34 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

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Teachers typically have summers off and can find a job during their break, travel, or do a combination. Additionally, they can pursue these popular summer jobs for teachers. The average K-12 teacher salary in the United States is $56,200, but the range typically falls between $47,000 and $68,600. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on … Read more

17 Ways To Pay off Credit Card Debt

Paying off credit card debt

Trying to pay off credit card debt is daunting if you carry significant balances, but it is possible. Paying off this debt entirely is challenging and will take work and time. Taking a glance at credit card statistics, you’ll realize you’re far from being alone: Since the pandemic, strong consumer spending has resulted in surging … Read more

4 Investment Accounts That Can Advance Your Financial Goals

Investment Accounts

What kind of investment accounts do you need? There are various investment accounts, depending on your lifecycle and financial goals. Choose investment accounts that advance your goals. Your goals may be to begin investing, saving for retirement and college, liquidity for emergencies, and tax optimization strategies. These accounts can help you build wealth. Families may … Read more

What Is Real Estate Syndication? How It Works, Benefits & Drawbacks

Real Estate Syndication

Owning real estate for investment purposes can be a great path to wealth. Depending on the property, it can generate predictable cash flow, capital gains and provide tax benefits. Besides being lucrative, real estate investing can be a hedge against inflation and an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. There are several ways to … Read more

How To Sell on Amazon: An Easy 5 Step Guide

How to Sell On Amazon

It is hard to argue with selling your product on Amazon, given their global e-commerce leadership. Other online marketplaces to sell your products include Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and Facebook Marketplace. Still, Amazon is unquestionably America’s largest and most popular e-commerce marketplace. Did you know they have 300 million active users, with about half of those, … Read more

32 Stay-At-Home Jobs For Moms

Stay-at-home-jobs for mom

Raising children presents a unique new set of challenges, none of which come with a playbook or a paycheck.  Parenthood is rewarding, but not always on a daily basis. The burden of caring for children and elderly parents often falls on mothers, and many leave their jobs, which stalls their careers and hits their retirement … Read more

16 Cheap Vacations You Can Afford And Enjoy 

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Are you thinking of taking a vacation but don’t want to blow your budget? Trips can be expensive, but they don’t have to be fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. There are a few things you’ll need to think about when planning cheap vacations. How can you swing it? You can find cheap vacations if you are willing to … Read more