Charles Woodson Net Worth 2024: What Makes an NFL Legend?

Charles Woodson is one of the most iconic players in NFL history. He was a young athlete who couldn’t decide between a football career and living a carefree life. So what made him choose the sport? Read about his journey and learn how much Charles Woodson net worth is after retirement.

Would you believe it if someone told you that this football league icon was born with clubbed feet? After wearing corrective shoes early in his life, Charles scored seven touchdowns in high school and intercepted Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning twice.

His career is one of those inspiring stories of life’s overcoming impossibilities like soccer greats Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Charles was a rookie with great potential and was named 4th overall by the Raiders during the 1998 NFL Draft. He was already a Pro Bowler within his first NFL season.

Charles Woodson is considered one of the most decorated defensive players in the National Football League. He played his final game against the Kansas City Chiefs in January 2016, finishing with 74 tackles, five interceptions, nine passes defensed, one forced fumble, and four fumble recoveries.

Charles Woodson’s Net Worth

Charles Woodson is a retired American football player whose net worth is estimated at $26 million. His yearly salary in the NFL was estimated to be around $3 million annually as he had a major role in the NFL, which undoubtedly helped him get rich.

His net worth is collected and made up from his career as a professional football player, including his yearly salary and buyout contracts with teams. He is also a partner in a wine brand known as “Twenty Four by Charles Woodson,” which also adds to his massive fortune.

Charles Woodson – Short Bio

Charles was born to Solomon and Georgia Woodson on 7th October 1976, in Fremont, Ohio. He retired in 2013 from professional football after his 18-year career in the NFL. He belongs to the Black ethnicity and is a proud American.

Charles Woodson – Early Life

Woodson was highly athletic and played for Ross High School. He was awarded the state of Ohio’s “Mr. Football” in 1994 due to his enthusiasm and brilliance in football. Because of this, many colleges recruited him as a running back in football.

He attended the University of Michigan and was integral to its college football team. This was possible because Michigan was interested in Woodson due to his work in the field. This move was great as he led the team to a college football national championship in 1997.

This future all-American NFL pro received the Heisman Trophy for the 1997 championship game performance. He was a very flexible athlete, able to play numerous positions and fill any gaps. Charles was a master of the offensive line as well as he did as a defensive end. 

Charles Woodson – Career and Achievements

Woodson’s professional career began after his laudable performance in the junior season for Michigan. His name came through the first round in 1998, and he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders as their fourth overall pick. Charles proved to be one of the best rookies to enter the franchise. 

The Associated Press named him NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year after setting a string of firsts and breaking a few franchise records. After an explosive debut, Charles continued to dominate the field for the next two seasons, averaging 65 tackles, with his performances followed by awards.

A big part of his early success was the camaraderie and support of his teammates. Charles had so much promise, but at the time, he was young and easily swept by the pace of his more senior teammates, specifically wide receiver Andre Rison and runningback Charlie Garner.

Fortunately, Charles was under the supervision of the great Willie Brown. The Raiders legend, Hall of Famer, and the godfather of Bump and Run kept everyone in check. Charles was fortunate to have Brown and the rest of the team present during his formative years in the NFL. 

Charles Woodson wore the Raiders’ tag for eight seasons.

In 2002, Woodson faced a major blow after he suffered from a shoulder injury which kept him out of 8 games in the season. His team, the Raiders, lost the Superbowl in 2003 to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Charles’ status with the team became probationary. His contract with the Raiders was renewed for one year, season 2004, and once more for season 2005. Unfortunately, events didn’t favor Charles or the franchise. The Raiders decided it was best to let him go.

In 2006, Woodson had zero offers aside from the Green Bay Packers. He was reluctant to sign the $52 million contract, but Charles was virtually at the edge of his career. But despite his initial hesitation, Charles was able to make a comeback and continue his winning streak at the Pro Bowls.

He was given the NFL defensive player of the month for September 2008. He became the only defensive player to receive the player of the month award 3 times in a single season. Woodson ultimately won the 2009 NFL defensive player of the year for his outstanding performance.

Following Woodson’s performance in 2009, he earned his 6th Pro Bowl and second the first team all-pro nomination. He was also included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame All-decade team. In 2010, he signed a 2-year extension with the packers, which added 5 years and $55 million to his existing contract.

In 2011, Woodson, along with his team Green Bay Packers, went on to play in the Super Bowl, the annual final playoff game of the NFL. They turned out to be victorious with an ending score of 31-25. Woodson, however, was benched mid-match as he broke his collarbone after diving.

His time at the Packers is termed as the most successful. After completing his 7 years on the team, he reunited with his old team in 2013, the Raiders. Later, he took his retirement to join “ESP Sunday NFL Countdown.” He moved to Fox sports in 2018 as an analyst of college football.

Charles Woodson – Personal Life

Charles Woodson is married to April Dixon Woodson. They both have 2 children together, Chase and Charles. He loved wine and had a keen interest in it. He partnered with a winemaker to create his wine brand, Twenty Four by Charles Woodson. He has currently introduced various alcohol choices to his brand today.

Woodson was arrested twice in the past because of his drinking habits. In 2000, he was taken into custody for driving under the influence. The second time in 2004, for public intoxication, he forcefully sat in a women’s car.

Woodson was also involved in helping various societal efforts through giving to charity. He also formed his charitable organization, Charles Woodson Foundation, which helped support the fight against breast cancer. 

Charles Woodson – Social Media

He has accounts and is active on all leading social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He posts pictures of himself and his family. Charles also heavily promotes his wine brand through these channels.

He also posts an analysis of football games through his Twitter account. He has a massive following on all these platforms, nearing almost a combined million followers. Links to his accounts are as follows.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Charles Woodson’s Net Worth

How Much Does Charles Woodson Make?

Woodson makes around $3 million annually from his multiple sources of income. This includes earning from his wine brand and past NFL affiliations. On top of that, he earns from celebrity endorsements too.

Who is Charles Woodson’s wife?

April Dixon Woodson is currently the wife of Charles. They both have 2 sons together.

Are Charles and Rod Woodson Brothers?

Charles and Rod are not related to each other in any way though they did play together in the Raiders team.

Did Charles Woodson Play in the NFL?

Yes, Charles played in the NFL for 18 seasons. He won various awards playing in the NFL and is presently known as one of the most decorated players in the league.

Charles Woodson Net Worth – Conclusion

Charles Woodson’s name is forever enshrined as an NFL football Hall of Famer. Charles has proven he deserved the faith of his teammates from the day of the draft pick and through the final yards of his last season. But what’s even greater is that his success did not stop after NFL; retirement became the crossroads of new beginnings.

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