Jo Eun-Yoo Net Worth: Rising South Korean Actress

Jo Eun-Yoo, a talented South Korean actress, has captivated audiences with her remarkable performances on screen. From her early education to her notable roles in television dramas, Jo Eun-Yoo has established herself as a hardworking and dedicated actress. This article delves into her net worth, provides insights into her background, explores her career achievements, highlights her personal life, and showcases her active presence on social media.

Jo Eun-Yoo Net Worth: Thriving in the Entertainment Industry

Jo Eun-Yoo’s journey in the entertainment world has not only earned her widespread acclaim but also a substantial net worth. While exact figures can vary, her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. This significant financial success is largely attributed to her successful acting career and strategic financial decisions.

Jo Eun-Yoo: Short Bio and Education

Born on May 24, 1993, in South Korea, Jo Eun-Yoo embarked on her path to stardom from a young age. She pursued her education at the prestigious Korea National University of Arts, honing her acting skills and preparing herself for the competitive world of entertainment. Her dedication and passion for acting became evident as she developed her craft.

Jo Eun-Yoo – Career and Achievements

Jo Eun-Yoo’s career is studded with noteworthy achievements that reflect her commitment to her art. Her breakout role came in the form of Gong Se Mi in the OCN drama ‘Voice 3,’ where she portrayed the victim of a murder. This role showcased her versatility and ability to tackle complex and intense characters.

Jo Eun-Yoo Movies and TV Shows

  • Voice 3 (OCN / 2019) – Jo Eun-Yoo played Gong Se-Mi in episodes 9 and 10, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers with her portrayal of the character.
  • Fight for My Way (KBS2 / 2017) – She portrayed Ko Dong-Hee, contributing to the success of the series.
  • She Was Pretty (MBC / 2015) – In this series, Jo Eun-Yoo took on the role of Han-Na, adding depth to the storyline.
  • Cheer Up! (KBS2 / 2015) – Her portrayal of Na-Yeon in this cheerleading-themed drama highlighted her ability to embody diverse characters.

Jo Eun-Yoo – Personal Life

Beyond her bustling career, Jo Eun-Yoo maintains a balanced personal life. She is known for her fun-loving nature and penchant for traveling and shopping during her leisure time. These activities serve as a way for her to unwind and recharge amidst her demanding schedule.

Jo Eun-Yoo Height And Weight

Height in feet 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Kilograms 50 Kg
Body Type Slim
Shoe Size 5 US
Dress Size 6 US
Skin color Fair
Hair Type Staright
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown


Jo Eun-Yoo – Social Media Presence

Jo Eun-Yoo’s active presence on social media platforms like Instagram allows her to connect directly with her fans. Her posts offer a glimpse into her personal life, sharing moments of her travels, shopping sprees, and interactions with friends. Her engagement with followers enhances her connection with fans and showcases her relatable side.


Jo Eun-Yoo Net Worth – Conclusion

Jo Eun-Yoo’s journey from her education at the Korea National University of Arts to her impactful roles in television dramas exemplifies her dedication to her craft. With a notable net worth, a diverse filmography, and an engaging social media presence, she continues to leave her mark on the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on new challenges and showcase her acting prowess, audiences can look forward to witnessing her future successes on screen.