Jason McGowan Net Worth 2024: The Secret of the Sugary Sensation

Nearly 500 stores in just five years, that is how fast Jason McGowan’s cookie venture spread across America. How did this sweet surprise turn into an enormous fad? How much does the CEO make? Learn how Crumbl Cookies began and Jason McGowan net worth.

Jason McGowan is the founder and CEO of Crumbl Cookies, one of the fastest-growing bakery franchises in the USA. Word of the sweet craze spread like wildfire across the country, opening 478 stores in just five short years. And so far, sweet-tooth or not, people are not done fawning over McGowan’s delectable creation.

The victorious entrepreneur is also a technology expert and a go-getter who worked his way up to achieve the success he enjoys today. McGowan credits hard work and dedication as two of the most important elements that guided Crumbl Cookies to its current success. 

Jason McGowan Net Worth

Jason McGowan has a net worth of around $15 million. His journey to amassing such wealth is an open book that sparked the imagination of many entrepreneurs. 

As quick as his success was, it is important to note that Jason McGowan poured consistent effort into improving and advertising Crumbl Cookies. When he started the venture in 2017, his worth was around $2.9 million, which continued to grow over the years.

Jason McGowan – Short Bio

Jason McGowan is a Candian by birth and was born on 13th April 1982 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Jason McGowan spent the initial years of his life in Canada. His father was also an entrepreneur. The elder McGowan owned a modest transportation business that shuttled people to and fro the Calgary airport.

Jason McGowan – Early Life

Jason spent the early years of his life in Canada, and the highest education he attained was in 8th grade. But instead of spending his free time hanging out with friends, Jason preferred to spend the day watching his father work.

His father’s diligence as a good provider sparked an ambition in Jason. He dreamed of one day starting his venture and using the lessons he learned from his father on how he could be successful.

Early in his twenties, Jason McGowan impulsively moved to the US and pursued the American Dream. He soon realized that the easiest part of that dream was setting foot in the country, and settling in was a different matter.

With barely enough money or clear plans on how to kickstart his new life, Jason survived the early phases of his journey with the kindness and hospitality of friends. Then out of the blue, Jason received a job offer to design a website with an $800 budget. The money would help him a lot, but, at the time, Jason didn’t know the first thing about web design.

Motivated to survive, Jason accepted the project and learned web design through online research. Impressively enough, he managed to build a fully-functional site from scratch. 

Jason continued to improve the lucrative skill he acquired to lay the foundations of his entrepreneurial dreams. He promoted his services and became in demand. As his loyal clientele grew, Jason’s dream of starting a great venture became clearer by the day. 

Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan Founders of Crumbl Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Crumbl Founders Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan

Jason McGowan‘s Career Achievements

What started as making a website turned into a full-fledged career for Jason McGowan, and soon he was working with big names in the industry. To date, his most significant work is creating the app “We’re Related” on Facebook, which has around 120M users. 

This was when the social media giant was still in its inception phase.

While working for Ancestry (a genealogy tracing app), he met his cousin by marriage Sawyer Hemsley, who was in college then. At the time, Sawyer was exploring his options after college, and Jason was looking for a different career path. 

The two had a passion for baking. In 2017, the pair decided to create the brand “Crumbl Cookies,” with a store in Logan, Utah. Before launching their store, they experimented with numerous recipes, distributed samples to different people, and used all the feedback they received to improve the product. 

Business boomed from the moment the duo opened their bakery. All bases were covered, from creating the product to advertising. Sawyer was in charge of the marketing end of things and running the store, while Jason focused on the technological aspect of the operations. 

They utilized social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build a community and promote their business. They encouraged people to post their reviews and share feedback on the company’s official social media handles, an idea that worked greatly in their favor.

Currently, Jason is the CEO, while Sawyer Hemsley is the COO of the business. Today Crumbl Cookies is considered one of the fastest growing bakery businesses in the US and has opened around 478 stores across the country.

Jason McGowan’s Personal Life

Jason McGowan became a US citizen in July 2021 and announced this huge milestone in his life through a celebratory post on his social media. 

Whitney, his wife, is a Ph.D. in instructional Psychology & Technology and is deeply involved in religion. They love to travel and spend quality time with family. Jason likes to read and write in his free time.

Jason McGowan – Social Media

While Crumbl Cookies as a business relies heavily on social media for promotional purposes, Jason McGowan also maintains separate personal accounts on social media. His Facebook account has more than 1,100 followers, while his Instagram has more than 3,300 followers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Jason McGowan Net Worth

Who Founded Crumbl Cookies?

Jason McGowan and his cousin Sawyer Hemsley founded Crumbl Cookies. The two met by chance and discovered that they shared the same passion for baking. The pair carefully crafted their brand in a small kitchen. With the help of family and feedbacks from other cookie lovers, Crumbl became a household name. 

Is Jason McGowan an Entrepreneur?

Yes, Jason McGowan is an entrepreneur who initially started as a website and apps developer and later launched his cookie business venture by the name of Crumbl Cookies in 2017.

Why Did Crumbl Get So Popular?

Crumbl engaged people on social media and encouraged them to share their reviews on its Facebook, Twitter, and IG handles and Tiktok. The trend gained major traction in no time and garnered a lot of popularity, increasing brand awareness and their customer base. 

Jason McGowan Net Worth – Final Thoughts

What was the secret of the sugary sensation? The hype is not just an overload of glucose but a legitimate success story of a well-thought-of product. Each cookie is made with consideration based on the opinions of those who enjoyed the particular pastry. And importantly, it’s a good cookie.

Though not impossible, things would have probably been much harder if Jason didn’t take that leap of faith, albeit worryingly impulsive, by chasing his American Dream. He covered the cracks on the road with the eagerness to learn and willingness to try everything he could, just to get his dreams rolling.

The future can be intimidating, and we all wish someone would come along to spare us an encouraging nudge. But honestly, it’s a subtle way of having someone else decide the beginning of the rest of your life. 

Isn’t that more frightening than taking that initial leap in your chosen direction?

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