Carlos Correa Net Worth 2023: More Than Just A Baseball Player

If you live in a town known as Tierra de Campeones (Land of Champions), wouldn’t you try to live up to its name, too? Carlos Correa did. Learn more about this Puerto Rican shortstop’s story of grit and talent, and you’ll see why he deserves the current Carlos Correa net worth. 

Carlos Correa has been described as no less than a baseball prodigy. This fast-rising shortstop from a poverty-stricken fishing town in Puerto Rico has proven that success awaits anyone willing to work hard.

Every baseball fan in the world is at the edge of their seats, awaiting what the 27-year-old former Houston Astros superstar will do with his new team, the Minnesota Twins. Barely out of his teens when he debuted in 2013, Correa’s immense talent was already comparable to that of more experienced major league players. 

You can say that he is the Cristiano Ronaldo of Major League Baseball. They are similar in their wealth and backgrounds. Carlos was an island boy whose family struggled financially. He faced challenges but was able to achieve goals. Let’s find out about Carlos’ unique path through his inspiring story.

Carlos Correa Net Worth,

A portion of Carlos Correa net worth of $40 million comes from his previous contract with the Astros. He currently stands 4th in the list of the highest-paid baseball players this year. 

Correa’s deal with the Twins is a 3-year contract worth $105.3 million, giving him an annual average value of $35.1 million. At the end of Carlos’ tenure with his previous team in 2022, he became a free agent for the first time. The Astros offered $18.4 million in the attempt to extend him for another year which Carlos declined. 

Carlos Correa – Short Bio 

Carlos Correa Jr was born on September 22, 1994, in Barrio Velázquez, a fishing village located in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. He is the eldest of three children by Carlo Sr and Sandybel Oppenheimer. Carlos’ hardworking nature had already rubbed on him from a very early age.

The current unemployment rate in Puerto Rico is 8.27%, and even in previous years, the percentage has always been more than twice that of the United States. And just like the millions of families struggling, the Correa household did their best to get by every day. 

Support and Sacrifices 

Carlos’ family didn’t have much, but his parents, especially his father, made sure their basic needs were met. Life was difficult, yet he was comfortable enough to voice his gigantic dream of entering the major leagues. 

His father simply replied that he had to work harder, and his mother quietly supported them both by preparing everything they need; clean clothes, a hot meal, and daily motivation.

A very generic response you’d hear from any good parent, but how many could go the extra thousand miles for a five-year-old’s dream? For Carlos Sr., it also meant he had to work hard with his son. Aside from taking on multiple jobs, he spent the few hours he could’ve used to rest in playing and training with Carlos Jr. 

Even when Hurricane George devastated the country and decimated the Correa family’s home, Carlos Sr. and his son never wavered. In their minds, they simply had to work a little harder than they previously did before the massive calamity tore through the country. 

The family moved to Velázquez after Hurricane George destroyed their home. The change of environment, again, tested his mettle. Aside from keeping his grades up and practicing baseball, Carlos helped his father earn money for the family, who had to take on more odd jobs to keep up with their needs. 

Budding Prodigy 

Carlos was already a strong player for Santa Isabel’s Playita Cortada American Baseball Congress affiliate at seven years old. As young as he was, spectators knew his talent was no joke. His batting accuracy was off the roof, accumulating 150 home runs for the team. 

He also attended Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School, more than an hour away from their new home. Carlos Jr’s schedule became just as hectic as his father’s, starting his day before the sun rose and coming home late into the night. 

Carlos’ hard work began to pay off when his mentors noticed his potential for baseball. And by senior year, he became one of the top prospects and got a spot in the Aflac-PG All-American Game, where he received his first big award as the Rawlings’ Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. 

Carlos Correa – Professional Career 

2012 Major League Baseball Draft 

Puerto Rico produced many great baseball players, but 17-year-old Carlos Correa made history by being chosen as the first overall draft pick. In the words of ESPN, the Houston Astros couldn’t risk not getting Correa for their team because they were simply blown away by his enormous potential. 

Carlos’ parents were present at the draft, but neither understood the ongoings of the important event. Their English was very limited and felt quite out of place, but when their son’s name was called, Mr. and Mrs. Correa immediately understood that their son’s dreams finally came true.

