Louise Camuto Net Worth 2023: Just How Rich is the Footwear Mogul’s Widow?

Louise is more than just the late Vince Camuto’s wife. She is the other important figure behind the success of the Camuto brand. Get to know her a little and see if you can guess Louise Camuto net worth.

If actress Jane Seymour was the face that launched the trend of miniseries, Louise Camuto was the heart of a world-beloved luxury brand. Inspired by her hard-working mother, the former model didn’t settle for being just another pretty face. Louise had bigger dreams, and she made sure to achieve them.

Louise Camuto is a founding member of the Camuto Group. She initially served as President of Marketing and Communications after the company was established in 2001, then later appointed as Creative Director for Vince Camuto and Louise et Cie brands.

The power couple’s leadership and passion for fashion guided the company into becoming a multi-billion dollar empire with over 5,400 points of distribution in more than 70 countries.

Louise Camuto Net Worth

Louise Camuto has far beyond what she set out for in life. She can’t just be labeled as the widow of one of the richest people in America. She is a businesswoman and a successful entrepreneur. Her input is still in high demand by the trendsetters of the fashion world.

We know she is wealthy, and bits of details are available but never compiled in a single medium. Many strongly believe that Louise Camuto net worth is estimated at $100 million. 

Upon the death of footwear mogul Vince Camuto in 2015, his wife, Louise Camuto, became the owner of several multi-million dollar mansions and other assets.

Forbes posted an article about one of the properties. The Hamptons mansion in New York was sold for no less than $49 million in 2018. Then there’s Chateau Ridge in Connecticut, initially priced at $26.5 million by Louise Camuto before auctioning the property off in August 2020. 

They have other properties like the $40 million-dollar horse farm, which is also located in the Hamptons.

In 2014, the Vince Camuto brand was valued at over $1 billion. They also acquired licenses for well-known brands like Banana Republic, Louise et Cie, Jessica Simpson, Ann Taylor, Tony Burch, BCBG, and many others. 

By 2017, the company has made over $2 billion from global sales.

Louise Camuto – Short Bio

Louise Drevenstam was born in 1969. Her family was from the city of Orebro, Narke, Sweden. From the short stories she shared during her speeches, Louise comes from a humble family. Her mother helped to provide for their needs and ensured she did her duties to her children from the moment she was home.

Her interest in fashion was not something she picked up shortly before or right after the event in 1989. Inspired by her hardworking mother, teenage Louise was already making money as a hairdresser. Shortly after, 19-year-old Louise decided to enter the search for Miss Sweden and won.

Louise Camuto – Career and Achievements

The Beauty Queen

With her gentle face and innocent smile, Louise won the heart of Sweden, so on the 23rd May of 1989, she became the country’s representative for the 38th Miss Universe. From the final 10, Holland’s Angela Visser took home that year’s crown, while Louise came in second.

The deciding factor was a very narrow 0.49 difference between their results.

Business Career

She could’ve easily settled as a model, but Louise had other plans. She moved to New York in the early 90s. She studied Art History at the New York University from 1992 to 1993, then took up painting and sculpture at Christie’s Education from 1993 to 19994. 

Finally, Louise attended the New York School of Interior Design from 1994 to 1998, where she took up Decorative Arts.

From 2001 to 2009, Louise served as president of marketing and communications for Camuto Group. She was at the helm of the company’s creative team. She was at the front of marketing, advertising, and worldwide public relations for the whole of Camuto Group.

From 2010 to 2015, Louise held two major designations. She was president of marketing and communications and creative director for Vince Camuto and Louise et Cie.

After her husband’s death in January 2015, Louise began taking measures to let others run the company. Their empire was in no immediate danger, but to ensure that the Camuto Group would continue to thrive even after the founding people had moved on.

She took a spot on the board and settled for lesser responsibilities as CCO, which she only held for two years. By November 2018, Louise Camuto was no longer a member of the board, thus concluding her 17-year service to the Camuto Group.

Vince Camuto

How much would you spend on patent leather high heels or a pair of sleek stiletto booties? What about lace-up knee boots or heeled peep-toe sandals? It’s not surprising to assume your budget would be short a few hundred USD to get a top-notch pair, but there is a luxury brand that won’t break your finances.

Read on if you are looking to purchase your next classic silhouette and rounded toe.

Vince Camuto was the unchallenged footwear mogul who founded Nine West. He was a self-made businessman who sold the best shoes for women. Before his brands became some of the most expensive apparel and cosmetics available, Vince sold shoes for a friendly price.

