Jane Seymour Net Worth 2023: The 90s’ Stunning Queen Of Miniseries

Jane Seymour survived many adversities in life and thrived in her career. Read about her success and Jane Seymour net worth.

Jane Seymour is one of the most stunning actresses who ever set foot on Holywood. Her personal life has many similarities with Magda Gabor. Like the eldest Gabor, Jane is also beautiful, intelligent, and the eldest of three daughters from a very well-to-do family.

Her current life is one we can call a dream goal. Many admired how she overcame the adversities in her life. Still, she muddled through and became an inspiring success story for many people, not just in show business but in many aspects that we can all relate to.

Jane Seymour net worth is an astounding $70 million for the current year. She started her career in 1968 and is best known for her role as the 1973 bond girl, the lead actress in the film Somewhere In Time, and as Michaela Quinn of the 90s hit series, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.

Jane also flourished as an entrepreneur and a successful author of children’s books. She gave back by supporting charity and advocating for children’s well-being and development.

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Jane Seymour – Short Biography

Jane’s real name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She was born on the 15th of February, 1951, to a wonderful, fun-loving family in Uxbridge, Middlesex. She is followed by Sally and then Anne. The sisters adored their parents, who always encouraged them to dream big.

Jane and her sisters were born in England like their father, but their parents were originally escapees from other countries. Her paternal grandfather fled Poland when he was 14 to avoid anti-Jewish riots. He found work in East London and eventually started his own company.

Jane’s father, Benjamin, became the first in the Frankenberg family who was born in England. He obtained his degree at the University College Hospital Medical School and later joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve medical unit, ending his career as a squadron leader.

Jane described her mother as a very kind woman who served as the backbone of their family. Mieke van Tricht was a Dutch Protestant, originally from Holland and a nurse by profession. She survived three years in an Indonesian concentration camp during World War II. 

Childhood And Upbringing

Jane’s parents, especially their father, were ring leaders when it came to fun and playtime. Even neighborhood kids had fond memories of playing at the Frankenberg house. Their home was popular in that quiet suburban area; it always welcomed friends of all sorts.

Though the sisters were practically given everything, they were never spoiled. They were raised to be concerned and kind. One of the things Jane loved doing was visiting the hospital where her father worked to chat with patients. Her favorite activity was greeting the babies born on Christmas day.

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Career Beginnings – Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour’s First Professional Appearance

Jane’s first love was dancing, and she was very good at it. Dancing was the one thing she got very competitive over. She idolized Dame Margot Fonteyn and aspired to become a ballerina like her. At the age of 12, Jane Seymour was accepted at the Arts Educational Trust.

The school was so impressed by Jane’s talent that they chose her and a handful of other kids to perform in The Nutcracker, which later became England’s national ballet. Jane and her friends received around 8 shillings a week for their participation, which came in a small brown packet. It may not seem much, but for the children, the experience was worth so much more.

Unfortunately for Jane, her dream of becoming a great ballerina was taken away by an accident that damaged her knee cartilage, and surgery was not an option. Her parents suggested that Jane become a teacher. She refused and still insisted on becoming a performer.

Joyce Frankenberg to Jane Seymour

She was also trained in drama as part of her education. But the name Joyce Frankenberg didn’t seem memorable enough. She cringed at the puns that people can pull out of it like “frankfurter” or Frankenstein. So she decided to think of a stage name. 

She first came up with Joya Johns and registered it with Actor’s Equity. Then someone suggested the name of King Henry VIII’s favorite wife, Jane Seymour. In 1968, no one really knew about the 16th-century queen consort. But because of its ties with history, people who met the actress were stuck trying to recall why the name was so irritatingly familiar.

Almost immediately, her new name did its purpose. Out of the hundreds of girls auditioning for a role in the 1969 film Oh! What A Lovely War by Richard Attenborough, Jane Seymour was picked to play a minor role. And though uncredited, the film helped Jane to land more projects.

