Chris Norton Net Worth 2023: Former Footballer Turned into Motivational Speaker

Do you have the power to stand? Here is an athlete who defied the odds and shared his journey of hope. Let’s find out how he redefined the power to stand and how it all contributed to the current Chris Norton net worth.

The difficult challenge Chris faced could have defined him, but he believed that lives aren’t shaped by circumstances, however trying they may be. 

He said that we shape our own lives, and like him, we can all reach deep down and find the power to stand, to push past life’s trials. Read on for more of his inspiring story.

Chris Norton Net Worth

Chris Norton is a former defensive football player with an overall net worth of $8 million. He has appeared on multiple tv shows and platforms as a motivational speaker. Moreover, he has a non-profit organization and website under his name.

Chris Norton – Short Bio

Chris was born in Des Moines, Iowa, United States, on March 20th, 1992. As a Christian of white ethnicity, Chris is a handsome young man with an overall height of 1.87m (6 feet 2 inches). 

Early Life

Until his tragic accident on the football field, Chris’s early life was no different from any average American kid attending school and trying to graduate.

After completing high school, he went to Luther College Norse, where he got his Business Management degree. He was an exceptional speaker from his school days.

Chris Norton’s Career and Achievements

As a Footballer

Chris’s career as a footballer was a mix of ups and downs. He played for a 3rd division soccer club called Luther College Norse.

In 2010, Luther was playing an intense game against Central College in Decorah, Iowa. During the game, he fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae during an intense collision with the knee of the opposition player. 

He was immediately transported to Winneshiek Medical Center, where doctors stabilized him and took him to Mayo Clinic nearby for surgery. To make the operation successful, doctors used a piece of bone from his hips to join the C3, C4, and C5 vertebrae, which gave him hope to regain his neck movement.

After two weeks of surgery, Norton recovered enough to operate an electric wheelchair. 

In 2011, he joined Mayo Clinic’s three-month rehab program to boost his recovery process. After serving his time at the clinic, Norton returned to Luther College and started living there with his former football teammates, but not as a footballer.

He could not prove himself on the grounds for long as a career-ending injury held him back in the field of sports. 

As a Non-Profit Organization Owner

In 2012, Norton established SCI CAN Foundation, now called Chris Norton Foundation. He and his family raise funds to help people suffering from neuromuscular and spinal cord injuries. The organization is currently operating in the areas of Iowa and the Midwest.

The organization hosts dinners and functions to raise funds, where elites are invited to provide financial aid for a good cause. The organization has raised around $1 million to pay for grants to hospitals, rehab facilities, and other patients.

As a Motivational Speaker

Chris started his speaking career while he was in college. He traveled to various conferences and corporations with multiple church groups, sports teams, and college clubs. Later, Chris started his company known as Norton Motivation, currently operating in St Lucie, Florida. 

In 2015, Chris published a book with the help of his father. The father-son memoir is called “The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes.” The book presents Norton’s life as an example of how you can overcome every hurdle of life. It covers all of Chris’ mental and physical challenges after his life-threatening injury.

In 2018, He was named on ITA Group’s 2018 Hottest Keynote Speakers List. The award was given to him because he believed that “Our circumstances do not define us – we do.”

Chris Norton’s Personal Life

Chris is the son of Terry Norton. He has one sister named Alex Norton. Alex played a major part in Chris’s recovery during his three-month rehab program at Mayo Clinic. His other family members include a loving wife, Emily Summers.

Chris married Emily Summers on April 21st, 2018. The wedding was a roller-coaster of emotions as Chris made it special by walking 7 yards down the aisle. The video, which soon got viral, was shared on the internet. The couple currently has five adopted girls: Isabella, Ava, Whitley, Ariana, and Liliana. 

Chris Norton’s Documentary

In 2021, a documentary on the life of Chris Norton on Netflix called ‘7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story’ was released. It contains all the elements you need to motivate yourself to stand up and fight against life. 

Chris appeared on the TV show “People,” where he revealed the main reason behind choosing the name “7 Yards” for his documentary. 

He shared the secret by stating that it took him 7 years to find the love of his life. During the wedding ceremony, it was difficult for him to move beyond 4 yards, but keeping in mind that he had spent 7 years recovering from a life-changing tragedy, he went three extra yards to make it a complete 7. The fans loved the documentary as it got an overall rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb.

He also published a book named “The Seven Longest Yards,” co-authored by his wife, Emily Summers.

Social Media Presence

Chris is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Here is the number of followers he has on his social media accounts.

  • Facebook –  102k followers
  • Instagram – 83.8k followers
  • Twitter – 5.1k followers
  • YouTube – 4.37k subscribers 

Chris Norton Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Chris Norton?

Chris is a former football player and motivational speaker. He has his non-profit organization named SCI CAN Foundation. Moreover, Chris has also published books titled “The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes” And “The Seven Longest Yards.”

How Did Chris Norton Become Famous?

Chris became famous after his video of walking on his wedding day became viral on the internet. The video has been uploaded by multiple YouTube channels with millions of views.

Who Is Chris Norton’s Wife?

Chris Norton’s wife is Emily Summers. The couple got married on April 21st, 2018, in Florida. They have adopted 5 children, with the possibility of more joining the beautiful family in the future.

What Is Chris Norton Net Worth?

Chris Norton’s current wealth is estimated at $8 million, mostly from his book sales and speaking engagements.

Chris Norton Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Chris believes that we can change the world when we collectively make a stand. His nonprofit organization, his books, and his motivational speeches have been trying to reach out and inspire people to take a stand to empower themselves and support others who need a helping hand. 

Let’s all take a page from Chris’ book and invoke the power to stand and make a difference. If you liked this story, here are some more related reads, inspiring journeys from other exceptional motivators:

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