Cole Schafer Net Worth 2023: The Talented Poet Behind the Alias January Black

With a distinct combination of advertising expertise and poetic prowess, Cole Schafer has carved out a prominent presence in the creative realm, leaving an enduring impact on the literary landscape and building an impressive Cole Schafer net worth.

Cole Schafer is a creative force, blending advertising genius with poetic brilliance. His remarkable achievements have earned him recognition and acclaim in the industry. As a copywriter, he has crafted compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences globally.

Schafer’s expertise in advertising has allowed him to work with renowned brands, delivering impactful messages and driving exceptional results. Writing under the alias January Black, he has published three books of poetry and prose, showcasing his unique perspective and captivating storytelling abilities.

Cole Schafer – Net Worth

Cole Schafer has an estimated net worth of $6 million. He works as an advertising expert for his company, Honey Copy, where he has expanded his services to cater to different clients.

Schafer has a substantial following of over 16,000 readers who subscribe to his weekly newsletter, Sticky Notes. This loyal subscriber base contributes to generating income for him and reflects his authority and knowledge in the industry.

Cole Schafer – Short Bio

Cole Schafer was born on January 5, 1994, in Southern Indiana. From a young age, he exhibited a passion for storytelling and writing. After completing a year at Bellarmine University, where he was a scholarship recipient and a member of the men’s basketball team, Schafer transferred to the University of Southern Indiana. 

At USI, he pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. He actively engaged in various activities and societies, including being a member of USI C.A.S.E., Toast Masters, and winning the Start-Up Weekend 4.0 and Alberta Non-For-Profit Case Study competitions in 2015.

Cole Schafer – Career and Achievements

Cole Schafer has established a successful career in the creative and advertising industry, gaining valuable experiences across various organizations. He has been a creative director and copywriter at Honey Copy since September 2016, where he leads creative direction and writing efforts.

Throughout his journey, Schafer has worked in roles such as creative copywriter at Nautilus Inc., Pass the Honey, LEON Health Science, xFusion – Customer Support for your SaaS, Mixtiles, Ugmonk, Lockin Lockers, and The Hitting Vault. Schafer has served as head of copy at Butterfly Network, Inc. and content writer at Bellhops.

Schafer’s exceptional copywriting skills and expertise in content strategy are evident in his collaborations with renowned organizations, including Another (formerly known as Matte Black), ICONIC Protein, Aviator Gear, Onnit Labs, ShopMessage, and StartEngine. 

He has made valuable contributions as a writer for The Mission and Entrepreneur Media.

Apart from his advertising work at Honey Copy during the day, Schafer expresses his passion for writing poetry, short stories, ads, personal essays, and spoken word in his free time. He has already published three books and crafted impressive spoken word pieces, showcasing his versatility as a writer. 

Schafer’s ability to navigate different writing styles enables him to engage audiences and leave a lasting impression through his literary endeavors.

Cole Schafer – Personal Life

Cole Schafer is currently in a relationship with musician Kacey Musgraves, whom he supports on tour and celebrates her career milestones. They have been seen together at various events, including the inaugural Teddy Bear Ball, which they co-founded to raise funds for a children’s hospital.

Outside of his profession as a writer and advertiser, Schafer enjoys sharing glimpses of his personal life, including his love for his dog, June, through social media posts.

Cole Schafer – Social Media

Cole Schafer is active on social media. He primarily uses the platform to share updates from his personal and professional life. Schafer often posts about his relationship with Kacey Musgraves, celebrates her successes, and shares moments from their experiences together. Schafer also occasionally shares photos of his dog, June, and engages with his followers through captions and comments.

Twitter – Cole Schafer with 3,641 followers 

Instagram – cole_schaferwith 40K followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cole Schafer Net Worth

What Is Cole Schafer’s Background?

Cole Schafer has a background in marketing and advertising. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing. His educational background and passion for writing have shaped his career as a successful copywriter and content creator.

What Is Cole Schafer’s Writing Style?

Cole Schafer is known for his distinct writing style, characterized by a combination of raw emotions, vivid imagery, and thought-provoking themes. His writing often captures the essence of human experiences and relationships, resonating with readers deeply.

Does Cole Schafer Offer Writing Advice or Resources?

Cole Schafer provides writing advice and resources through his company, Honey Copy. He offers a weekly newsletter called “Sticky Notes,” sharing insights, tips, and strategies for effective copywriting and creative writing. This newsletter has gained a substantial following, with over 16,000 readers subscribing to it.

Conclusion – Cole Schafer Net Worth

Cole Schafer has become a source of inspiration through his creative endeavors and unique writing style. His ability to capture raw emotions, explore relatable themes, and connect with readers has left a lasting impact. 

Whether through his poetry, prose, or advertising work, Schafer’s words have the power to ignite the imagination, evoke introspection, and encourage others to embrace their creative journeys. He serves as a reminder that storytelling and self-expression have the potential to inspire and unite us all.

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