The last Puerto Rican who made a similar headline was drafted in 1994, Ramon Castro, who placed 17th in the overall draft pick. The former professional baseball catcher played for the Chicago White Sox, Florida Marlins, and the New York Mets. 

Going back to Carlos Correa, he agreed to join the Astros for a signing bonus of $4.8 million. He went back to his hometown and was given a hero’s welcome. Then three days later, on June 4th, 2012, 17-year-old Carlos Correa was in Houston to officially join the Astros. 

Major League Career 

Carlos’ time in the minor leagues was relatively short. The three years he spent there seemed more like an intermission until he came of age and then took his place with all the other big boys of the MLB. 

His debut match happened on June 8th, 2015, when the Astros played against the White Socks. The following day, he scored his first homerun hit off former professional pitcher Zach Duke. Nearly a month into his career, Carlos broke the franchise record for most hits through 15 games, then set the new number at 20. 

He became notorious for successfully stealing bases and hitting home runs. By his 50th game, Carlos was at the top of the list for the most home run hits by a shortstop in baseball history. 

On a random note, Correa made his first walk-off hit with a single off Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Andriese on August 19th. 

On top of being the youngest shortstop to hit a home run in playoff competition, Carlos concluded his first baseball season with numerous awards. 

He was chosen as the Sporting News AL Rookie of the Year and recipient of the AL Outstanding Rookie Award at the 2015 Players Choice Award. 

2017 World Series

Due to a shoulder injury, Carlos missed some playing time in the 2016 season though he had a spectacular start when he delivered a home run hit at the start of the regular season, referred to as the Opening Day. 

He looked forward to the next season with 5.9 wins above replacement and base stats of a .274 batting average, a .451 slugging percentage, and an on-base percentage of .361. 

Come May 2017, he succeeded Mike Trout and was named American League Player of the Month after delivering multiple-hit games, particularly from May 25th to the 29th. His excellent .386 batting average and 26 RBIs mainly contributed to him being chosen for the award. 

Shortly after, Carlos Correa was selected to participate in his first MLB All-Star Game at the LoanDepot Park, home of the Miami Marlins. 

It was announced on July 18, 2017, that Carlos was out again due to injury and won’t be making another appearance until six weeks later. He redeemed himself during the second post-season game against the Boston Red Sox by smashing the first home run for the 2017 postseason. 

He continued to rack one home run after another as the Houston Astros won against other teams, including a victory against the New York Yankees. They earned a ticket to the World Series after winning the 7th and final game with a score of 4-0. It was the team’s second time in the World Series, where they were scheduled to face the National League pennant-winning Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Carlos established a new record for the most home runs in the World Series, logging five home runs in a single game, unheard of in major league history until he came into the scene. 

2019 National League Championship Series 

Carlos met with ace pitcher Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals during Game 7 in the 2019 World Series. After Yuli Gurriel stood in the batter’s box and swung for an early lead for the Astros, Correa smashed a slider that extended their score against the Nationals to 2-0 after hitting a two-out RBI single. 

Scherzer was already functioning beyond his limit, keeping runners and hitters off the bases for five innings, hurling an average of 20 pitches per inning. But he kept the opposing team from putting in another score until one of his own was able to bring home a point. 

The stalemate was broken when National’s third baseman Anthony Rendon scored the team’s first point in the game. The match ended with a 6-0 victory in favor of the Nationals. 

It was one of the many instances that Mad Max had proven that he is one of the best pitchers in MLB and why he deserves to be in the hall of fame. Regardless of his age, Max is just as formidable as the dependable hitter and much younger Carlos Correa. 

2021 Gold and Platinum Glove Awards 

Carlos Correa received his first Rawlings Gold Glove Award for being 2021’s most exemplary Shortstop in the American League. The honor is given at a yearly event to the highest achieving baseball players who hold field positions, or fielders, in a game. 

