Brooke Riley Net Worth 2023: Mom Builds 7-Figure Businesses on a Budget

Brooke Riley’s journey from an overly stressed employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur is now worth millions. Read about her story and find out how much is Brooke Riley net worth.

She made it on the Forbes list of the Next 1000 of 2021. She was also recognized as a top entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine. But before Brooke Riley began her journey to success and financial freedom, she was a stressed-out working mother of two who survived from paycheck to paycheck.

Suffering from burnout and severe anxiety, Brooke always found solace in her passion for making something wonderful out of scraps. If you’re guessing her hobby is similar to LaurDIY, then you’re exactly right. After all, a wise mother relies on budgeting tricks to make a house a home. 

With zero dollars and zero knowledge on how to prop up a business, Riley took that leap of faith that could change her life. After six years of continuous learning and hard work, she is now CEO of not just one but two multi-million dollar businesses. 

How did she do it? Just who is Brooke Riley?

Brooke Riley Net Worth

Brooke Riley is the founder and CEO of Re-Fabbed, a DIY home décor, lifestyle, and travel blog. She also runs an e-commerce store for women’s clothing and accessories. She also offers coaching and professional advice to aspiring business owners, largely based on what she learned from experience.

Brooke Riley’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. She is a self-made entrepreneur who joined the list of the country’s millionaires who created businesses that redefines the American dream.

Brooke Riley – Short Bio

Early Life

Brooke Riley was born on July 20, 1988, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She is a petite lady of 5 foot and four inches who spoke with a lovely Southern accent. She is the eldest of three. Her brother Clint is 22 months younger, and their sister Elizabeth was born when Brooke was 16 years old.

The siblings spent most of their childhood in their hometown. Brooke attended private Christian schools from 5th grade until she graduated high school in 2002.

She applied to Murray State University and chose a major in public relations while her minor was in organizational communication. After completing her degree, Brooke joined the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative.

Brooke met Brandon during her senior year in college. The couple married a few years later. 

In her free time, Brooke helped her husband, Brandon, flipping and decorating houses in her free time. She had not considered using her talents for commercial purposes or giving tips to others for learning purposes at that time. 

In 2015, Brooke launched her blog to document and share her journey of fixing the house she and her husband had purchased in Mayfield, Western Kentucky.

Brooke Riley – Career Achievements

Re-Fabbed is a reflection of Brooke Riley’s journey. When she was in her late 20s, Brooke suffered a mini-stroke due to stress. She suffered from severe anxiety, and consistent burnout was slowly chipping away at her health. Brooke realized that she badly needed a career change. 

Brooke resigned from her long-time, fixed-income job at West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative to focus on the blog only and follow her dream. Her employer didn’t take Brooke’s decision well and sent her by telling her that no one would take a little lady like Brooke seriously.

Humble Beginnings

Initially, the blog was just a platform to share her projects online. Besides documenting her experience, Brooke wasn’t sure what else it should be for. But in time, she learned that it also served as a means to build a relationship with her readers and to gain the attention of others who share the same interests.

Brooke focused on creating email lists for subscribers and enhancing her social media following. She realized that she needed more page views if she wanted to generate income. Unfortunately, Brooke didn’t have much luck in that department then. She spent hours daily on how to make money off her blog.

Brooke learned the tricks of the trade and knew her audience well enough to realize that ad income was not the only source of income she could derive from her blog. She began to experiment with affiliates and monetize by addressing audience needs. 

These early steps would later lead the aspiring entrepreneur to other income streams. 

She received a decent amount of engagement after creating a Facebook page. Two years later, Brooke began live streaming, hoping that it would attract more people her way. 

Brooke diversified her income sources, opened the Re-Fabbed boutique, and started her coaching business. What started as a hobby and unpaid labor of love is a thriving business today.

In 2020, Re-Fabbed was named the boutique of the year in Kentucky, while her blog averages around 1.5 million views per month from followers around the world. Her strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and coaching service continue to support the stability of her ventures.

Brooke Riley’s Re-Fabbed has been featured in the Forbes Next 1000, Huffington Post, Pioneer Women, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, and Country Living. 

Brooke Riley – Personal Life

Brooke met her husband, Brandon, in her senior year of college. They were engaged 10 months later. Soon after, the young couple was married. They moved to Mayfield right after. 

The couple struggled with infertility for many years and even suffered a miscarriage. She was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent surgery for that. Eventually, they had their first daughter, Eden Grace, while Blaize came along 13 months later.

Brooke Riley – Social Media

Brooke Riley’s social media profiles are about maintaining an intimate relationship with her audience. She is of the view that it is pertinent to interact consistently to keep the audience engaged. Brooke is very active on Facebook, with around 43.9K followers. 

The CEO has an even larger follower base on Instagram, with around 111K followers. 

Brooke also maintains a YouTube channel. She launched the channel on 18th February 2011. Presently it has 26.6K subscribers, and her videos have around 985k views. 

The queen of DIY also has a strong presence on Pinterest, with around 113K followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Brooke Riley Net Worth

What is Brooke Riley Known For?

Brooke Riley is the wealthy founder and CEO of Re-Fabbed. At the heart of her portfolios to success what her passion for decorating and redecorating on a budget. She also offers advice on business matters.

What is Re-Fabbed?

Re-Fabbed is a DIY home décor, lifestyle, and travel blog. Over time it has become an umbrella brand as Brooke runs an e-commerce store and a coaching business under the brand name as well. 

How Much is Brooke Riley’s Net Worth?

According to various sources, Brooke Riley has a seven-figure net worth of anywhere between $5 and $12 million. She has various income revenue streams, and it is not known exactly how much she earns from all of them. 

However, she enjoys a huge follower base on her social media handles, indicating a thriving business.

Brooke Riley Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Re-fabbed became the go-to for those who aren’t amongst the wealthiest and even the affluent for low-cost but high-quality remodeling for American households. The CEO also shares her tricks and lessons in the trade if ever you fancy taking the step in the same industry.

More and more people, especially millennials, are thinking about how to secure and improve their private wealth. Take a page from Brooke and famous entrepreneurs. Having money to invest in your passion would make the startup easier, but financial assets are not the sole requirement to grow a business. 

As Brooke believed, we only need to recognize our passion for starting something to secure more than just our finances. Ask the correct questions, like how one shares it with the world while meeting all your financial goals.

Our skills are an investable asset. The allocation of Brooke’s efforts started with learning everything she needed to know and then taking slow but steady steps forward. Learning makes everything less like a gamble, especially in business. 

And honestly, we don’t need an investment advisor or financial planner to tell us that.

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