Kyle Noonan Net Worth 2023: The Man Behind FreeRange Concepts

Kyle Noonan is a famous restaurateur who introduced the concept of eatertainment in Texas and changed the way people perceive the experience of dining out. What was the inspiration that acquired Kyle Noonan net worth?

Kyle Noonan is half of the wealthy dynamic duo behind FreeRange Concepts, a hospitality management enterprise in the USA. He is responsible for various high-profile eatertainment (eating + entertainment) facilities, including the Bowl & Barrel in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Mutts Canine Cantina and The Rustic are located in Dallas and other cities.

His high net worth comes from a successful food venture with his partner Josh Sepkowitz revolutionizing the Texas restaurant industry landscape. Kyle established his identity as one of the top restaurateurs in the state and the country. His investment strategy helped the self-made entrepreneur accumulate significant wealth over time.

As the owner and CEO of FreeRange Concepts, Kyle Noonan is renowned for his innovative restaurant concepts. The famous restaurateur is also the creator and producer of the CBS TV show Local Fare, a show that featured the local food culture in Dallas.

Kyle Noonan Net Worth

Kyle Noonan has a net worth of $50 million, making him one of the richest men in the US. His incredibly profitable venture with his partner gained success in a very short time. 

He expanded his business and diversified his portfolios with a solid proprietary investment philosophy to incorporate more successful investments, significantly increasing his private wealth. 

On top of becoming one of the wealthiest in the industry, Kyle was awarded New Restaurateur of the Year in 2016. He also received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Dallas 40 under 40 two years later.

Kyle Noonan – Short Bio

Kyle Noonan was born on 2nd April 1980. He is a native of Dallas, Texas, USA, and is of Spanish descent. Kyle is currently engaged to Courtney Kerr, the owner of the lifestyle blog Kerrently. He has two children, a son and a daughter.

His grandfather was Joe Leo Romero, who inspired the creation of Joe Leo Fine Tex-Mex, the newly opened restaurant by Kyle Noonan as a special edition of the FreeRange Concepts.

Kyle Noonan – Early Life

Kyle grew up in Dallas and belonged to an average-income household. He did his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. He comes from a long line of food lovers.

From a young age, Kyle knew there was a high chance he would follow in his family’s footsteps and work in the food business. But no one could have predicted that he would become one of those ultra-high net worth individuals for his diversification of an entire industry in pursuing such a common passion as food.

As a kid, he spent time at his grandparents’ house. Kyle’s grandfather worked in restaurants from a very young age and fell in love with the ingredients and flavors used. He brought home the traditional yet vibrant and rich flavors and incorporated them into his cooking. 

Kyle loved eating the tortillas prepared at his grandparent’s house as a young kid. His childhood memories instilled a love and passion for food and cooking in him, which he could not shed in his adult years, and he eventually joined the same line of work. 

Kyle Noonan Featured on Beer and Business Stock
Courtesy of YouTube: Kyle Noonan Featured on Beer and Business

Kyle Noonan – Career & Achievements

Kyle Noonan met his current partner for the first time in university. However, once they graduated, the two took off in different directions and followed different career paths. Kyle Noonan joined the Pappas Restaurant Group, and Josh Sepkowitz started working as an analyst and financial advisor on Wall Street.

After graduating, Kyle Noonan made his own company and operated a restaurant for the Pappas Restaurant Group. After spending 13 years in the field, Kyle and Josh decided to invest in a venture and became business owners of the first of their many unique ventures.

The two partnered to establish FreeRange Concepts, a restaurant development company dedicated to creating innovative restaurant concepts.

The two launched their first FreeRange Concepts venture, Bowl & Barrel, in 2012. The facility featured a restaurant with a bowling alley. The restaurant comprised modern American inn specialties prepared by in-house chefs. 

A year later, the company launched Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas. The facility featured a restaurant and an off-leash dog park. People could stroll in the beer garden or play with their dogs. In 2018, Kyle Noonan opened another restaurant in Fort Worth.

In 2015, FreeRange Concepts launched The General Public in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant and bar specialized in serving healthy meals and curating popular recipes by incorporating fresh ingredients procured from local farms. They opened the second branch in Houston in 2016. 

In 2018 FreeRange Concepts launched The Rustic in partnership with Pat Green, the Grammy-nominated musician. The concept revolved around a restaurant with live music performances. It was declared the busiest restaurant in Texas, and presently, it has more branches in Houston and San Antonio.

Another venture launched in the same year was the CBS TV show Local Fare, a show that featured the local food culture in Dallas. The show was aired for a year.

Kyle Noonan – Personal Life

In 2014 Kyle started dating Courtney Kerr, a Dallas-based fashion blogger who runs a blog named Kerrently. He proposed to her on his 40th birthday on 2nd April 2020.

It was a tough time in the food industry as his company had to close 11 restaurants due to COVID restrictions. Kyle had held on to the ring for some time before he popped the question. The couple is now happily engaged with wedding plans in the pipeline. 

The couple has recently purchased a house in Dallas, almost 15 months after their previous house in the same neighborhood flooded. Kyle has two kids from an earlier marriage. He loves to travel, cook, and enjoy good meals with his family in his free time. 

Kyle Noonan – Social Media

Kyle Noonan is a renowned name on social media. His Facebook account has 13,000 followers. Kyle is more active on Instagram with 127,000 followers and shares constant updates from his life, both private and professional. 

How Can I Build Wealth Like Kyle Noonan?

The first step is always to consult either a private wealth management firm or investment advisors before setting any of your investable assets into motion.

Aside from avoiding debts, seeking advice from investment managers would make it easier to have a solid financial plan, see profitability, meet financial goals and increase total assets. 

Before setting our sights on a million dollars of investment returns, there is much to consider. Making a risk management set is important for an entrepreneur’s peace of mind. 

Investment professionals’ support will help sustain a venture’s financial health. Understand that we can’t have 100% market value volatility in any industry or commodity. 

In short, individual success is rarely a one-person effort. Still, it requires a collective of disciplined dreamers to lay the seeds of a successful venture, from asset allocation to securing finances and awareness of liabilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Kyle Noonan Net Worth

What Does Kyle Noonan Do For a Living?

Kyle Noonan is the owner and co-founder of FreeRange Concepts, a restaurant development company dedicated to creating innovative restaurant concepts.

Who is Kyle Noonan’s Wife?

Kyle Noonan is not married, but he is engaged to be married to Courtney Kerr, a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger. 

How much is Kyle Noonan’s Net Worth?

Kyle Noonan has a net worth of $50 million. With his long-time business partner, Josh Sepkowitz, Kyle grew his wealth after establishing FreeRange Concepts. This famous enterprise became a hub of revolutionized restaurant concepts authored by the duo.

Kyle Noonan Net Worth – Final Thoughts

Kyle Noonan net worth has set a very high bar for any businessman who wishes to succeed in the same industry. Fortunately, this ultra-wealthy entrepreneur’s investment strategies are rather straightforward. 

Every succession must establish their worth as competent shareholders of a thriving industry. 

The richest people in the world didn’t become globally famous millionaires or make it to the Forbes billionaires list by skipping five steps ahead. Even the heirs of famous households or today’s wealthiest individuals like Elon Musk or MacKenzie Scott must take note of the basics to maintain their social status and total wealth.

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