He could have settled on making money off rich people who can afford $500 worth of platform pumps. But the tycoon thought that all women should have access to the best, so to shave off the inequality, Vince set his prices to 70% cheaper than most luxury shoe brands.

The company pioneered in wholesaling quality footwear at affordable prices. They limited losses with great efficiency by matching supply and demand. It didn’t take before Nine West dominated the market. Before it went public, Vince finished his term as creative director for Nine West in 1993 and relinquished the chief executive position to his partner Jerome Fisher.

In 1999, Nine West was sold for $900 million to Jones Apparel Group.

The Camuto Group was established in 2001 with Vince and his soon-to-be wife, Louise, at its reins. The company built its name with department stores and retailers in its early years by providing marketing, design, and production services to retailers nationwide.

In 2005, the Vince Camuto footwear line was launched. He collaborated with fashion designer Tony Burch, creating the Reva ballet flat. By 2009, Lucky Brand Jeans was added to the fray. The brand produced activewear, outerwear, denim, T-Shirts, and professional attire.

Louise released her product line in 2013, the Louise et Cie collection, under the Vince Camuto brand. Though a tad bit pricer than the company’s flagship, the company spared no expense in the production of Louise et Cie. Countless satisfied customers expressed their satisfaction with each purchase.

The brand also extended its line to every wardrobe. They have everything from men’s black leather jackets to women’s woven accessories and all kids’ wear. They also have luxe handbags, wallets, and other fashionable necessities for a complete trending look.

Of course, fan-fave footwear like high-heel and ankle strap designs, loafers, boots, platform sandals, and sneakers are always in stock. Nordstrom is one of the many respected and global retailers that assure it.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2015 – CMO of the Year – Innovations in Marketing
    • The CMO Club
  • 2016 – Outstanding Mother
    • National Mother’s Day Committee
  • 2016 – Women of Inspiration
    • K.I.D.S. Fashion Delivers
  • 2019 – Fashion Award
    • YJP – Young Jewish Professionals

Role Model and Philanthropist

  • Ronald McDonald Huse of Charities
    • Board Member – January 2010 to December 2016
  • Two Ten Footwear Foundation
    • Board Member – January 2015 to January 2020

Louise Camuto Personal Life

Louise Camuto was the third wife of Vince Camuto, one of the country’s wealthiest individuals and most famed fashion millionaires. Louise is the co-founder of the Camuto Group, established in 2001, which has sold billions of dollars worth of luxury footwear and apparel.

Louise and Vince share a son, Philip, the youngest of five children. As his wife, the former Swedish model inherited most of her late husband’s assets and properties. During their marriage, they procured several multi-million dollar properties and were major shareholders of the Camuto Group.

Vince Camuto had an estimated net worth of $700 million in 2014, and surely it was up a bit more when he died in 2015. There were only six legitimate heirs to the fashion titan’s vast wealth, most of which went to his wife, Louise.

In August of 2021, the industry was thrilled to hear that Louise Camuto was again engaged. A mutual friend of the Camutos, American Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger, introduced Louise to Hugo Boss Chief Executive Daniel Grieder in 2019. They first met at the Polo Bar in New York.

The couple was married in September 2022, surrounded by the gorgeous view of Villa Bertoni in Gardone. Over 150 delighted guests witnessed the special event.

Louise Camuto Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Louise Camuto?

Louise Camuto is a former Swedish model. She was first introduced to the rest of the world during the 1989 Miss Universe, where she placed first. She became the wife of footwear mogul and fashion icon Vince Camuto. The couple made their fortunes on shoes, clothing, and accessories.

How Much is Louise Camuto Net Worth?

It is fair to assume that Louise Camuto has a high net worth of around $100 million. Aside from being the widow of a business magnate with over $700 million fortune, Louise has her career, a thriving high-end product line, and personal business ventures.

What is Louise Camuto Doing Now?

After her time with the Camuto Group, Louise continued her career in the industry. She has since been involved in several brands’ strategic and creative development.

Louise Camuto Net Worth – Conclusion

Louise Camuto sports the same humility and silence as her late husband despite the grandeur of her success. Information on Louise Camuto is available in bits and pieces, only sharing the unavoidable and the necessary to the public. Influencers should take a page from her book.

She may no longer be with the Camuto Group, but the brand still carries many of her designs and even a brand under her name. And like modeling, Louise simply continued chasing one goal after the next. Her dreams didn’t stop after 1989 or the passing of Vince Camuto.

Louise is a perfect example of what a person can expect when they look at life positively and productively. She now has a new start in life, a family, and a bright career.

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