Porsha Williams Net Worth In 2024 – How She Did It All?

If we talk about “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Williams would always come to mind as she is one of the more famous casts in the show. This article will get to know Porsha Williams’ net worth, personal life, and fun facts.

Life isn’t always as it seems. There are always ups and downs in our lives. This is where we learn and grow as we live our lives. With ups, we get to know the beauty of living on this earth. Through the downs, we learn how to stand up and become stronger than the adversaries in our lives. 

It is never easy, but these are the real-life lessons that everybody gets to experience.

Porsha’s journey is full of good and bad times. These made her the celebrity that she is now. Let’s take a peek at her journey and how she grew her net worth to $5 million through these ups and downs.

Porsha Williams Net Worth In 2022

Porsha Williams is a famous model and a businesswoman, philanthropist, and American reality – TV personality. She is also a former housewife of Kordell Stewart, who is an NFL player. She is among the famous women who have earned a lot of money in their life and are fully independent. 

It is estimated that Porsha’s net worth is more than $5 millio. She gained popularity as a contestant from the reality-show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2012.

Of course, Williams earns big money from her role in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But, she also earns from her business and modeling career. Williams made an estimated $1.3 million in 2019 during season 12 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

There is no doubt that Williams made most of her income from her appearance on ‘RHOA.’ But, she also made appearances in many other television shows and earned a decent amount of money from that. She also began to make investments to grow her wealth and take advantage of compound returns

Porsha collaborates with firms like Kandi and JustFab that adds a profit to her net worth.

In 2016, she bought a 5,920-square-foot mansion for $1.1 million. Williams has also launched a range of hair care products as well as bed linen. Because of her hard work and her love for her career, the net worth of Porsha Williams will continue to grow.

Porsha Williams – Early Life

Porsha Williams is a well-known face in reality TV. She is a multi-talented television host, media personality, and a member of the Bravo TV network. She lives for real happiness and real fun. 

Further, being a true “cornbread-fed Georgia Peach,” Williams was born on June 22, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother and father both were self-employed business people. That’s where she may have gotten her business inspiration from.

Also, her grandfather was a civil rights activist, businessman, ordained minister, philanthropist, scientist, and politician. Williams has two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her younger sister’s name is Lauren, and her brother is known as Hosea – named after her grandfather. 

Williams attended high school at Southwest DeKalb, Georgia. After that, she enrolled at the American InterContinental University in Schaumburg, where she did a degree in Business Information technology.

Porsha Williams – Career Highlights

She is a supermodel as well as a famous celeb. In 2005, Williams appeared in music videos and had wanted to pursue a career in modeling. She did modeling for a “pin-up” calendar for Atlanta Dymes, from where her modeling career started.

In September 2012, Williams became a cast member of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fifth season. On November 18, 2012, she made her first appearance in the show along with Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, and Phaedra Parks. She appeared on the Fox celebrity news and pop culture show “Dish Nation” too.

In March 2014, she releasedher debut single “Flatline” through the iTunes StoreAfter this, Williams returned for the seventh season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that was aired in 2015. In January 2016, she appeared on “The New Celebrity Apprentice” and placed eighth on it. Further, in 2017, she appeared in “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.”

Also, Porsha Williams is a host of a new spinoff show called Bravo’s Chat Room. She co-hosts this show with co-star Hannah Berner and Gizelle Bryant. 

In July 2020, Williams announced the release of her first tell-all book in 2021 titled “The Pursuit of Porsha.” The book will be about her childhood and other various aspects of her life, including reunion, gossip, and shows. She may not be a Beyonce or a Kardashian, but life after her stint at “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” surely has been good.

Porsha Williams Net Worth
Courtesy of IMDB Image from Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Williams – Personal Life

Porsha Williams began dating Kordell Stewart, a football player. When she fell in love with him, she worked at a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. In May 2011, they got married. 

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they filed for divorce in March 2013. They both lived together for two years and got separated for some time before the divorce. In the divorce settlement, Porsha lost the right to any alimony. She also has no rights to Kordell’s real estate, NFL retirement money, as well as cash assets.

After some years, on September 19, 2018, Porsha Williams announced her pregnancy, and on October 1, 2018, reports leaked about her engagement with Dennis McKinley. She gave birth to their daughter on March 22, 2019.

Again both got split in June, but they reunited in August 2019. This troubled her career a lot, but soon she learned to move on and earned great success. 

Porsha currently lives in the upscale neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. She is a kind-hearted person and has launched various charities of her own. In addition to philanthropy, Porsha loves yoga, swimming, hiking, and music.

So, all in all, she has seen a lot of ups and downs in her personal life that has made her a strong and independent woman. She was often attacked by media persona, public, and co-stars, but she passed all hurdles and continued to grow her career. Now, she has millions of dollars because of her hard work and dedication.

Favorite Quotes From Porsha Williams

Now you know a lot about Porsha Williams, but some quotes by Williams are pretty popular and famous.

“You are under a microscope, and whenever I am around any of the girls, it’s all love because we understand each other’s lives.” – Porsha Williams

“Friend come and go, but family is forever.” – Porsha Williams

“I took a left turn but now, things are just right.” – Porsha Williams

“I am still standing and I am making my own rules.” – Porsha Williams

Fun Facts About Porsha Williams

Whether it is about Porsha Williams’ career, unnecessary trouble, Hollywood life, e-boyfriends, ex-husband, or childhood, her life is full of real facts. Let’s find out some interesting facts about life star Porsha Williams!

  • Williams grew up in a highly influential family with business skills.
  • She is the great-granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams.
  • In her early career, she modeled for music videos. In this way, William has been hard-working for years before she saw any significant success.
  •  At 24, Williams wanted to own a business as she grew up with two entrepreneurs as parents.
  • She owns her own business called “Go Naked Hair.” Similar to her parents, Porsha has a business mind and is making good money from her business.
  • Williams completed a college degree at the American InterContinental University in Schaumburg in business information technology. But, she chose modeling as a career, a departure from her educational background in college.
  • While Williams has been a busy woman and Hollywood diva, she has a modest net worth compared to other Hollywood divas. Her net worth as a multi-versatile woman has been listed at $5 million.

Conclusion – Porsha Williams Net Worth

Porsha Williams’ net worth has been consistently growing to the $5 million she is worth today. It may not be among one of the highest in Hollywood, but she has shown that pursuing your passion will give you joy and contentment in life. Her portrayal of her life in reality tv shows provides us with inspiration for our own lives.

She’s been working hard, and her net worth shows that. There will always be haters, but if you know that you are true to yourself, your life would naturally find itself to be filled with joy. These are just the facts of life. Amid the controversy, altercations, and feuds that may become part of life, knowing what is true and important will help you journey your life. 

Much like Porsha, we are asked to confront our lives head-on and become the leading cast member of our own reality shows.

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