Unveiling Ksenia Solo’s Net Worth and Career Achievements: A Closer Look

Ksenia Solo, a renowned actress, has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances and diverse roles. From her beginnings in Riga, Latvia, to her prominent roles in television and film, Solo’s journey is a testament to her talent and dedication. In this article, we’ll delve into her net worth, provide insights into her intriguing career, explore her personal life, and take a peek at her social media presence.

Ksenia Solo Net Worth

Ksenia Solo’s journey in the entertainment industry has yielded impressive results, reflected in her net worth of approximately $5 million. Her acting prowess, along with strategic roles in both movies and television, has contributed significantly to her financial success. Solo’s determination and passion for her craft have positioned her as a sought-after actress, and her net worth stands as a testament to her accomplishments.

Ksenia Solo – Short Bio

Ksenia Solo was born on October 8, 1987, in Riga, Latvia. At 33 years old, she has already established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment world. As a Libra, she brings balance and grace to her performances. Her Latvian-Canadian nationality adds to her unique background, shaping her perspective and enriching her acting prowess.

Ksenia Solo – Career and Achievements

Ksenia Solo’s career journey began with a focus on dance. She stepped into the world of cinema as a dancer, leveraging her ballet training to infuse grace and elegance into her performances. She transitioned seamlessly into acting, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the craft.

Notable Achievements

Solo’s talents didn’t go unnoticed. Her portrayal of Tasha in the series “Life Unexpected” showcased her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters. Additionally, her portrayal of Kenzi in “Lost Girl” further solidified her position as a remarkable actress. Notably, she earned a Gemini Award for Best Performance in the Children’s or Series or Youth Program, a recognition of her exceptional talent.

Ksenia Solo – Personal Life

Outside of the spotlight, Ksenia Solo leads a balanced life. Her passion for dance extends beyond the screen, and she finds joy in various hobbies and interests. She values work-life balance and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Among her interests, Solo shares a deep connection with her canine companion, Tino. Her affection for her dog adds a touch of warmth to her public persona, showing her genuine and relatable side.

Ksenia Solo Height and Weight

Height in feet5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight in Kilograms50 kg
Body Measurements34-24-34 Inches
Body TypeHourglass
Shoe Size7 (US)
Skin colorFair
Hair TypeNot Available
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlack

Ksenia Solo – Social Media Presence

Ksenia Solo maintains an active presence on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through these platforms, she engages with her fans, shares insights from her life, and provides a glimpse into her professional journey. Her online presence allows her to connect with admirers from around the world.




Ksenia Solo: Movies and Television Shows


  • 2017: “Tulipani, Love, Honour and a Bicycle” as Anna
  • 2017: “In Search of Fellini” as Lucy
  • 2017: “Another You” as Sydney Jameson
  • 2016: “Pet” as Holly Garling
  • 2011: “The Factory” as Emma
  • 2010: “Black Swan” as Veronica
  • 2006: “Love Thy Neighbor” as Erin Benson
  • 2003: “Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story” as Kristyn Posey
  • 2003: “The Republic of Love” as Micheline
  • 2002: “Sins of the Father” as Lucinda
  • 2001: “What Girls Learn” as Girl
  • 2001: “My Louisiana Sky” as Abby Lynn Anders
  • 2001: “A Man of Substance” as Hannah

Television Shows

  • 2019–20: “Project Blue Book” as Susie Miller
  • 2018: “The Simpsons” as Anastasia Alekova
  • 2015: “Orphan Black” as Shay Davydov
  • 2015–17: “Turn: Washington’s Spies” as Peggy Shippen
  • 2013: “Lost Girl: An Evening at the Clubhouse” as self (Showcase)
  • 2013: “Lost Girl ConFAEdential” as self (Showcase)
  • 2012: “Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show” as self (Showcase)
  • 2011: “Locke & Key” as Dodge
  • 2009: “Crime Stories” as Waitress
  • 2008: “Moonlight” as Bonnie Morrow
  • 2007: “Cold Case” as Lena
  • 2005: “Kojak” as Angela Howard
  • 2004: “Missing” as Megan Hahn
  • 2002: “Adventure Inc.” as Natalie
  • 2000: “Earth: Final Conflict” as Kathy Simmons

Ksenia Solo Net Worth – Conclusion

Ksenia Solo’s journey from Riga to the screens of Hollywood is a remarkable one. Her dedication to her craft, diverse roles, and notable achievements highlight her undeniable talent. With a thriving career, engaging social media presence, and a commitment to balance, Solo stands as an inspiration for aspiring actors and fans alike. As she continues to make her mark on the entertainment world, her journey remains one to watch.