Walker Hayes Net Worth 2024: From the Top of Country Music Charts

Blending traditional and contemporary country sounds, Walker Hayes could tread the country music charts. What is Walker Hayes net worth? How did his career begin? If you’re not a fan yet, you might become one after this short read.

Walker Hayes is a country artist known for the songs “You Broke Up with Me” and “90’s Country.” He is praised by both critics and fans for his unique style and relatable lyrics. Hayes has collaborated with well-known country music artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Lee Brice.

And for his great talent, this artist from Alabama has been nominated for several awards, including the Academy of Country Music Awards and the CMT Music Awards. 

Walker Hayes Net Worth 

Walker Hayes is an American singer with a net worth of around $4.5 million. His full name is Charles Edgar Walker Hayes. He has been in music production since 2007. 

Three of his most famous studio albums are Reason to Rhyme (2011), Country Stuff (2017), and Monument Records (2022). In addition, he has released many single albums on Billboard Country Airplay. He also has a YouTube channel and a personal website. All these works contribute to his net worth.

Walker Hayes – Short Bio 

Walker Hayes was born in Mobile, Alabama, on 27th December 1979. He belongs to a Christian family run by his father, Charles Hayes. Charles Hayes was a realtor who recently died in 2021. 

Walker spent his early life at a local school called St. Paul’s Episcopal School and later got admitted into Birmingham Southern College. In 2002, He got a bachelor’s degree in music. To pursue his childhood dream of becoming a singer and music producer, Walker moved to Nashville to start his career in country music. 

In 2005, Walker got a job writing songs for a publishing company called Nashville Publishing Company. After some experience in the field, he signed with Mercury Records Nashville. His partnership with Mercury Records didn’t last long, as Walker then moved to Capital Records Nashville for his future career. 

Walker Hayes – Career and Achievements

Walker released his first solo in 2010 called “Pants.” The song was well received, debuting at No. 60 on Hot Country Songs. He only released the audio initially, but his music quickly spread around the globe. Walker released the official music video later in December 2010. 

Soon after, the artist released another single for the same album. The song was called “Why Wait for Summer.” Both songs were part of the album Reason to Rhyme. Once again, Walker’s songs received a lot of praise, contributing to his steady rise to fame.

Walker also started working with famous singers to co-write songs. Two of his initial releases were “Dirty Side” and “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat.” At the end of his contract with Capital Records, Walker started working with Shane McAnally in 2016. He released extended plays named 8Tracks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Monument Records released his album “Boom” a year later, featuring the song “You Broke Up with Me.” The song soon became a huge hit on the Billboard charts. In 2018, he released “90’s Country,” followed by the EP “Country Stuff” in 2021. The song “Fancy” from the EP went viral.

Thanks to its catchy lyrics and electrifying music, Walker Hayes’ video featuring his daughter dancing to “Fancy” was a hit on TikTok. The song even made it onto the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

It also ranked first on the Hot Country Song charts.

After almost a decade in the music industry, Walker finally got recognition. His appearance at the CMT Artists of the Year awards was one of his greatest achievements. Walker Hayes proudly walked the red carpet with his wife, Laney. 

He was nominated alongside Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Carly Pearce, Alan Jackson, and Lainey Wilson. 

Walker Hayes – Personal Life 

Walker is a married man with six children. He is married to Laney Beville. They shared their love story on the Bobby Bones show in 2019, telling how they met and soon started liking each other. Laney revealed that she first saw Walker during rehearsals of his solo song. 

They further revealed on the show their first date. The couple spent some precious time with each other, talking for hours at the top of a construction site. They dated for almost 7 years, but after college, the couple separated because they were not ready for marriage. 

Ten months apart was enough to make Walker and Laney that they were meant for each other, So the couple finally got married on 12th June 2004. 

Walker resides in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, with his wife and six children. They had a seventh child (fourth daughter), who died soon after birth on 6th June 2018. Her name was Oakleigh Klover Hayes. 

Walker Hayes – Social Media 

Walker is quite active on social media. He is present on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Here is the number of followers Walker has on different social media accounts. 

His YouTube channel is where Walker uploads all his songs. The channel was created on 23rd November 2011. His most famous song is Fancy Like, with more than 107 million views. 

Walker also sells merchandise online. He has a website walkerhayes.com where you can find all his music and merch. You can buy themed shirts, shorts, hoodies, caps, and more. Quality is top-notch. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Walker Hayes Net Worth

How did Walker Hayes Get Famous?

Walker Hayes gained immense popularity after the video of him, and his daughter dancing went viral on TikTok. Additionally, two remixes and an Applebee commercial called “Fancy Like” further boosted his fame.

Does Walker Hayes Get Free Applebee’s?

As a loyal customer of Applebee’s for many years, the company has offered him a gold card that allows Walker to eat for no money at any Applebee’s for his entire life. 

Where does Walker Hayes currently live?

Walker Hayes is a native of Alabama but currently lives in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, with his wife and six children. 

Walker Hayes Net Worth – Conclusion

Walker Hayes is a renowned country music star who has significantly impacted the industry with his versatile talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. With several top country albums, hit songs, and collaborations with popular artists, Walker is regarded as one of the best country musicians of his time. His relatable lyrics set to catchy melodies, soulful voice, and ability to connect with audiences through his music make him a sought-after entertainer in the genre. 

Throughout his career, he has continued to evolve and adapt to the country music industry, consistently creating viral hits that reach a wider audience and solidify his place as a top performer in the genre.

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