Eddie Hall Net Worth 2024: The World’s Strongest Man [The Beast]

Do you want to know who Eddie Hall is? More specifically, do you want to know how he makes his money? Here’s Eddie Hall net worth, his career, and the benefits of his fame.

Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest Man of 2017, entered the league with the sole purpose of winning. He earned both fame and wealth in a very short time

He won first place in multiple competitions held each year and became an instant favorite. His exposure to big names and multi-million sponsors taught him how to market his fame, a skill that will help him secure a future after his time as a strongman.

Here’s exactly what Eddie Hall is planning for the upcoming year, how he makes money, fun facts about Eddie Hall, and of course, we discuss Eddie Hall’s net worth. 

Eddie Hall Vs. Thor

Eddie Hall puts on a pair of boxing gloves for charity. Is this a once-in-a-lifetime event or a career marketing move for the former strongman champion?

It’s 2022, and former World’s Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall is back in the spotlight for his upcoming boxing match vs. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson in September. A lot of people are wondering if the event is purely for charity or Hall is in fact, preparing for a career change? 

Hall announced his retirement from the World’s Strongest Man competition for health reasons. He found out that he has a genetic mutation that causes excessive muscle growth. He suffers from myostatin deficiency; he lacks the protein that controls the amount of muscles a human body can grow. Without this natural limiter, it can cause mobility issues and lead to more concerning health risks.

After over a year with his new training routine, Eddie Hall is now 36kilos lighter. It meant that he could no longer lift anywhere near the 500kg world record he set in 2016. Unless he plans to back from retirement, switching to boxing may be for the best given the type of health condition he has. 

This coming September, a boxing match between Eddie Hall and Thor is scheduled in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka Thor, was the intimidatingly enormous character who portrayed Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO series Game of Thrones and 2018’s winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition. The boxing event is for charity, but Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson called out Eddie Hall and instigated the fight because of their rivalry. 

Who Is Eddie Hall?

Former World’s Strongest Man, ‘The Beast’ Eddie Hall, was born Edward Stephen Hall on January 15, 1988, in Newcastle, England. His passion was competitive swimming and rugby, back when he was a teenager. There was no doubt that his future was bright in sports, but Eddie lost all of that when he went into depression. He was removed from the swimming team and got expelled from school. He had no choice but to continue his education at home.

Eddie Hall’s interest in bodybuilding started when he was 16 after being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His new found dream turned his life around and gave it purpose. With his brother’s support and a gym membership, he began training as a bodybuilder; he moved to another town and got a job after realizing that it was an expensive sport.

Since day one, his target was to win the Mr. Olympia title, but it became impossible because he couldn’t meet the height and build requirements. He switched tactics and decided to train for strength sports instead. It was a huge leap between builds; Mr. Olympia is all about bodybuilding and looking perfect whereas strength sports require athletes to follow extreme diets and brutal training routines to gain strength and body mass. For young Eddie Hall, in order to get the results he needed, he had to push himself beyond his limit and keep a strong mental focus; otherwise, he would have given up. 

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall Early Career

By the time he was 20, Hall was already an amateur strongman competitor and was relentlessly entering every event held throughout the year. Substantial cash prizes, rare sponsorship deals, and the prestige of being among the competitors to watch out for were laid out as offers to strength athletes regardless of experience. 

In 2010, another strongman from Staffordshire couldn’t participate in the England championships due to an injury. Instead of completely forfeiting, he arranged for Hall to take his place. Hall was more than happy to accept; he didn’t waste the opportunity and went on to win first place as England’s Strongest Man in his first try. 

The following year, Eddie Hall claimed another win as UK’s Strongest Man, aside from becoming the youngest strongman on record who received the title and setting a new national record in the Viking Hold event.

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall gets his first taste of Giants Live in Melbourne, Australia, in February 2012. For winning UK’s Strongest Man of 2011, Hall was the first to replace Jono McFarlane of New Zealand after suffering from a back injury. 

Giants Live is the final battleground for strongmen like Eddie Hall, who won the national levels. Out of twelve strongmen from different parts of the world, only three will qualify and compete at World’s Strongest Man contest. He was surrounded by competitors who already made names for themselves. The event was a world apart from what he has experienced so far, but in the end, Eddie Hall still managed to take home 4th place.

That same year, he was invited to compete at Europe’s Strongest Man contest, where he ranked 8th in the whole event against champions from all over Europe like 2-time World Strongest Man winner Žydrūnas Savickas. This defeat only drove him to try even harder. Two years passed, after religiously fighting his way to qualify for the WSM (World’s Strongest Man), Hall finally got his chance in 2014. Though he only finished 6th, it triggered a streak of achievements for him. 

Eddie Hall Achievements

Eddie Hall set his first world record at the annual Arnold Sports Festival, aka Arnold Strongman Classic, in 2015. Hall lifted 462 kg during the deadlift segment of the event. Later that year, he surpassed his numbers by setting a second world record at 463kg in the World Deadlift Championships.

The Beast returned to compete in the Arnold Strongman Classic the following year, where he placed first with 10 points and achieved another world record of a 465 kg deadlift. Brian Shaw was second with 9 points and a 463kg deadlift, followed by Jerry Pritchet with 8 points and a 456kg record. 

