Gordon McKernan Net Worth 2024: Louisiana Lawfirm Never Settles for Less

Are you recently injured or in an accident? Get Gordon! That’s the catchphrase for the practice of this personal injury attorney whose face has launched almost a thousand billboards. Find out more about him and the Gordon McKernan net worth.

It’s hard to ignore a personality like Gordon McKernan. If you haven’t seen him in court, you may have seen him in ads or billboards. But make no mistake, the Louisiana firm’s fame is not of some baseless or vague popularity contest but from their impressive track record in the courtroom.

A renowned injury lawyer, he is a force to be reckoned with in Louisiana’s legal landscape, where his highly-reputable personal injury law firm is based. Over the last 30 years, his participation in various courts in Texas and Mississippi has also made him one of the region’s most powerful attorneys.

If the life of the legendary attorney intrigues you, read on to learn all about the life of Gordon McKernan, including his personal life, career highlights, and, most importantly, Gordon McKernan net worth.

Gordon McKernan Net Worth

Gordon McKernan net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. It is no secret how he has accumulated his wealth. His professional life and career are well-documented. 

Over the years, his law firm has successfully handled more than 100 personal injury cases, which range from car and motorcycle accidents, construction and workplace accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, slip and fall accidents, negligence, premises liability, wrongful-death cases to dog bites. 

McKernan has successfully handled 40 cases, chalking up winning verdicts worth over $1 million. He may have gotten this personal injury law firm from his father, but under his supervision, his firm grew from strength to strength and was established as one of the most prestigious firms in the state.

Gordon McKernan’s Short Bio

Gordon McKernan was born to Diana and Jerry McKernan. His father, Jerry McKernan, also an attorney, passed away in 2012. Gordon is currently based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he grew up with his four siblings. Gordon McKernan is married to Shannon and has four kids. 

Gordon McKernan – Early Life

Gordon McKernan was born in August 1966 and grew up in a well-settled family. Gordon speaks highly of the family values and principles his parents instilled in him and his siblings. In high school, he met Shannon, who later became his wife. 

He grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and, in 1989, completed his BS in English degree from the University of Louisiana. In 1992, Gordon received a law degree from the Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. 

Even in his university days, McKernan was very confident and an all-rounder as he joined the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. After completing his law degree, he joined his father’s McKernan Law Firm. 

Gordon McKernan’s Career and Achievements

McKernan’s office is one of the top personal injury firms in the country, staffed with the best attorneys in the US. They cover personal injury claims in three of the five states on the Gulf Coast.

For decades, the Louisiana firm stood as the best contingency against many forms of negligence and enabled plaintiffs to negotiate for fair compensation.

Gordon McKernan practiced law under his father’s mentorship for several years. 

After a few years of practicing under his father’s mentorship, Gordon established McKernan Injury Attorneys US in 1998. The office is staffed with more than 50 attorneys and over 100 employees.

Gordon McKernan – Career

During his career, Gordon McKernan and his firm have represented hundreds of clients across various locations in Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Shreveport, New Orleans, Lake Charles, Monroe, Lafayette, Hammond, Zachary, and Livingstone, among others.

Gordon’s primary practice entails representing individuals who have been injured due to indifference from the other party and were not at fault in the first place. His firm also handles accidents resulting from drunk driving, car or truck accidents, commercial vehicles, offshore or marine accidents, etc. 

While most law offices can be financially intimidating right off the bat, McKernan invites everyone for a free consultation. Promoting a no-fee first meeting help attract people searching for legal representation with injury claims without worrying about being charged with initial legal fees.

Gordon and his team also offer representation in the event of wrongful deaths, critical injuries, burns, amputations, fractures, etc.

Gordon McKernan has successfully handled more than 40 cases personally, many of which have delivered verdicts with a value of more than $1 million, while his law firm as a whole has made recoveries exceeding $1.5 billion.

Gordon McKernan – Achievements

Gordon McKernan has numerous professional associations and memberships, including the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, American Association, and various state-level associations. He has also received awards from Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Top 100 American Trial Lawyers, and Super Lawyers.

Gordon McKernan also owns a charity Gordon Gives, which has donated to over 140 organizations across Louisiana. 

Gordon McKernan’s Personal Life

Gordon married his high school sweetheart and lives with his wife Shannon and his four kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite his busy lifestyle, Gordon McKernan is actively involved with church and is dedicated to his family. He gives ample time to his family by going out for walks, watching TV, and playing games.

Gordon McKernan likes to lead an active lifestyle and likes to exercise. He is also fond of traveling, fishing, hunting, and reading. 

As a sports fan since his collegiate days, Gordon McKernan has taken it upon himself to promote sports at the college level. His law firm offers sponsorships to elite student-athletes to foster their academic and professional aspirations. Moreover, he also likes to coach his children’s sports teams. 

Social Media Presence

Gordon McKernan has released several law-based renowned publications under his name. His law firm commercials and more than 800 billboards are famous throughout Louisiana. His recent Top Gun-inspired billboard has been making rounds on social media, before which his Super Bowl commercial had become quite popular. 

The renowned lawyer also enjoys a strong social media presence. He has a YouTube channel, GetGordon, where he shares various aspects of his and his family’s life and what it is like to grow up as part of their family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Gordon McKernan Net Worth

How Much Is Gordon McKernan’s Salary?

Gordon McKernan has a net worth of $1 million. Since establishing McKernan Injury Attorneys US in 1998, the firm has been known to have the best personal injury lawyers in three of the five states on the Gulf Coast. He receives considerable profit from providing quality legal help.

How Old Is Gordon McKernan?

Gordon McKernan was born in August 1966. He received mentorship from his late father, who was also a lawyer. Gordon has devoted his skills to aiding injury victims to recover compensation.

How Much Does Gordon McKernan Spend on Billboards?

It is estimated that Gordon McKernan’s firm has around 800 billboards across Louisiana. According to a 2020 report, Gordon McKernan spent around $4 to $5 million on billboards. 

As per the 4th quarter report of ATRA (American Tort Form Association), Gordon McKernan and two other renowned Louisiana law firms spent around $12.53 million on advertising, out of which around 22% went towards outdoor advertising, primarily billboards.

Conclusion – Gordon McKernan Net Worth 

McKernan’s aggressive strategy to market his legal services may annoy some people but certainly sets him apart from the competition. His fiery approach is key to his successful practice and satisfied personal injury lawsuit clients. 

Passion, after all, is an expression of dedication. And when equipped with the appropriate mentality and skill set, the mixture can be a recipe for success.

Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi residents are fortunate to have this eager lawyer accompany any client to court. Trust that he will never settle for less on your behalf.

Get Gordon! Get It Done!

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