Nick Diaz Net Worth 2023- The Great Diablo Returns to UFC

Nick Diaz net worth for 2022 reaches $6M. Read about his MMA fighting career and how he acquired his wealth.

Nick Diaz Net worth is estimated at $6M for 2022. He is an accomplished mixed martial arts competitor with a record of 26 wins and nine losses out of 37 professional matches.

Diaz’s last fight was against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 183 main event in 2015. He earned $400,000 despite losing the match, a unanimous decision favoring his opponent, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. The event was held at MGM Garden Arena.

Amateur fighters don’t get paid. It’s probably true to most aspiring professional athletes. Sales go to production costs and promotions. From their debut match-up, a fighter earns $10,000 per match plus bonuses depending on their performance during the fight and raising the rate to $70,000 per match.

Martial artists train to become grapplers, specializing in submissions and choke techniques because these earn bonuses per match. Of course, this includes the classic win via knockout.

Nick Diaz Net Worth
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Nick Diaz The MMA Fighter

In 2001, Nick entered his first match as a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter at 18 and won it with a triangle choke. He took the IFC Welterweight Championship in 2002 in his second professional fight, defeating Christ Lytle during IFC Warriors Challenge 17. Then the following year, 21-year-old Nick Diaz won the WEC Welterweight Championship at WEC 6.

He suffered his first significant loss against Jeremy Jackson via technical knockout (TKO). Diaz received another opportunity to fight Jackson while defending his IFC Welterweight Championship. The match ended in just one round, Diaz winning by TKO. 

Young Nick’s skills are just as lethal as the firepower Dr. Matt Carriker tests in his ranch. His success in the ring caught the attention of the right people and got him a contract with UFC, debuting in UFC 44, where he defeated Jackson for a third time with an armbar.

Nick Diaz Fighting Style

Cesar Gracie started training the teenage Nick Diaz in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he holds a black belt, achieving gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu. The young black belter was skilled enough to defeat Brazillian fighter Jorge Patino, who was known for being a skilled grappler, with a kneebar. 

Nick Diaz and his brother Nate were trained by former WBA and WBC World Champion Luisito Espinosa alongside Jason Schrumpf. 

Diaz competes in the Super Middleweight class, winning against Alfonso Rocha during his professional debut in 2005 in Sacramento, California.


Nick Diaz Net Worth and Career Highlights

Nick Diaz joined EliteXC and made his debut as a professional fighter in November of 2007. He fought KJ Noons, a black belt in Kenpo Karate and a striking specialist. Noons delivered the deciding blow with a knee to Diaz’s face, resulting in a doctor stoppage and a defeated Nick Diaz.

There were talks of a rematch between Diaz and Noons, but Noon’s camp refused the invitation saying Diaz isn’t exactly up to par. On a different note, EliteXC paired Diaz with Eddie Alvarez for the EliteXC 160 pound title set for November 8, 2008.

Nick Diaz versus Takanori Gomi at Pride Fighting Championships 33 was not a title fight, but it turned out to be an unforgettable match. Gomi is the only Pride FC Lightweight Champion in the organization’s history. His fighting style includes shootfighting, boxing, and submission wrestling. Gomi has a 65% takedown accuracy and a record of 36 wins and 15 losses.

The Japanese fighter wasted no time and immediately overwhelmed Diaz at the beginning of the match. Still, Diaz had better stamina and turned the tables on Gomi, who was already exhausted and desperately throwing wild punches to keep his defense.

Nick Diaz versus Frank Shamrock at Strikeforce Shamrock vs. Diaz. The most notable match for Diaz by default was against Frank Shamrock, a legend in the world of combat sports. Despite having the physical advantage, Shamrock lost against much younger Diaz. 

Again, stamina played a significant role in Diaz’s win, leading Shamrock to the point of exhaustion and then finishing the match with a knockout.

Frank Shamrock was the first to hold the UFC Middleweight Championship (now UFC Light Heavyweight Championship). He retired as a four-time defending undefeated champion. 

