Meghan Markle Says She Could Barely Afford Her $14M Mansion

In an interview with Cut, Meghan Markle opened up about the adjustments she and her husband, Prince Harry, had to go through after leaving their positions as senior royals.

Bit off More Than They Could Chew

Meghan said that when they were house hunting, they fell in love with the Montecito home where they currently live. At the time, though, she revealed that they weren’t sure they could afford it. She did add that they did everything they could to get the house. After signing multiple deals with companies such as Netflix and Spotify, the house started looking more and more realistic.

The Dream Home

Meghan talked about which aspects of the home drew her attention the most. She said the garden was a huge draw. There is a pair of intertwined palm trees in the garden that Harry says represents him and Meghan.

The house itself is nine bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms, and comes with a pool and a tennis court.

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