Damon Oates Net Worth 2024: Leading Creative Talents for Business

Ever heard of someone who turned his hobby into a lucrative full-time career? Let’s find out just how this remarkable entrepreneur did it and how satisfactory the Damon Oates net worth is.

What should be your primary investment to build wealth? As proven with young influencers like LaurDIY,  not to mention Brooke Reiley’s inspirational story and life-changing career change, our skills are the most valuable, abundant, and inexpensive asset we have at our disposal. 

Using them for our success is only a matter of honing and utilizing them to the fullest.

Damon Oates was an engineer for the oil and gas industry who reinvented himself as a creative entrepreneur. His simple venture blew up, with big clients vying for his creations. And among his loyal and respectable clientele is a famous address. Residence to the most powerful man in the world.

The Whitehouse. And if that did not solidify Damon’s place in the market, what could?

While developing DecoExchange, the company he co-founded with Parker Stelly, he also shares his business savvy through his online courses. 

This article will explore how Damon Oates became wealthy and what makes his successful enterprises tick. 

Damon Oates Net Worth

Damon Oates is a professional online coach and engineer with an estimated net worth of $3 million. He generates most of his income through social media, websites, and online courses. He also has a popular podcast titled “Makers Mean Business with Damon Oates and Parker Stelly of DecoExchange.”

Damon Oates – Short Bio

Damon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He is 6 feet 1 inch with light brown hair and deep black eyes. From the beginning of his career, Damon has spent most of his life helping brands and companies improve their reach through his online classes and other services. 

Damon Oates – Career and Achievements

Career Change

Damon Oates is a licensed engineer who started his professional career in the oil and gas industry. He was good at what he did and worked for other companies. Unfortunately, it was not a career he was passionate about. After some contemplation, Damon decided to start his own business.

He co-founded DecoExchange, making one-of-a-kind, handmade wreaths, garlands, swags, and centerpieces. Though it may seem quite a leap from the career, he initially chose to express creativity with an engineer’s analytical mind, screams quality products, and has zero downsides.

Damon Oates and his partner Parker Stelly hold true to their tagline “pursuit of passion, not profits.” It mirrors what we’ve been taught by the journey of people who rose from nothingness to multi-million dollar success. This mindset is slowly becoming a trend as more people join the bandwagon.   

“The money will come on its own. Just think about the work and how to do it properly.” Who can refute the advice of David Grutman, Miami’s King of Nightlife? 

DecoExchange sells more than 1,000 packages per month, including a subscription craft box with more than 1,500 subscribers. He has also worked on various prestigious projects, such as decorating the portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the State Dining Room mantle and providing Christmas decorations for the White House in 2020. 

Describing himself as a serial entrepreneur, Damon has also gone into other business ventures, such as professional coaching and teaching (Damon Oates Business Architect) and marketing of dog skincare products (Mutt Scrub).

As a Philanthropist

Through his charitable activities, Damon always steps up when people are in need. He has around 300,000 followers on his DecoExchange Facebook page. In the summer of 2020, his following helped him raise more than $10,000 for people affected by Hurricane Laura that hit Lake Charles, Louisiana.

As an Educator

Damon has a website named damonoates.com, where he provides online courses related to business. He teaches people how to grow their businesses through SEO, monetization, and other techniques. 

He offers two learning options: Business Coaching, which teaches through a private group where you and other business owners get online learning portals and monthly training, and Mastermind, where you will learn privately through 1:1 calls and three in-person meetups in a year.

As a Podcaster

Damon Oates’s “The Makers Mean Business Podcast” is an online way of learning from professionals who impart amazing business tips. Two episodes are released weekly, with new guests sharing their experiences with Damon and Stelly.

Damon Oates – Social Media

Damon Oates has an impressive following. He has a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Here is a breakdown of his following.

  • Facebook – 14k
  • Instagram – 113k
  • Pinterest – 60.5k

Damon’s YouTube channel is the main reason for his popularity. He has more than 3 million views with 44.9k subscribers. He created Deco Exchange on July 25th, 2015. He has uploaded more than 800 videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Damon Oates Net Worth

Who Is Damon Oates?

Damon Oates is the co-owner of DecoExchange. The company defines itself as an ultimate source of craft supplies for wreath makers. 

Who Is the Owner of Deco Exchange?

Businessman Damon Oates is the co-owner of DecoExchange with Parker Stelly.

Where Is Deco Exchange Located?

DecoExchange is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Conclusion – Damon Oates Net Worth

We are fortunate that the continuous development of the world wide web is centralized in providing information that we rarely have the chance to encounter within our immediate environment. 

Knowledge is valuable, so it’s quite justified that people use it to enrich themselves. Two examples would be digital marketing expert Shay Rowbottom and lifestyle guru Kirby Allison. Both made a considerable fortune by sharing their expertise with anyone ready to improve their lives.

Damon Oates not only turned his artistic wreath-crafting hobby into a profitable business. As attested by his subsequent business ventures, he also proved to be a dynamic businessman who made his fortune by following his passion and tapping multiple income streams.

His creative vision, business acumen, and hard work could inspire those seeking career satisfaction, success, and financial empowerment.

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