Jamie Skaar Net Worth 2024: The Controversial Star of The Bachelorette Season 18

Jamie Skaar was part of The Bachelorette Season 18. The rather accomplished gentleman, unfortunately, stood out for all the wrong reasons. Read more about the reality tv star’s life, career, and Jamie Skaar net worth.

Jamie Skaar has a net worth of 1 million dollars. He is the founder and CEO of a biotech company called SanctuAire, which he started in 2015. After five years of successfully running his firm, Jamie was able to leap into other profitable ventures that allowed him to maintain his luxurious lifestyle.

As a businessman, Jamie Skaar is rumored to have an income of $200,000 annually. 

Jamie became one of the thirty contestants in the 18th season of the famous reality television show The Bachelorette. He was seen as a strong candidate that could end up in the finals. Unfortunately, Skaar was eliminated after three weeks. His abrupt exit was the result of a problem he stirred in the house.

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Courtesy of YouTube: Jamie Skaar and The Bachelorette Season 18 Candidates

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Jamie Skaar – Short Bio

Jamie Skaar was born on 14th October 1988. The 34-year-old entrepreneur stands at 5 ft 6 inches. He is a native of Tacoma, Washington, in the same city where his company is located.

The only information about Jamie’s family available to the public is that his late mother, Tesh Renee Skaar Dermody, worked as a fashion designer.

Jamie Skaar’s Early Life

Jamie Skaar is an African-American who grew up with a lot of family issues. We only came to know about his early life after he opened up to Michelle, the star of The Bachelorette. 

According to Jamie, his mother suffered from mental issues and eventually took her own life.

He narrated how his life had been difficult. It seems that Jamie grew up alone and had no other parental figure after his mother passed. But he muddled through hurdles and worked hard for what he currently has. Despite how far he’s come, Jamie still grieves for his mother.

Jamie attended the University of Washington, where he got his Bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology. He continued his education at the American International University in London and finished with a major in Business.

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Jamie Skaar’s Career and Achievements

The 34-year-old reality star is an accomplished businessman. Jamie Skaar net worth is estimated at around $1 million, with a few thriving businesses to his name. 

He appears to be an advocate for health and nature, which is also at the center of Sol and SanctuAire.

Jamie Skaar and the Events at The Bachelorette Season 18

The majority of the viewers were probably baffled as they watched Skaar belittle and berate the other male contestants. He blatantly claimed that he was Michelle’s husband-in-waiting and he was outraged that his wife-to-be was behaving like “a girl on spring break,” meaning, other men were there as fillers.

It was true that Michelle was close to Jamie, but he pretty much betrayed her by talking badly about her to others and lying to her face when she confronted the men. She was obviously distressed when she found that the mystery manipulator was someone she considered a good friend and strong candidate.

Outrageous? Definitely. But at the same time, the event was also a bit sad and dumbfounding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Jamie Skaar?

Jamie Skaar is one of the thirty contestants of The Bachelorette Season 18. According to his background, Skaar is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who sports a luxurious lifestyle. Among his most successful ventures at his firms, SanctuAire and Sol Solutions.

How much is Jamie Skaar from Bachelorette worth?

Jamie Skaar net worth is estimated at around $1 million. He is said to have an annual income of $200,000 from his businesses. 

What BioTech Company is Jamie Skaar the CEO of?

Jamie Skaar revealed that he is the founder and CEO of SanctuAire which he started in 2015, and his latest company, Sol Solutions, launched in 2020. 

How old is Jamie Skaar?

He was born on 14th October 1988 in Tacoma, Washington. He is 33 years old right now. 

Why did Michelle Send Jamie Skaar Home on The Bachelorette’s Season 18?

Jamie Skaar was accused of “stirring the pot” by making up a rumor that upset not only other contestants but also Michelle Young, the season’s bachelorette.

Because of what Skaar did, Young stated that she could no longer trust Jamie. She was clearly offended and the only solution for her at the time was to send him home.

Courtesy of YouTube: Jamie’s Attempt to Shake the Show

Jamie Skaar Net Worth – Final Thoughts

First and foremost, many would probably agree that reality television shows thrive on drama. If these productions were genuinely aimed for a good outcome then issues would have been avoided, or at least, controlled. Jamie Skaar obviously has a number of personal issues that require counseling.

Imagine adding a significant amount of stress to someone with unaddressed problems, like being put under a microscope and probed on live television. A certain degree of foolishness was bound to happen. 

Michelle Young seemed to be a decent lady that could have turned Jamie into a better man, but he lost all of that because of a silly lie and a desperate attempt to finally have a family to call his own.

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