Scott Stapp Net Worth 2024: Where is Creed’s Frontman Today After 2009?

Scott Stapp led Creed to unparalleled heights with their music. But just as the band’s quick rise to fame and money, Creed faded away from the industry after numerous problems caused by Stapp. Please read about the singer’s career and Scott Stapp net worth to know more about his story.

Scott Stapp and the band Creed were the American counterpart of Chad Kroeger’s voice and Canada’s Nickelback. What set the group apart from the rest of the bands that boomed in the rock genre was Creed’s sound that appealed to the gospel and religious listeners in the US.

While other bands race to get gig after gig to attract possible career-breaking record deals, Creed simply stuck around Tallahassee, playing for the local audience in every venue that allowed them to stand in front of a crowd. From there, Creed’s fan base grew exponentially. 

Scott Stapp’s unique baritone voice drew the crowd in, from far and wide, pinning the band’s greatest hits years before the group signed their first record deal with a label. Wind-up entertainment sent an agent to offer the band a contract within seconds of listening to Stapp’s voice.

Authenticity was Creed’s ultimate weapon. Stapp standing in the foreground, serenading listeners, moved mountains of hearts. These guys were bound for greatness, but somehow Creed’s career went the other way. Fans are still hoping that the group would make a comeback. 

From tens of millions, Scott Stapp net worth for 2022 is $1 million.

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Scott Stapp Short Bio

Anthony Scott Flippen was born on August 18, 1973, in Orlando, Florida. Many assume that Scott’s biological father was never in the picture. Lynda married Steven Stapp while Scott was still very young and raised the boy like his own. That’s why he later took Stapp as his surname.

Steven was a successful dentist and a no-nonsense type of guy. He raised Scott in a strict religious lifestyle, as he would with his biological children. Through Steven, Scott grew up with deep love and appreciation for religion and used his belief as a base for his songs.

Though he respected his father, Scott was just like any other kid who got in all sorts of trouble, especially during that phase when a child started wanting independence. Now for many who can probably relate to a very strict upbringing, running away is assumed to be step one to freedom.

At nine, Scott Stapp realized that he wanted to become a musician. The first song he performed in front of an audience was Yesterday by the Beatles. Even at a young age, Stapp felt a connection to God whenever he sang. A feeling that became the core of all his songs.

Scott left for Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. He chose the school because Jim Morisson of the Grammy-winning band The Doors attended the university. Scott was reunited with his childhood friend, Mark Tremonti, and decided to form a group together during his residency.

Scott’s voice was at the forefront, followed by Tremonti’s master skills with the guitars, Scott Philipps on the drums, and Brian Marshall playing the bass. At first, the group called themselves the Naked Toddler but later changed the band’s name to Creed at Brian Marshall’s suggestion.

With just $6,000 and the help of a local promoter, Creed recorded their debut album My Own Prison and released it in 1997. Despite having no affiliation to any record label, the album sold at least six thousand copies locally, confirming their fanbase and success within the state.

Two months later, Wind-up Entertainment signed the band, sales went up to six million copies, successfully breaking into mainstream music.

After their landmark success, Creed went on to their second album, Human Clay, another chart-topper that wowed their growing audience, especially listeners from middle America. The album debuted at number one on the Top 200 Billboards. It proceeded to sell ten million copies, making Creed one of the very few artists in history to achieve certified diamond.

Courtesy of YouTube: ABC News Feature on Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp and the Downside of Fame

Unfortunately, Creed, and particularly Scott Stapp, didn’t grow well into success. People respected and loved the band, especially hardcore rock fans, for sticking to their own opinions and didn’t rely on the likes of MTV to be told as to what songs they should listen to. 

At the same time, Creed, especially Stapp, kept their peers at arm’s length and earned negative impressions from other artists for his apparent rudeness.