His brother, Ken Shamrock, trained him in the Pancrase style of catch wrestling modified for No Holds Barred Fighting. Shamrock. He later became a commentator for organizations like Bellator MMA.

Nick Diaz Ultimate Fighting Championship

Nick Diaz gained fame because of his achievements in combat sports and his rather colorful personality. His tendency to cause mischief to the point that cost him fines and suspension from professional fighting, thus making him a favorite topic for headlines. 

But like they say, any publicity is good publicity which is true in the entertainment industry and to the Californian fighter. He got the attention he needed to boost his fame, get promoted, and earn spots to matches featured on PPV. This consistent rise to fame was key to Nick Diaz net worth.

Nick Diaz’s first attempt to make a comeback in the UFC was promising but relatively short-lived. He started by winning his matches against Orthodox fighter Ray Steinbeiss, former Shark Fights Interim Welterweight Champion Josh Neer, and debuting welterweight contender Gleison Tibau.  But Nick Diaz decided to sign up with Gracie Fighting Championships instead and left UFC.

Nick Diaz’s second UFC comeback was better; he was set up to fight Bj Penn on UFC 137 main event. After Diaz defeated Penn, he was supposed to face Georges St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 143. The fight never happened due to St-Pierre’s ACL injury.

Diaz was matched with Carlos Condit for the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship. Diaz lost the fight; he then decided to announce his retirement from MMA. It is said that disappointment from the canceled match with St-Pierre was a factor in Diaz’s loss against Condit.

Diaz was also rumored to have been chosen as one of the coaches for the UFC reality tv show on Fox, with St-Pierre, but when the show aired, it was Michael Bisping and Jason Miller who filled the roles. Still, with Nick Diaz’s popularity, him becoming a television personality may just come true.

Nick Diaz: Popular Questions People Ask

How Much is MMA Fighter Nick Diaz Worth?

Nick Diaz net worth is estimated at $6M as of 2022. The former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion turned pro right after turning 18 and immediately claiming championships within the first three years of his career, securing his place as an MMA fighter by signing with UFC.

What Degree Black Belt is Nick Diaz?

Nick Diaz currently holds a third-degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. He first received his black belt in 2012 from his longtime mentor, Cesar Gracie, who was responsible for training other MMA champions from Strikeforce, competing in various weight classes like the Diaz brothers.

Is Nick Diaz Coming Back?

UFC President Dana White once commented that Nick Diaz has officially retired from competing in MMA, believing Diaz has totally lost interest. But he did make a comeback in September of 2021, where Nick Diaz fought Robie Lawler at UFC 266.

Did Diaz Win Against Silva?

Diaz won against Anderson Silva in UFC 183 in 2015. The fight was originally a victory favoring Anderson through unanimous decision. But the result was overturned, thus proclaiming Diaz as the winner by default after Anderson was found to have violated certain regulations that would have disqualified him from entering the ring with Diaz in the first place.


Closing Thoughts: Nick Diaz Net Worth

Nick Diaz net worth in 2020 was estimated at $3M and grew to $6M by 2022. His last match was in 2015 against Anderson Silva, where he earned $400k; his earnings mainly come from teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his brother Nate in Lodi, California.

His up-and-coming match in September 2021 marks another comeback attempt for Nick Diaz. Despite UFC President Dana White’s past comment on Diaz’s retirement being permanent, once again, we see his name on the headlines, participating in the co-main event.

Will his return be just as explosive as the past? Triggering a series of victories and settling back into the MMA fold, or will it end up in a flop? 

Regardless of how it turns out, Diaz will go down as one of the best MMA fighters in combat sports history. He also became a teacher during his years away from competitive fights. The option of following his famous mentor’s footsteps as a champion maker is an idea to consider. 

We can only expect a better estimate of Nick Diaz net worth with the success he has established as an MMA competitor and a highly trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor.

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