Dwight Schultz Net Worth 2024: The Legendary Mad Murdock

Dwight Schultz is best known for his roles in A-Team and Star Trek. He also found success as a voice actor. Read more about his career and Dwight Schultz net worth.

Although the character was considered a bit over the top in the 80s, fans always looked out for antics the partly-deranged ex-Army pilot Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock would do next in the A-Team television series. Sam Rockwell was among the best candidates for the 2010 movie, alongside Robert Downey Jr., because they are known to do “crazy.” 

Dwight Schultz started his career in the 1970s. Aside from film and television, he performed on stage and hosted a radio show. And by the late 90s, Dwight Schultz also found success as a voice actor for games and animation. He has no less than 143 voice acting titles to his credit.

Dwight Schultz net worth is $3 million, and still has an active career to this day. 

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Dwight Schultz – Short Bio

William Dwight Schultz was born on November 24, 1947. The famous American actor is of English and German ancestry and a native of Baltimore, Maryland. 

He attended Calvert Hall College High School and then received his B.A. in Theater from Towson University. Schultz performed on stage for fifteen years before taking a chance on the big screen.

Dwight Schultz’s Career

Dwight Schultz was already in his mid-30s when he decided to leave for New York and try his luck on becoming an on-screen actor. He worked at least two part-time jobs to support himself while auditioning. Finally, in 1977, Schultz caught a break and was cast for a lead stage role.

Schultz landed the lead role as Charles Lang for The Water Engine, a play adapted by David Mamet in 1977. It premiered at The St. Nicholas Theater, Chicago, on December 20, 1977, and was later transferred to The Public Theater in New York by Steven Schachter. 

The Water Engine was a great hit. It ran 63 performances off-Broadway and another 24 on Broadway’s Plymouth Theater, marking Schutlz’s debut in the heart of the American commercial theatrical industry. After this success, Schultz’s career started its steady climb to better gigs.

Mad Murdock and the A-Team

Schultz auditioned for the role of Murdock and quickly got the part. But the creators thought that the character was a little too much and decided to write off the Mad Murdock after the pilot episode, which also meant firing Schultz. But the show’s test audience thought otherwise.

The producers were surprised that Schultz got the highest marks from the show’s test audience. Before the show, Schultz’s acting experience consisted of almost two decades of theater and one random film. Though he was the obvious fan favorite, Schultz always pointed the spotlight to his co-stars, wrestling superstar Mr. T, and seasoned movie actor George Peppard.

Courtesy of YouTube The A-Team Trying To Get Arrested

Star Trek Franchise

Dwight Schultz played the happily unhinged ex-Army pilot, Captain HM “Howling Mad” Murdock, from 1983 to 1987. His next notable role is for Star Trek’s Lieutenant Reginald Barclay III. The recurring character also became a fan favorite because of Dwight Schultz’s portrayal.

After a suggestion from legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg, Star Trek Next Generation producers wrote a guest character, especially for Schultz. The actor was a big fan of the original series, a secret he shared with movie co-star and Star Trek cast member Whoopi Goldberg. 

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay III started as a guest role for Dwight Schultz, but his portrayal was so iconic that the producers decided to keep him as a recurring character. 

Originally, Barclay was a brilliant engineer who suffered from an inferiority complex, and he compensated by being an utter nuisance to crew members. After causing much trouble, Barclay is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Producers had to change the ending and rewrote him to be a little more likable person. Thus the creation of the unintentional all-time fave in the series. 

Voice Acting in Games and Animation

For those who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000, Dwight Schultz has been part of many cartoon and game favorites. Shows like Chowder, Ben 10, and Catdog are just a few of them. He also dubbed a few Japanese anime movies and series like Afro Samurai, Vampire Hunter D, Golgo 13, Ninja Scroll, and one of Hayao Miyazaki’s all-time classics, Princess Mononoke.

For video games, his work included dubbing for big franchises like Marvel Super Heroes, Final Fantasy X to XIII, Crash Bandicoot, Mass Effect, and Fallout. 

Between 1998 to 2020, Dwight Schultz has more than 143 voice acting titles and at least 22 dubbing titles under his belt.  

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Dwight Schultz Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Dwight Schultz Net Worth?

Today, Dwight Schultz net worth is estimated at $3 million. The 74-year-old actor started as a professional stage actor in Maryland and earned his first big success on Broadway in 1978. Schultz had a long and successful career in films, television, and voice acting.

Who Is Dwight Schultz Married To?

Dwight Schultz married Wendy Fulton, a retired American actress, in 1983. After leaving the industry, Fulton began her private practice as a physician. Schultz and Fulton are still married and share a daughter, Ava, born in 1987 and currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Where Is Dwight Schultz Today?

After his success in the theaters and two hit television series, Dwight Schultz focused on his career as a voice actor though he still accepted on-screen projects from time to time. His latest gig was for the games Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Crash Bandicoot and the popular kid’s cartoon series Ben 10. 

Dwight Schultz Net Worth
Courtesy of YouTube Dwight Schultz Interview

Dwight Schultz Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Rumors were circulating how the members of the A-Team hardly got along. Schultz confirmed this by quoting the words of George Peppard, the man who played the role of Hannibal after Schultz introduced himself to the movie star. He said, “Very good. I am George Peppard, and I am not a very nice man”, immediately trying to intimidate the newcomer.

According to Schultz, it was typical of the 80s. Famous actors demand that everyone respect their seniority, and it’s often an issue if someone else tries to steal the spotlight away. But out of the four original cast members, Schultz is the only one whose career stayed strong.

As unapproachable and unpredictable as the others were, Schultz kept his head down and simply did the best he could. Dwight Schultz net worth is a small statement of his steady success. Today he is prized as a legend and still incredibly in demand in the industry for his many talents.

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