It didn’t end there. That same year, he returned to the World Deadlift Championships and added another world record on his name by performing a half-ton (500kg or 1,102 pounds) deadlift.

After his performance, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall fell to the ground. His body completely shut down; blood came out from his ears, nose and tear ducts. His vision went dark, and medics had to try a number of times before getting a heartbeat. It was a harsh reminder of his limit and a reminder to be more careful.

The incident gave him something to think about. In 2017, Eddie The Beast Hall officially announced his retirement from World’s Strongest Man competitions. That year he still pushed to compete and won his first World’s Strongest Man title before walking away. Eddie Hall had 51 points, Hafþór ‘Thor’ Björnsson came in second with 50 points and followed by Brian Shaw at 49 points. 

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall retires from being a strongman altogether with nothing left to prove. His set of achievements was one of the most notable amongst his fellow strongman:

  • Five-time winner Britain’s Strongest Man (2014 to 2018)
  • Six-time winner UK’s Strongest Man (2011 to 2016)
  • Two time England’s Strongest Man (2010 to 2011)
  • World’s Strongest Man winner of 2017

How Does Eddie Hall Make Money?

A successful professional athlete like Eddie Hall has a number of ways to make money. One of them is the cash prizes from every competition he entered, and those achievements pay pretty well. And always partnered with the prize money are rare, sponsorship deals that every striving athlete needs to have. Without the companies that offer these contracts, it can be very financially draining for competitors like Hall.

Winning the 2017 contest for World’s Strongest Man came with a $72,000 cash prize is the best example. Arnold Strongman offered a $50,000 reward for anyone who can break Eddie Hall’s 500kg/1,102pound deadlift from the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic competition, and it is safe to say that he received no less than the same amount when he set the world record for it.

World’s Strongest Man 2017 was winner Eddie Hall’s breakthrough to fame. His 500kg deadlift has become the minimum requirement for a professional lifter and future record holders. That level of fame gave him millions of followers on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Aside from these platforms being the perfect tools for Hall to promote his goods, projects, and advertisements, sites like YouTube can generate passive income.

Here’s how Eddie Hall makes his money:

  • His YouTube makes him around $5,000 per month
  • He promotes his merchandise here.
  • He has various sponsorship deals.
  • Plus, he has a joint business with Arnold Schwarzenegger, where they are going to organize an Arnold Sports Festival in October 2021. Check their announcement here: 

Strength training and weight training are expensive. Eddie Hall’s diet requires 7,000 calories per day which includes a large amount of protein. Imagine the grocery costs associated with that. The average adult eats 2,000 calories per day, so he’s eating for three regular people. He makes more than enough to make up for that.

Muscular heavyweights like Hall need sponsorship from capable brands like boohoo MAN, ARLA, MUHDO, and Blakeman’s to cover the expenses to keep him in top shape.

Eddie Hall’s Net Worth

How much is Eddie Hall’s net worth? Sources say that The Beast is worth £3.6 million or $5 million and earns around $100,000 per year. His switch from Strongman record-holder to an aspiring professional boxer can significantly improve his total net worth. He is also an actor with two film features and a few television appearances. He is heavily invested in social media with millions of followers. 

Fun Facts About Eddie Hall

Here are some fun facts about Eddie Hall that not many know.

1. He Has Millions Of Followers On Social Media.

  • He has 2.2M followers on Facebook
  • 1.81M YouTube subscribers
  • 2.6M followers on Instagram
  • 112K followers on Twitter

2. Inspired By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Young Eddie Hall came out of his depression after being inspired by former Mr. Olympia and Terminator star Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger because of their similarities in life. Schwarzenegger himself was there cheering him on as Hall set the world record for the 500kg deadlift at the World Deadlift Championships. The two are now close friends and business partners.

3. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Thor)

The rivalry between Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Thor) and Eddie Hall has become a much-anticipated event in every strongman competition. Despite being the larger and taller man, Thor often places second to Hall; a perfect example was Thor’s sure win in the 2018 World’s Strongest Man because The Beast was retired. Both men have decided to continue their spat within the ropes of a boxing ring.

4. Lucky First Win?

Eddie Hall got first place on England’s Strongest Man in 2010 on his first try with just half a point in advantage. One of the competitors backed out due to an injury. 

5. Grandma’s Boy

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall was his grandma’s little boy. She meant the world to him. He fell apart after she was diagnosed with cancer and went into depression. But because of this, he made the switch to bodybuilding and became the successful man he is today.

Conclusion – Eddie Hall Net Worth 

Eddie Hall’s net worth in 2022 was estimated at $5 million or £3.55 million. He was a professional strength athlete and 2017 winner of the World’s Strongest Man. During the peak of his career, he would win multiple competitions a year with up to $100k in prize money and sponsorship deals for each event. 

His fame brought him more opportunities that helped in building his wealth. He makes money with advertisements and has a list of multi-million dollar sponsors that supported his every move. Aside from providing everything he needs as a competitive athlete, they also pay him a lot to advertise their brands.

His social media presence is also something that needs to be considered. His YouTube channel alone generates an average income of $5,000 per month.

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