Exploring Wrecked Nissan 350Z and Other Luxury Cars

Budget-conscious consumers like to count their money and make fiscally sound purchases. If you’re someone who likes to hunt for bargains on luxury items, don’t overlook the appeal of a luxury car like a wrecked Nissan 350Z for sale at an online auction. It’s not just the 350Z, either. If you research, you might be able to find a luxury lineup that looks like a red-carpet event.

Nissan 350Z

Nissan’s 350Z turns heads everywhere with its low-slung, road-hugging body and brilliant Nissan colors. That’s before you even hear the rumble of its V6 under the hood or feel the capabilities of its 287 horses straining to go faster. That’s approximately the same horsepower as the Porsche 911, but at a much lower price point.

Performance withstanding, the Z-car comes with a cozy 2-seat cabin and all of the latest gadgets and safety features you can expect from a modern car.

Even a wrecked 350Z can be a good buy if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make this sportscar your daily driver.

Other Notable Wrecked Luxury Cars

What if you can’t find a Z at an online auction? There are plenty of other luxury cars that have comparable performance, styling, and luxury amenities.

Let’s look at a few of them:


The M3 is Beamer’s high-performance baby. It was developed in BMW’s motorsport division in the 1980s and has been evolving ever since. Today it’s classified as a compact executive car and comes in either a hardtop or ragtop. It started as a spinoff of the 3 Series touring car, but once the motorsports division gets ahold of a design, they do what they do best. They made it racy and grumbly, giving it a top speed of 146 MPH.

If you find an M3 that’s been wrecked at auction, make sure that you have a detailed inspection done on it before you bid. It could be costly to repair with OEM BMW parts.

Mercedes-Benz SLK

No one can touch the luxury reputation of Mercedes-Benz, so there has to be at least one model of luxury sportscar that hits this list. The SLK is a compact executive roadster that even wears sport as part of its name. Sportlich, leicht, and kurz: SLK; sporty, lightweight and short. Introduced in 1996 and a Daimler product, the SLK is powered by your choice of engines, including an inline-4, V6, and V8 in diesel and gas fuel. 

The interior is resplendent with all the amenities you’d expect from anything with a Mercedes-Benz badge, so expect to be wowed by the glove fit and upscale surfaces.

Because the SLK is built with high-strength steel, the torsional strength has been improved. If you find a wrecked SLK then it might be in better shape than you think.

Audi TT

The Audi TT is out of vogue since most people prefer SUVs and larger vehicles, but if you’re looking for a luxury sportscar, look at the TT. It’s been in production for 25 years, and its 2-seater body is modeled after the VW Group A platform that brought us the MK1 and MK2 Sirocco. It’s powered by a 20V turbo inline-4 or a 24V VR6 engine.

The interior may not be as posh as the Mercedes or BMW, but it’s still comfortable to sit in as you wheel down the road and around sweeping curves.

Bidding on Luxury Cars

When bidding on luxury cars, the more information you have in advance, the better your ability to get a good deal.

Here are some quick tips to consider before you push the bid button:

Due Diligence

Always do everything you can to find out a wrecked car’s condition before committing to a bid. Online auto auctions list the vehicle with a description page that gives you the following information:

·         Mileage

·         Title status

·         Damage

·         Seller Name

·         Running or not

·         Key availability

·         Type of auction – repossession, insurance claim, etc.  

In addition to this information, you need to know the vehicle’s service history and any other damage claims. Buy a car history report before you bid, and if you’re still unsure then have an independent inspector look at the car.

If there are repairs that you can’t do yourself, then it’s wise to get an estimate from a tech who specializes in these types of vehicles. Compare OEM to aftermarket parts prices, too.

Set Your Budget

Once you know what you need to spend to get the car back in shape, you can determine your maximum bid. You can compare that to sites like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book and find a comfortable price point.

Here are some additional expenses to consider:

·         Transportation costs

·         Auction fees

·         Taxes

·         Title

Expenses can add up quickly during bidding, so keep your head cool and walk away if the price is too high. If you take your time and hunt for a bargain luxury car, you might end up with a lot of car for only a little bit of money.

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