CML Lavish D Net Worth 2024: Rappers’ Crossroad to Fame

Have you watched CML Lavish D and rap videos over the socials? Join his scores of followers, and you’ll appreciate his brand of music. That’s where he made his name as a rapper and built up the current CML Lavish D net worth.

Having honed his rap skills at a very early age, Lavish has turned his great talent into 8 albums and established a music production house, Bank’d Up E.N.T. Despite controversies that hounded him throughout the years, he continues to create music and help rising rap artists launch their careers through his music group. 

Let’s dig into some details about this passionate artist and how he found his way to success and became wealthy. 

CML Lavish D Net Worth

CML Lavish D has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He is an African-American rapper who earns through his music videos. 

He uploads all of his new rapping videos on his popular YouTube channel. In 2008, he founded Bank’d Up Entertainment, where he now serves as executive producer. His YouTube channel and music group are the two main sources of his income.

CML Lavish D – Short Bio

Donald Darnell Oliver was born on 2nd September 1984 in Oakland, California. He is 1.7m tall with a 76 kg weight. Besides his singing career, Lavish D is also a remarkable record producer and entrepreneur. 

He has not shared about his family members. He has never made the identity of his parents public either.

Early Life

Music was Lavish D’s passion. He was only 10 when he started rapping. He was a troubled, street-smart youth. Despite that, he found his voice through his fresh and original music. 

In 2004, Lavish D joined Goodfellas Records. Later that year, he was sentenced to 90 days in prison for violating parole for a misdemeanor involving gangs. A major incident during the early stages of CML’s career was a shootout during a music video shooting for Shawn Thomas, a rapper and CML’s associate.

Someone started firing at them, and 5 members of the group died. Luckily, Lavish D got out of it unharmed. 

Still, his ambition and determination to be a success have led him to forge ahead with his music and eventually establish his independent label, Bank’d Up E.N.T., giving opportunities to fellow artists to express their lyrical talents. 

CML Lavish D’s Career and Achievements

Before founding his music group, Lavish D’s first album, Stick Up Or Get Stuck Up, was released by Goodfellas Records and sold over five thousand copies. His collaborations with other rap artists, such as The Game, T-Nutty, and San Quinn, have been featured on various tracks.

YouTube Star

Lavish D’s YouTube channel, CML Lavish D, has around 245k subscribers. He gets around 3.5 million views on average on his videos every month. 

His YouTube channel alone makes around 13.9k dollars every month. He created his channel on 9th October 2011 and has since uploaded more than 600 videos. His channel has over 165 million views. 


Some of Lavish D’s best albums most admired by his audience are as follows. 

  • Cash Me Out (2012)
  • Smurkish (2013)
  • Baller Blockin: Based on a True Story (2013)
  • Molly World (2014)
  • My Brother’s Keeper (2016)
  • Yellow Tape Gang (2017)
  • Three Years Later (2017)
  • The Mob Would Like to Speak to You (2018)

CML Lavish D’s Personal Life

CML Lavish D has never shared about his girlfriend or wife. He is seen with many women on Instagram, but none of them is his girlfriend. Lavish has kept his life private and only focuses on his professional life.

Social Media Presence

Aside from his YouTube account, Lavish D is most active on Instagram, with around 156k followers. Most of his posts show off his luxurious life. 

He also has other social media accounts, but these are largely inactive (Twitter), or his content is posted by his supporters, such as TikTok (16.7M views) or Spotify (126.3K monthly listeners). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – CML Lavish D Net Worth

How Rich Is CML Lavish D?

CML Lavish D is a rich guy with a reported net worth of $500,000. He made his fortune with his YouTube channel as his main source of income.

What Is CML Lavish D’s Real Name?

CML Lavish D’s real name is Donald Darnell Oliver. 

Who Is CML Lavish D Signed To?

CML Lavish D is signed to Bank’d Up Entertainment, which he founded in 2008. He is the executive producer of all the projects under his name.

Conclusion – CML Lavish D Net Worth

CML Lavish D’s efforts to promote his original music and those of Bank’d Up E.N.T. artists made him famous and well respected in his community. Making waves in rap music, CML Lavish D continues to be a Sacramento homeboy, representing his city, to which he remains loyal.

More than just his sheer determination to succeed, he nurtures and is nurtured back by his Sacramento roots. Perhaps that’s why, despite the numerous controversies he finds himself in years, his fanbase, music career, and income sources continue to flourish despite the numerous controversies he finds himself in through the years. 

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