Joining him as winners for that year were: 

  • Yuri Gurriel (Washington Nationals)
  • 2nd Baseman Marcus Siemen (Texas Rangers) 
  • Pitcher Dallas Keuchel (Texas Rangers) 
  • Outfielder Andrew Benintendi (Kansas City Royals) 
  • Center Fielder Michael A. Taylor (Kansas City Royals) 
  • 3rd Baseman Matt Chapman (Toronto Blue Jays) 
  • Left Fielder Joey Gallo (Los Angeles Dodgers) 
  • Catcher Sean Murphy (Oakland Athletics) 

A more recent addition to the Rawlings Awards was the Platinum Glove, which only started in 2011. The award is given to the best defensive player in both the American and National Leagues. Carlos Correa was chosen for the American League, while 3rd Baseman Nolan, currently signed with the St. Louis Cardinals, received his fifth award for the National League. 

2022 Minnesota Twins 

Carlos Correa’s last game with the Houston Astros was in the 2021 World Series, where the team lost to the Atlanta Braves. Correa declined the $18 million offer from the Astros for another year because he would be completely undervalued. Carlos is also seeking a change of team that could help him improve as a baseball player. 

At the peak of his game, Carlos Correa became a free agent for the first time in his ten-year career. He instantly became the target of many major league teams once the lockout was over. Carlos originally hoped to get a $300 million long-term deal after his contract ended with the Astros. 

Unfortunately, the lockout rained on his plan for a more stable and lucrative career. Since there wasn’t enough time to negotiate the terms he preferred, Carlos opted for a shorter contract with a decent average annual value. 

Luckily, the Minnesota Twins were willing to offer a bit more for a three-year deal with Carlos Correa. So, on March 22, 2022, both sides made it official with a $105.3 million contract. 

Carlos Correa Proposes to his Girlfriend 2017 World Series Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Carlos Correa Proposes to Daniella Rodriguez – 2017 World Series

Carlos Correa Net Worth – Personal Life

On November 11, 2019, Carlos Correa married former Miss Texas Daniella Rodriguez. He proposed to her on-field on national television right after winning Game 7 of the 2017 World Series. They have a son, Kylo Daniel Correa, born on November 29, 2021. They recently put their Montrose home in Houston for $1.6 million and have reportedly relocated to Minnesota. 

In the 2019 MLB draft, the Houston Astros selected Carlos’ younger brother, Jean Carlos Correa. 

Philanthropic Work

As a Tierra de Campeones homeboy, Carlos never forgot his roots. He still goes home to his hometown and honors the people of his barrio who contributed to his success. 

Carlos has reached his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. Now, he has started to actualize his next goal of giving back to his people. 

After Hurricane Maria hit his island hometown in 2017, he helped out tremendously. He participated in relief goods delivery, joined rescue and recovery efforts, and even ferried medical patients back to the US mainland. 

He has teamed up with the Houston Children’s Charity in Texas to raise funds for beds post-Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the recent pandemic, he also donated medical equipment worth $500,000 to the city of Houston.

Carlos Correa Net Worth – Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much is Carlos Correa Net Worth? 

The multi-awarded shortstop for the Minnesota Twins signed a three-year deal with the franchise for $105.3 million. He is noted to have an average annual value (AAV) of $35.1 million. 

For the current year, Carlos Correa net worth is estimated at $40 million.

What Ethnicity is Carlos Correa? 

Carlos is from a small fishing village in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, making him a Puerto Rican. His father worked extra odd jobs so Carlos could take English classes which is why he speaks it fluently. 

What Does the Name Correa Mean? 

Correa is a Spanish surname scattered throughout the Iberian peninsula. It translates as “strap,” then relayed as a verb in sentences as “to fasten” or “to straighten.”

Final Thoughts – Carlos Correa Net Worth 

If life gives you lemons, so they say, make some lemonade. The father and son duo responded with the most straightforward solution on how they can break away from being poor and unsuccessful. Work hard, and if things become worse, just work harder than before.

It’s also important to know that Carlos’ success was not just a two-man effort; they were cushioned with support by every member of the family.

Carlos Correa is living proof that there are no shortcuts in life. There is no elevator to an easy life; everyone has to take the stairs. The only way to advance is to carry our weight to the top, one step at a time. Sure it seems like a lot of work, but he took it as a learning experience. 

As his family did for him, Carlos Correa also goes the extra mile to help others through his philanthropy or stellar baseball performance. He continues to inspire the young and the elderly that dreams are for everyone willing to work their hardest for it. 

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