Limp Bizkit’s frontman, Fred Durst, gave Stapp a friendly warning to keep his feet on the ground or else he’ll find himself alone when things go south. But Creed’s third album, Weathered, became another landmark success, selling over six million copies. The advice was not very convincing when the singer continued to hoard one recognition after another in a short time.

But like they say, the bigger you are, the harder you fall. And Scott Stapp fell pretty hard.

The road downhill began in 2001, around the same time that fans cheered the success of Creed’s third album. No one but the group’s inner circle knew of the problems Stapp was causing his team. The release of Weathered was delayed because Stapp was involved in a vehicle accident, Scott was injured, and Creed had to wait for their frontman to recover.

After the incident, Scott Stapp became more irrational and highly temperamental. He became heavily reliant on pain medication from the after-effects of the injuries. And as many would have guessed, as much as the rest of Creed would have wanted to keep their lead vocal’s mishaps under wraps, he will eventually slip up, and the fans will notice.

And as predicted, the disappointment of four different fans led to litigation. The event was from Creed’s performance in Illinois in December of 2002. Scott Stapp was on stage either heavily medicated or intoxicated, incoherent and failing to sing his own songs properly.

Through 2003, Scott Stapp’s substance abuse made it difficult for Creed to stay at the top of their game like they used to. Then finally, in 2004, the band announced that Creed was disbanding.

According to Mark Tremonti, the group decided to go their separate ways because of the growing tension between Scott Stapp and the rest of Creed. The singer had too many ongoing issues, creating stress for everyone, and practically put a cork on their creative flow.

Fast-forward to 2009, the group reunited, and the album, Full Circle, was released. Fans worldwide were delighted to hear that it wasn’t the end of Creed, and their hopeful comeback was received with many positive reviews. But unfortunately, Tremonti and Stapp had another falling out.

The promise of another album was shelved, and news of Stapp’s depression worried Creed fans. Stapp’s wife, Jacklyn, decided to alert the authorities and have her husband institutionalized for his safety and, finally, for their family’s peace of mind.

News later came out that while Scott was recovering, the institution he was admitted to found out that Scott Stapp had been living with Bipolar Disorder for all his life. This disorder worsened because of his alcohol and substance abuse, leading to a psychotic meltdown.

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Scott Stapp Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Scott Stapp Net Worth?

As for the current year, Scott Stapp net worth is estimated at $1 million. The lead singer of Creed was upfront and center in all of the band’s success during the late 90s to mid-2000.

What Happened to the Lead Singer of Creed?

Stapp suffered a severe concussion and spinal injury from a vehicle accident in 2001. He became heavily reliant on medication, at first, to relieve the pain from his injuries, but it eventually turned into an addiction. He was finally institutionalized and received the help he needed. Doctors found that the root of his psychotic breakdown was an undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

What Happened to the Band Creed?

At the moment, the status of the band Creed is on hiatus. Kudos to the rest of the members for not trying to replace Scott and ride out the name’s success. Fans are still hopeful that Creed will reunite with Scott Stapp back in the foreground for a second time.

Scott Stapp Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube: Scott Stapp 2019 Tour

Scott Stapp Net Worth – Final Thoughts

After that major fall, Scott Stapp net worth is starting to climb back up. But this time, with a much-improved version of his former self. Everyone wants fame or some kind of recognition for our dreams and efforts, but for those who suddenly find themselves standing on top of it, have you ever asked yourselves how you are supposed to see fame? How do you live with it?

Stapp came from a family that raised him to be a God-fearing man. He was also intelligent, educated, hardworking, and he had the talent. Unfortunately, none of that was enough to prepare him for the weight of fame combined with the intoxication of money and influence.

After that hard fall from the top, there’s nowhere to go but up. It’s only a matter of wanting to climb it badly enough but remember to leave the unwanted baggage behind that caused you to slip in the first place. For Stapp, that’s what he did, with his whole family cheering him on.

Stapp had maintained his sobriety for years and embarked on successful tours. From being homeless and destitute, Scott Stapp net worth has improved to $1 million and counting.

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