’s success in the industry is evident in her impressive acting credits and numerous awards and nominations, including a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

Angie Harmon – Net Worth

Angie Harmon has an estimated net worth of $35 million. The actress accumulated her wealth primarily through her successful acting career, which includes notable television roles and film appearances. She has earned income through endorsements, brand partnerships, and other business ventures.

Angie Harmon – Short Bio

Angie Harmon, born Angela Michelle Harmon on August 10, 1972, in Highland Park, Texas, is an American actress. Raised in a family with an athletic background, she developed a passion for sports and modeling at an early age. Her parents’ divorce during her childhood influenced her decision to pursue an entertainment career.

Harmon attended Highland Park High School and later enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied acting and journalism.

Angie Harmon – Career and Achievements

Angie Harmon’s career has remarkably progressed from her early days as a model to becoming a highly respected actress in the entertainment industry. After winning the Spectrum Model Search, she began a successful modeling career, gracing the runways and collaborating with renowned designers. 

Harmon’s breakout role came in 1998 when she joined the popular TV series “Law & Order” cast as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael. This critically acclaimed role earned her recognition and established her as a versatile actress. She later collaborated with legendary filmmaker David O. Russell, starring in his film “The Good Thief” alongside Nick Nolte.

One of Harmon’s most notable career highlights came with her portrayal of Detective Jane Rizzoli in the hit TV series “Rizzoli & Isles.” Her dynamic performance as the tough yet compassionate detective captivated audiences and garnered her widespread acclaim. Harmon’s on-screen chemistry with her co-star Sasha Alexander further elevated the show’s success.

Some of her notable television shows are “Women’s Murder Club” (2007-2008), “Samantha Who?” (2009-2010), and “Chuck” (2007-2012).

Throughout her career, Harmon has worked alongside several famous names, including collaborations with acclaimed actors such as Mark Wahlberg in the film “Fear” and Uma Thurman in the crime drama series “Imposters.” 

Angie Harmon – Personal Life

Angie Harmon was previously married to former professional football player Jason Sehorn, with whom she has three daughters. However, the couple announced their separation in 2014. Harmon has since been focused on co-parenting and maintaining a strong relationship with her children.

Outside of her acting career, Harmon has also been involved in philanthropy and activism. She has advocated for causes such as human trafficking awareness and actively supports organizations working to combat this issue. 

She has been involved in charitable initiatives and has participated in fundraising events for various causes. Harmon’s dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional endeavors.

Angie Harmon – Social Media

Angie Harmon is active on social media. She uses these platforms to connect with her fans, sharing updates about her projects, personal life, and advocacy work. Harmon often posts photos and videos showcasing her daily life, behind-the-scenes glimpses from her acting projects, and highlights from her charitable endeavors. 

Facebook – Angie Harmon with 719K followers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Angie Harmon Net Worth

Is Angie Harmon Married? 

Angie Harmon was previously married to former NFL player Jason Sehorn. However, they announced their separation in 2014 and finalized their divorce in 2016. Despite the end of their marriage, Harmon and Sehorn remain dedicated parents to their three children and maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Has Angie Harmon Appeared in Other Television Shows Besides “Rizzoli & Isles”?

Angie Harmon has made guest appearances in several popular television shows, including “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Samantha Who?” and “Chuck.”

What Are Angie Harmon’s Other Interests Outside of Acting?

Angie Harmon is involved in various charitable organizations. She is an ambassador for the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, which aims to prevent malaria in Africa. Harmon is also an advocate for human trafficking awareness.

Conclusion – Angie Harmon Net Worth

Throughout her journey, Angie Harmon has proven to be a powerhouse in the entertainment world, captivating audiences with her performances and undeniable talent. As she continues exploring new projects, her legacy as a versatile and accomplished actress remains firmly cemented, making her an iconic figure in television and film.

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