Billy Gerhardt Net Worth 2024: Dig A Spot in Fame

Fans of “The Curse of Oak Island” took notice of Billy Gerhardt by unwittingly charming their hearts. There is probably more to this gentle-looking man and his big machines. Billy Gerhardt net worth is a big clue.

Billy came to fame after being cast for the TV series “The Curse of Oak Island,” The show is a reality TV program by the History Channel, set in Nova Scotia, Canada. The series chronicles the lives of a group of treasure hunters as they search and attempt to uncover many legends of Oak Island. 

Gerhardt is in the middle of this adventure as a well-respected local businessman who operates heavy digging equipment in the show. Will this fan favorite be the one to find the lost treasure? As the popular show reaches its tenth season, Billy continues to make a name for himself in his new career. 

This article will focus on this unassuming character and his net worth. 

Billy Gerhardt – Net Worth

Billy Gerhardt is a successful and wealthy businessman. He owns Gerhardt Property Improvement. It is a company that provides trucking and landscaping services around Canada and the US. He stumbled upon an acting career when he accepted to appear in season 4 of the reality show “The Curse of Oak island.” 

In the years that Billy has been with the show, people will agree if he were to add “treasure hunter” to his resume.

According to multiple reliable sources, Billy Gerhardt has a net worth between $5 million to $10 million.

Billy Gerhardt – Short Bio

Billy’s real name is William A. Gerhardt, but his fans have nicknamed him Billy. He is a native Canadian who is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Billy has hazel brown eyes and dark black hair. He started his business in Lunenburg and now has his machinery and trucks in two areas of Oak Island, Smith’s Cove and Money Pit. 

Billy Gerhardt – Career and Achievements


Billy Gerhardt – As a Businessman

In his backyard, Billy Gerhardt started his company, William A. Gerhardt Property Improvement, around 20 years ago. He turned it into an amazing garden and the perfect promo for his business.

Since then, Billy has provided landscaping services, converting many homes into pieces of heaven. He takes pride in all the hard work to grow his humble business. With his team, they can perfectly meet every client’s requests and specifications regardless size and complexity of the design.

Gerhardt Property Improvement only employs and dispatches skilled workers to assure the safety of their client’s property. The whole company and its personnel are certified by the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association. Their policies are up to date, and all the staff is very well trained. 

They currently operate in Canada and the US, delivering goods such as lumber, seafood, machinery, furniture, and Christmas trees delivered directly from their natural tree stand. 

The company participates in simple but philanthropic ways to give back through community events and fundraising activities. Billy is a strong believer that one of the best ways to help someone is to provide others the opportunity to help themselves. One great example is giving them a job.

Billy Gerhardt – As an Actor

Billy first appeared in the reality TV series “The Curse of the Oakland” in 2017.  Created by Kevin Burns, the adventure and mystery began when the show aired in 2014. Ten seasons and 165 episodes later, the world is still glued, anticipating where the crew will venture next.

Billy plays a very important part in the fan-favorite treasure-hunting series. He is in charge of the big machines. Billy’s main purpose is to skillfully operate the digging equipment and safely unearth their objective. We’ve watched enough Indiana Jones to know that every treasure hunt involves dangers and booby traps.

Discussions on social media even point to Billy as the one carrying the whole show for the past three years.

Achievements and Awards

In 2019, Billy won the Film Crew Excellence Award given by Screen Nova Scotia, a reputable Canadian film commission and industry association. He played a major role in converting Yarmouth’s Cape Forchu into an old island for Robert Eggers’ film, The Lighthouse. The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, held in 2019. 

Billy Gerhardt – Personal Life

Billy hasn’t shared much about his personal life. Like billionaire banker Joseph Safra, this entrepreneur-turned-reality television star keeps his personal life separate from work. 

Billy Gerhardt – Social Media

Billy is not present on any social media platform, which shows how private he is with his life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Billy Gerhardt Net Worth

Who Is Billy Gerhardt’s Wife?

Billy is a very private man. There is no shared or confirmed information regarding the businessman’s private life.

Was “The Curse of Oak Island” Scripted?

No, “The Curse of Oak Island” is not scripted. It’s hard to believe that a respected network like the History Channel would release something scripted and dub it as anything historical. The show is hosted by famous real-life treasure hunters like the Lagina Brothers.

Did the Oak Island Treasure Get Found?

The Oak Island treasure has yet to be found by other hunters or in the reality TV series.

Conclusion – Billy Gerhardt Net Worth

Billy Gerhardt estimated a net worth of $5 to $10 million. But given his enormous success in television and his continuously growing business, it’s safe to assume that we may be off by a few million dollars.

As the popularity of the reality series rises, so does Billy’s newfound fame as the unwitting actor. Interestingly, his real-life occupation as the owner of a successful Nova Scotia business specializing in heavy equipment blends well with his given role in the series. 

Billy’s popularity came to a turning point when a respectable body in the firm recognized Bily’s work as a crew of the reality TV series. Talk about art imitating life. 

As the show gears up for the 166th episode of its tenth season, the audience will see more of Billy Gerhardt and, who knows, maybe, the buried treasure in Oak Island.

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