Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer (EPR) Net Worth: A Journey of Musical Success and Financial Achievement

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, known by his stage name EPR, is a notable Indian rapper who has captivated audiences with his musical prowess and unique style.

Born on April 3, 1989, in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, EPR’s journey from discovering his passion for rapping to becoming a prominent figure in the music industry is a story worth exploring.

This article delves into EPR’s net worth, his background, career accomplishments, personal life, and presence on social media platforms.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer Net Worth

EPR’s musical journey has not only earned him fame but also a commendable net worth. As of current estimates, EPR’s net worth ranges between Rs. 1 Crore to 5 Crore INR.

This financial success is a result of his dedication, musical talent, and the recognition he has gained over the years.

EPR aka Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer – Short Bio

EPR’s early life was marked by a significant move as his family relocated to Kolkata, where he completed his graduation in broadcast journalism from the NSHM Institute of Media and Communication. During his college years in 2010, EPR’s interest in rapping was ignited. He took his first step towards realizing his dreams by joining the band “Underground Authority.”

EPR – Career and Achievements

EPR’s career trajectory was set in motion when he joined the band “Underground Authority (India)” as the frontman rapper. This move laid the foundation for his musical journey and helped him gain recognition as a talented artist. His career achievements include:

  • MTV Hustle: EPR’s breakthrough into the television industry came through the show “MTV Hustle.” He showcased his rapping skills in front of esteemed judges such as Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya. This platform catapulted him into the limelight and allowed him to reach a wider audience.
  • Solo Projects: Beyond his association with “Underground Authority,” EPR has also pursued solo projects that have contributed to his musical repertoire. His unique style and lyrical prowess have garnered him a dedicated fanbase.
  • Live Performances: EPR’s passion for music and performing has led him to perform at numerous live shows across various parts of India. His energetic performances and connection with the audience have made him a sought-after artist for live events.

EPR – Personal Life

Beyond the stage, EPR’s personal life provides insights into the person behind the music. He is in a relationship with Ahana, who gained attention as part of the MTV Hustle show. EPR even wrote a song for her and performed it, showcasing his personal and artistic connection. His interests and experiences include:

  • Love for Travel: EPR’s passion for music is complemented by his love for travel. He has visited various places in India during his concerts, allowing him to connect with diverse audiences.
  • Challenges: In 2013, EPR faced a significant challenge when he was diagnosed with cholesteatoma, a condition that affects hearing. Despite this setback, he persevered in his musical journey, inspiring others through his resilience.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer – Social Media Presence

EPR maintains an active presence on social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. His profiles serve as a medium to connect with his fans, share updates about his music, and provide a glimpse into his personal life. Through these platforms, he engages with his followers, fostering a community of music enthusiasts.



Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer Net Worth – Conclusion

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, popularly known as EPR, has carved a significant niche for himself in the Indian music industry. From his humble beginnings to his notable achievements, EPR’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and individuals facing challenges. With a commendable net worth, a vibrant career, and a meaningful personal life, EPR continues to make his mark on the music scene.

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