Subtronics Net Worth 2024: Blowing Minds One Show at a Time

Subtronics is a rising star in electronic dance music. As he continues to grow in popularity, many are curious about Subtronics net worth, which reflects his success in the industry.

Meet Subtronics, the bass-pumping, beat-dropping dubstep sensation making waves in the electronic dance music scene. With a unique, equal part heavy and melodic sound, Subtronics has quickly risen to fame with his signature style. 

From collaborations with industry legends to major headlining festivals, he’s made a name for himself with his electrifying performances and innovative productions. And the best part? He’s just getting started.

Subtronics – Net Worth

Subtronics net worth is estimated at around $5 million. His wealth has been primarily acquired through his successful career as a DJ and producer, with income streams from record sales, touring, merchandise, and endorsements.

Subtronics – Short Bio

Born as Jesse Kardon on December 23, 1992, Subtronics is a celebrated American DJ, record producer, and composer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His passion for music started at a young age, with his drum set and love for Radiohead as early sources of inspiration. 

During high school, he discovered the first wave of dubstep and was introduced to artists such as Skream, Caspa, and Rusko, leading him to further explore the genre with the likes of Excision, Skrillex, and 12th Planet.

Jesse’s passion for dubstep led him to dive into music production, where he taught himself the basics through online tutorials. He quickly developed his signature sound and has been an active electronic dance music scene member since 2013.

Subtronics – Career and Achievements

Jesse taught himself the basics of music production through online tutorials and began shaping the unique sound that would become his signature style. In 2017, Subtronics released his first EP, Cyclops Army, which gained him recognition in the dubstep scene and led to collaborations with artists such as Boogie T, Ganja White Night, and Excision.

Since then, Subtronics has released numerous successful EPs and singles under labels such as Never Say Die, Disciple, and Deadbeats. In 2019, he released his most successful project to date, his EP titled Cyclops Army Deluxe, which featured collaborations with heavy hitters in the industry, such as Zeds Dead and Boogie T. 

Subtronics continues to be a prominent figure in the dubstep scene, regularly performing at major music festivals and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Subtronics – Personal Life

Subtronics has not shared much about his personal life. It is unknown whether he is in a relationship or has children. However, he has used his platform to raise awareness for various social and environmental issues, such as mental health and climate change. 

Subtronics enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends and family in his free time.

Subtronics – Social Media

Subtronics has a significant social media presence across various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. He regularly shares updates about his music and upcoming shows, personal insights, and humorous memes. 

His engaging and playful content has helped him amass a dedicated following of fans who eagerly anticipate his latest releases and live performances.

Twitter – @Subtronics with 155.8K followers

Instagram – subtronics with 377K followers

YouTube – @OfficialSubtronics with 58.9K subscribers 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Subtronics Net Worth

How Did Subtronics Become Famous?

Subtronics became famous through his unique dubstep sound and energetic live performances. He gained popularity in the early 2010s through his releases on various record labels and collaborations with other notable dubstep producers.

What Record Labels Has Subtronics Worked With? 

Subtronics has worked with several record labels throughout his career, including Cyclops Recordings, Prime Audio, SubCarbon Records, Never Say Die, Disciple, Artist Intelligence Agency, Kill Your Ego, Blacklight Audio, Uplink Audio, Chronos Records, Multikill Recordings, Escence Audio, and Deadbeats.

What Is Subtronics’ Most Popular Song? 

Subtronics’ most popular song is “Griztronics,” a collaboration with fellow producer GRiZ. The track has garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms and is widely regarded as a dubstep anthem.

Conclusion – Subtronics Net Worth

Subtronics has become a force to be reckoned with in the dubstep scene, thanks to his unique sound and unwavering dedication to his craft. With a string of successful releases and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, he has firmly cemented his place among the genre’s elite. 

As he continues to push the boundaries of his music, fans can expect even more exciting things from this talented producer in the future.

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