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Jane Seymour Movie Projects

From 1970 to 1972, Jane landed better roles in films, The Only Way and Young Winston. And in 1973, she was lined up to do three major films, one of which was the role of Solitaire in the James Bond movie, Live or Let Die starring Roger Moore. Jane loved working with Moore; she remembers him fondly as the funniest and most comfortable person she ever worked with.

It was then followed a string of movies from 1975 to 1979:

  • 1975 Dangerous Modeling
  • 1977 Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and Killer Board
  • 1978 The Four Feathers
  • 1979 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Oh! Heavenly Dog

Then in 1980, Jane Seymour received her first acting recognition when she received a nomination for Best Actress from Saturn Awards for the movie Somewhere In Time. She starred opposite the late Christopher Reeve, known for his famous role as Superman.

Jane continued to receive prominent film roles after 1980. Her next recognition came in 1988 from two television movies; The Woman He Loved earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress for Miniseries or Television Film, then Onassis: The Richest Man in the World presented Jane a Primetime Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries.

Courtesy of YouTube Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman

Becoming The Queen Of Television Series

But before she made a name in the movie industry and was recognized for awards, Jane was already a regular face in the world of television series from 1970. By 1976, she got her first Primetime Emmy Award nomination from Captains and the Kings. This was followed by an award for Best Actress given by the Golden Globe from her role in the tv series East of Eden.

Recovering From Financial Ruin

Between 1981 and 1989, Jane received two more nominations from Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe. At that point, she was well established, and Jane Seymour net worth was in the millions. But her ex-husband, David Flynn, left her $9 million in debt and was chased by multiple lawsuits. She thought about her children and called her agent, desperate for any job available.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

When she received the role of Michaela Quinn, Jane’s ex-husband had lost all their money in failed businesses and she was severely in debt. On top of that, she was homeless and also had to care for her children. After Jane signed a 5-year contract, they started filming 12 hours later.

When asked about her sentiments for the show, she simply answered that it saved her life and gave her so much more than what she had lost. Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman ran for 6 seasons and a total of 149 episodes. Jane also received multiple awards and nominations from the role.

Jane Seymour: Mother, Actress, Author, Philanthropist, and Millionaire Entrepreneur

When the series ended, Jane took less acting projects to give more time to her children, her career as an author, her thriving businesses, and giving back to the community. Her mother’s influence was a great factor on how dedicated Jane was to children, not only her own, she extended her warmth to charity and to the stories she created as a children’s book author.

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Jane Seymour Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Jane Seymour Net Worth?

Jane Seymour net worth is estimated at $70 million. She is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and was hailed as the Queen of Television Series. Jane Seymour net worth also comes from her fashion businesses, Selina Scott, formerly CC or Country Casuals, and jewelry design. Jane is also a popular author for children’s books 

Are Jane Seymour and Joe Lando Married?

Joe Lando, Jane Seymour’s leading man in the Dr. Quinn tv series,  was never married to the actress, though there were rumors that the two became an item for a short time.

Is The Actress Jane Seymour Related to Queen Jane Seymour?

The actress Jane Seymour was born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She was born in England but had stronger Dutch and Jewish roots from both sides of her parents. Jane Seymour was a name suggested to her as a stage name. She has no relation to the 16th-century queen.

What Is Jane Seymour Doing Today? 

Jane Seymour is yet to retire as an actress. The actress is now 70, her attention is spent mostly with family, supporting charitable institutions, and her continuously thriving businesses.

Jane Seymour Net Worth
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Jane Seymour Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Jane Seymour is one of the most awe-inspiring people who ever became famous. She became one of the best in her chosen career and succeeded as an entrepreneur. She also remained loyal to her parents’ teachings; to always be kind, considerate, and upstanding.

Jane went through 4 failed marriages but stayed close friends with most of her former husbands. Jane believed that a family should always come together for their children, her step-children would lovingly describe their big family as a dysfunctional Brady Bunch.

The actress is now 70 and still part of the industry. Even with Jane Seymour net worth, the actress refuses to undergo anti-aging treatments like everyone else in Hollywood. Jane regretted getting botox 20 years ago, as it froze her facial expressions which affected her acting.  

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