Jimmy Humilde Net Worth 2023 – A Man Who Revolutionized Regional Mexican Music

Have you heard of corridos tumbados? Meet the man who made this musical genre phenomenally popular and find out how helping evolve Mexican music increased the Jimmy Humilde net worth. 

A hybrid of traditional corridos (Mexican folk ballads) and gritty rap music, corridos tumbados have come to musically represent the realities of young city dwellers, particularly in California. 

It has been making waves not only in the Mexican American community but all over the world. Behind all the respect and accolades that the genre is currently getting stands producer and artist Jimmy Humilde. 

Let’s read about his journey.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde is a YouTuber and music producer who has made people crazy with his electrifying on-stage performances. His great sense of music has earned him a lot of money. He has a total net worth of $23 million. 

Jimmy’s main source of income is his Mexican record label, Rancho Humilde. It has become the main force of regional Mexican music. 

Jimmy Humilde’s Short Bio

Jimmy was born on July 21st, 1980, in Venice, California, United States of America. He will celebrate his 42nd birthday soon. Jimmy joined YouTube in June 2009. Before stepping into music production, Jimmy started as an artist on YouTube. His channel has over 56 million views and 132k subscriber count.

Six years later, he created a new channel as a music producer. It was named Rancho Humilde, whose success will be discussed later in this article.

Jimmy Humilde’s Early Life

Jimmy spent the early days of his life in California. He was only 21 when he moved to Inglewood to work with Natanael Cano. Jimmy dropped out of school in the 90s, so he started working as a music artist from a very young age, inspired by Russel Simmons and Jay Z. In the mid-90s, he studied L.A. nightlife, including warehouse rave and hip-hop house party genres.

When he was 14, he fell in love with the Corridos style, mainly because of Chalino Sanchez, a famous music artist and the first person to mention American cities in his Corridos. His song, Pomona, is Jimmy’s all-time favorite. Jimmy got more involved in regional Mexican music with the passing years, leading him to music production. 

He started a job at Taco Truck while pursuing his career in music. His job exposed him to the Mexican American community, where he met his current business partner, Jose “JB” Becerra. Jimmy sold tacos to Becerra, which led to a good friendship. 

They started partying in a house in Compton nicknamed “Humilde Rancho,” a name that was loved by Jimmy’s friends, leading them to call him Jimmy El Humilde. The name stuck in Jimmy’s head and later became the name of one of the best record labels in America. 

Jimmy Humilde’s Career and Achievements

Jimmy Humilde is the current CEO of Rancho Humilde, a Mexican regional music label. He established the company with his friends Becerra and Roque “Rocky” Venegas in 2011. The label has more than 80 acts, all targeting the young generation. 

The team tries to portray the lives of immigrants, hustlers, and ordinary people, combining traditional corridos with an entertaining mix of rap. They call this style Trap Corridos or Corridos Tumbados. 

Jimmy believes that he has contributed to the evolution of Mexican music with his work, which is a step from the old norteño, banda, and mariachi sounds. Some of the famous bands from the past have done similar work where their Corridos reflected the lives of drug lords called NarcoCorridos. 

Jimmy asserts that his trap-infused Corridos is a much better version of the music genre as it connects with the young city dwellers. He believes that the secret sauce to his popular music is the L.A. vibe. 

Jimmy Humilde Presenting a Gift to a Fan Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Jimmy Humilde Presenting a Gift to a Fan

Nurturing Promising Artists

Jimmy started booking shows for acts such as Los Hijos de Barrón and Komando Negro. From booking performers for his shows, he later turned into managing or developing them into superstars.

Jimmy started hunting for talented songwriters and singers as the Rancho Humilde label became more famous in the music scene. At the beginning of 2020, he signed Ivonne Galaz. Over time, more and more artists joined. Some of them include the music group Fuerza Regida, Legado 7, Alex Guerra, Jesús Ortiz Paz, and Ovi.

Awards and Recognition

The rise of Rancho Humilde parallels the overall rise of the Mexican music industry. According to a 2021 Chartmetric study, regional Mexican music has grown by 30% in 2020 alone. Streaming on Apple Music and Spotify has also increased. Spotify claims that regional Mexican music streams are around 1.8 billion per year. 

The Rancho Humilde artists, such as Cano, Fuerza Regida, and Junior H, have also been in the top 5 of the 2019 Billboard charts for their hit songs ‘Corridos Tumbados, Vol. 2,’ ‘Adicto,’ and ‘Atrapado En Un Sueño.’ 

The 2020 Premios de la Radio, which recognizes the best in regional Mexican music, likewise showed their appreciation of these young musicians with music awards such as Sierreño Group or Artist of the Year for Fuerza Regida, and Best Urban Corrido (“El de la Codeína”) for Cano. 

Jimmy Humilde’s Personal Life

Jimmy Humilde hasn’t shared much about his family on social media. Multiple sources confirm that he is a married man with two children. However, the names of his wife and children are still unknown.

Media Presence

Jimmy Humilde is on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He has 298k followers on his Facebook page, with more than 897k followers on Instagram. His Twitter account has the least following, with only 19.4k followers. 

Currently, the Rancho Humilde YouTube channel has more than 7.28 million subscribers with over 4 billion views on all videos combined. Jimmy has uploaded 1,041 videos on his YouTube channel. Moreover, he also has a website where he sells merchandise, such as shirts, hats, and other apparel, under his brand name.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Jimmy Humilde Become Famous?

Jimmy Humilde became famous after establishing his own regional Mexican music label, Rancho Humilde. The label was founded in 2011 and is still up and running with listeners worldwide.

What Does Jimmy Humilde Do for a Living?

Jimmy Humilde is a music producer. He runs a YouTube channel and a website. His website contains shirts and hoodies with the brand name RH (Rancho Humilde).

Who Does Jimmy Humilde Manage?

Jimmy Humilde manages multiple label artists such as Ivonne Galaz, Junior H, Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, Legado 7, Alex Guerra, Jesús Ortiz Paz, and Ovi.

Where Is Rancho Humilde Located?

Rancho Humilde Entertainment is a limited liability company located at 2005 Hooper Ave in Los Angeles, California. 

Conclusion – Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde’s groundbreaking work as a YouTuber and music producer earned him an estimated net worth of $23 million. After years of hard work, this musical genius continues to spread the gospel of corridos tumbados, nurture young Mexican artists, and evolve Mexican music to the next level. 

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