Jelly Roll Net Worth 2024: From Sinner to Sensation

Have you listened to Jelly Roll’s music? Starting as a rapper, he has consistently made a name and fortune through his soulful music. How much is the Jelly Roll net worth right now?

Currently crossing over to country music, this self-made artist offers stories of struggles and redemption through his songs. He talks about his former life as a drug addict and convict. 

Overcoming his addictions, working on his career, and building a happy family makes Jelly Roll’s success story an interesting and inspiring read. 

With a colorful yet relatable life, Jelly Roll continues to make his music and dream of contributing to his artistic community. Let’s take a peek into his life journey.

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Jelly Roll made his fortune through music. His total assets have a current estimated net worth of $2 million. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channel and live stage performances. 

Jelly Roll – Short Bio 

Jelly Roll is the stage name of Jason DeFord. He is an American rapper who was born on 4th December 1986. Jelly has an estimated height of 5′ 7”. He has dark brown eyes with brown hair. Jelly has an overall weight of 90 kgs. 

He is also well-known for being heavily tattooed, including a cross on his face. 

He spent most of his life in Gritty Antioch, Tennessee. It is located on the south side of the music city Nashville. He initially chose rap, hip-hop, and pop music as his musical genres; he has since tried his hand at ballads and country music.

Early Life

Jelly’s early life was filled with struggles and battles against his drug addiction. He told Billboard in an interview that his early teens were marked with jail time and drug abuse. 

He had talent from the start, but drug addiction held him back. During his school days, Jelly used to write poems. By the time he reached middle school, he had converted all those poems into rap verses. The struggles of his early life were reflected in his song “Save Me.”

The rapper says that his style is a mix of different musical genres. He was influenced by his sister, who used to listen to grunge (Chris Cornell) and rock bands like Sublime and Offspring. The third genre was from his brother, who played Too Short and Tupac, and the fourth from his mother, who played outlaw country. 

Jelly Roll’s Career and Achievements

His YouTube profile describes his initial musical career selling mix-tapes hand to hand and touring the United States in a van in run-down dive bars. His passionate performance and emotionally-authentic lyrics have since led him to sold-out music halls and public acclaim.

Musical Collaborations

Jelly came into the limelight after he collaborated with the rapper Lil Wyte. Their song titled “Pop Another Pill” was released in 2010; it now has around 6.6 million views on YouTube. The song was later included in the SNO group album Year-Round, which was released in April 2011. It was a project produced by Juicy J and DJ Paul. 

The duo later released another song titled “Come Here, White Girl,” which was included by XXL in the list of the 10 most memorable white rapper collaborations.

Two years later, Jelly Roll released the mixtape “Gamblin’ on a Whiteboy.” The same year, he also released the Therapeutic Music series as well as his first solo album, “The Big Sal Story.” 

Jelly has worked with some of the greatest artists in the music industry, such as Struggle Jennings, BPZ, and Lil Wyte. 

Legal Issue with Waffle House

In 2017, Jelly released the song “Whiskey, Weed, and Waffle House.” The song’s name was changed as the Waffle House restaurant threatened Jelly to sue him over using their brand logo and name without permission. The whole dispute cost Jelly around $10,000. 

Jelly’s collaboration with Haystak took him to the peak of his career. He released an album called “Strictly Business,” ranked 16th on the Top Heatseekers chart. Later, they released another album called “Business as Usual,” which jumped to an amazing 11th position on the chart. 

Beyond Rap

Rapping is not the only genre he has stepped into. Recently, Jelly released a ballad titled “Save Me.” Jelly says he was quite nervous as it was his first song using vocals. The audience received the song quite well as it became the first Gold-Certified song for Jelly Roll by the Recording Industry Association of America. 

One of his biggest achievements was when BMG Nashville’s president, Jon Loba, signed him as a recording artist, saying that Jelly is one of the best storytellers he had ever seen. 

Loba was quite impressed with how the songs expressed the emotions of a teenager who battled addiction to become a great father, husband, and businessman. 

He released his new album “Ballads of the Broken,” which includes the songs “Dead Man Walking,” “Son Of A Sinner,” “Even Angels Cry,” and “Sober.” 

Jelly Roll’s Personal Life

Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie DeFord. She was a performer at a circus, playing various roles, including tight rope walking. After discovering her performances wouldn’t make her famous, she shifted into a modeling career. 

She has been featured in magazines and on Playboy TV. Currently, she produces and hosts the successful podcast “Dumb Blonde” and is very popular on various socials.

The couple married in 2011. Jelly Roll’s wife was only 18 years old at the time of marriage. Their son Noah Buddy DeFord was born in 2016, 5 years after their marriage.

From his ex-wife Felicia, who also successfully battled drug addiction, Jelly has a daughter Bailee DeFord. 

Jolly Roll – Best Albums, Mixtapes, and Singles

Jolly has produced mesmerizing music to date. Some of his best works for the music industry are as follows. 


  • Strictly Business
  • No Filter
  • Sobriety Sucks
  • Year-Round
  • No Filter 2
  • Waylon and Willie 1, 2, and 3
  • Whiskey Sessions 2
  • Self-Medicated
  • A Beautiful Disaster
  • Addiction Kills 
  • Goodnight Nashville


  • Son of a Sinner
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Wheels Fall Off
  • Crosses and Crossroads
  • Whiskey Sessions


  • Biggest Loser
  • Gambling on a White Boy 4
  • Whiskey, Weed, and Women
  • Therapeutic Music 5
  • Mid-Grade Miracle

Jelly Roll – Social Media Presence

Like any other influential rapper, Jelly Roll has an impressive fan following on social media platforms and his website. His website features music videos, tour dates, merchandise, and brand endorsement contact details.

His YouTube channel has 2.21 million subscribers with over 1.5 billion overall views. According to Social Blade, which tracks social media statistics and analytics. Jelly Roll’s monthly earnings from YouTube alone range from an estimated $10.1K to $160.9K. Yearly, he reportedly earns between $120.7K to $1.9M. Not bad for a channel that he started in 2009.

Here are the number of followers Jelly has on his other social media accounts and pages.

  • 842k followers on his Instagram account
  • 2.1 million followers on his official Facebook page
  • 105.3k followers on his official Twitter account
Courtesy of YouTube: Jelly Roll Debut at the Grand Ole Opry

Jelly Roll Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jelly Roll Net Worth?

Jelly Roll has amassed an estimated total worth of $2 million. He is a rapper who has produced amazing songs such as “Pop Another Pill” and “Son of a Sinner.” 

How Did Jelly Roll Get Famous?

Jelly Roll got famous after he collaborated with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte. They produced the song “Pop Another Pill,” which got over 6 million YouTube views.

Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

Jelly Roll’s wife is Bunnie DeFord. She is a professional model and successful podcaster. The couple got married in 2011 when she was only 18 years old. They are parenting two children: Noah, their biological son, and Bailee, Jelly Roll’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Jelly Roll Net Worth – Final Thoughts

As Jelly Roll’s popularity increases, his reported net worth of more than $2 million will most likely skyrocket. 

Branching out to country music, a genre that reflects his Tennessee roots, the musician will undoubtedly continue to craft songs that his listeners relate to. As he describes it on his YouTube page, his performance will convey “a therapeutic message infused with a wide array of influence spanning from southern rock to dirty south rap.”

Aside from his passionate artistry, his music’s message of hope and redemption will continue to make him a sought-after musician. His multiple income streams, which come from different media platforms and enterprises, will surely further contribute to his fame and fortune. 

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