27 Zachary Levi Movies and TV Shows You Need to See

Are you one of those Shazam fans wondering about other works of that brilliant actor in the title role? This article has the answers, so let’s tune in to Zachary Levi movies and TV shows.

American actor Zachary Levi Pugh was born September 29, 1980, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Popular as Zachary Levi, he is an acclaimed actor known for his role as the title character in the TV series “Chuck” and the character in the superhero movie “Shazam!” He also sang its OST “I See the Light” with Mandy Moore, which won the Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

But there’s more! Read more about Zachary Levi’s performances for your next viewing binge.

Zachary Levi – Movies

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Check out this Zachary Levi movie list and pick your favorite titles and popcorn flavors.

1. Shazam! (Shazam)

Release Year: 2019

Directed By: David F. Sandberg

Starring: Mark Strong, Asher Angel, and Jack Dylan Grazer

Brief Description

“Shazam!” is the seventh film in the DC Extended Universe based on the DC comics with the same title. It follows the story of Billy Batson, a teenager who transforms into an adult superhero by saying “Shazam.” The film grossed over $367 million and was recognized as a box-office success.

2. See Jane Date (Grant Asher)

Release Year: 2003

Directed By: Robert Berlinger

Starring: Charisma Carpenter, Holly Marie Combs, David Lipper, and Joshua Malina

Brief Description

“See Jane Date,” a rom-com TV film based on Melissa Senate’s book, first premiered on August 16, 2003, on ABC.

The film follows the story of Jane Grant, a single and ambitious magazine assistant editor living in New York. When she receives an invitation to her cousin’s wedding, Jane plans to bring the perfect boyfriend as her plus-one and impress everyone, including her high school nemesis and annoying aunt.

3. Big Momma’s House 2 (Kevin)

Release Year: 2006

Directed By: John Whitesell

Starring: Nia Long, Emily Procter, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Martin Lawrence

Brief Description

“Big Momma’s House 2” is the sequel to “Big Momma’s House,” released in 2000. While severely criticized by experts, it was a successful film that grossed $141.5 million with just a $40 million production budget. 

Compared to its predecessor, it has a mature yet family-friendly tone more suitable to a wider demographic. It still follows the story of an FBI agent disguised as an old lady working as a nanny in the suspect’s home.

4. Spiral (Berkeley)

Release Year: 2007

Directed By: Joel David Moore and Adam Green

Starring: Joel David Moore, Amber Tamblyn, and Tricia Helfer

Brief Description

2007’s “Spiral” is an American thriller that narrates the story of a telemarketer who discovers the darkness in his mind after he befriends a new colleague and decides to paint her. Written by Moore and Jeremy Danial Boreing, it received the 22nd Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Gold Vision Award for the groundbreaking and inspiring concept. 

5. The Tiffany Problem (Zac)

Release Year: 2008

Directed By: Adam Green

Starring: Joel David Moore, Corri English, and Marcus Dunstan

Brief Description

“The Tiffany Problem” is a 10-minute short comedy-horror story about a 30-year-old married man who had some trick-or-treating plans up his sleeves but was all foiled when his wife got sick and had to stay home. 

6. Shades Of Ray (Ray Rehman)

Video Credit: shadesofray/YouTube

Release Year: 2008

Directed By: Jaffar Mahmood

Starring: Fran Kranz, Sarah Shahi, and Bonnie Sommerville

Brief Description

“Shades of Ray” is an independent film that tells the story of Ray Rehman, an American-born Pakistani male wrestler waiting for his girlfriend’s response to his marriage proposal. He is also taking in his father, whom his mom kicked out, and experiences confusion after meeting a South Asian girl with whom he can relate.

7. Weiners (Ben)

Release Year: 2008

Directed By: Mark Steilen

Starring: Kenan Thompson, Fran Kranz, Jenny McCarthy, and Darrel Hammond

Brief Description

“Wieners,” written by Gabe Grifoni and Suzanne Francis, is a comedic movie that narrates the road trip of three friends while they travel across the country using a Wiener Wagon. 

8. Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Toby)

Release Year: 2009

Directed By: Betty Thomas

Starring: David Cross, Jason Lee, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Jesse McCartney

Brief Description

“Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” is a musical comedy and the sequel to the 2007 live-action film “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” Distributed by 20th Century Fox, the film follows the Chipmunks as they enter high school and meet the Chipettes, their female version. 

9. Stuntmen (Troy Ratowski)

Release Year: 2009

Directed By: Eric Amadio

Starring: Marc Blucas, Ross Patterson, Christopher Tarantino, and Dominique Swain

Brief Description

“Stuntmen” follows an ambitious documentary filmmaker and his mission to rekindle the dormant rivalry between two leading stunt performers in Hollywood as they are nominated for the Stuntman of the Year award. 

10. Tangled (Voice – Flynn Rider)

Video Credit: Disney Princess/YouTube

Release Year: 2010

Directed By: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Starring: Mandy Moore and Donna Murphy

Brief Description

“Tangled” is a 3D animated adventure film loosely based on the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel. Considered the 50th Disney animated feature film, it follows the story of a long-lost princess who yearns to leave her secluded tower and discover the floating lanterns that appear in the sky every year on her birthday.

11. Tangled Ever After (Voice – Eugene)

Release Year: 2012

Directed By: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Starring: Mandy Moore and Matt Nolan

Brief Description

“Tangled Ever After” is a 6-minute short film sequel to the 2010 animated film Tangled. It narrates the adventure of horse Maximus and chameleon Pascal as they retrieve the lost wedding rings of Rapunzel and Eugene. It was created due to popular demand. 

12. Remember Sunday (Gus)

Release Year: 2013

Directed By: Jeff Bleckner

Starring: Alexis Bledel, Merrit Wever, and Barry Shabaka Henley

Brief Description

“Remember Sunday” is a romantic drama about a lonely waitress who got a spark in her life when she met a handsome jewelry store clerk. The twist is that he suffered a brain aneurysm and has short-term memory loss. 

13. Thor: The Dark World (Fandral)

Release Year: 2013

Directed By: Alan Taylor

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Stellan Skarsgard

Brief Description

“Thor: The Dark World” is the sequel to the 2011 film “Thor” and continues the story of Thor in his adventures to save the day. In this film, he teams up with Loki to battle the Dark Elves and save the Nine Realms. The firm grossed over $644 million all over the world. 

14. Psych: The Movie (Thin White Duke)

Release Year: 2017

Directed By: Steve Franks

Starring: James Roday Rodriguez, Dule Hill, and Timothy Omundson

Brief Description

“Psych: The Movie” is an American comedy film based on the TV series “Psych.” It is set three years after the series finale in 2014 and tells the story of the old gang coming together on a holiday after one of them was mysteriously targeted. 

15. The Star (Voice – Joseph)

Video Credit: Sony Pictures Animation/YouTube

Release Year: 2017

Directed By: Timothy Reckart

Starring: Steve Yeun, Keegan-Michael Key, Aidy Bryant, and Gina Rodriguez

Brief Description

“The Star” is a biblical comedy inspired by the Nativity story, featuring the voices of Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Tracy Morgan. Released by Columbia Pictures, it grossed approximately $62 million with a budget of just $20 million. It also received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Song for Mariah Carey’s “The Star.”

16. Tangled Before Ever After (Voice – Eugene)

Release Year: 2017

Directed By: Tom Caulfield and Stephen Sandoval

Starring: Mandy Moore, Eden Espinosa, and Clancy Brown

Brief Description

“Tangled: Before Ever After” is a 2D animated TV film set after “Tangled Ever After,” where the focus is on Rapunzel as she adjusts to her life as a princess and prepares for her formal coronation. 

17. Office Uprising (Adam Nusbaum)

Release Year: 2018

Directed By: Lin Oeding

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jane Levy, and Karan Soni

Brief Description

“Office Uprising” is a horror comedy film that premiered in July 2018 on Sony Crackle. It follows the story of a factory worker slacker named Desmond, who was forced to fight for his life as his colleague went berserk after consuming an energy drink created by the world’s leading weapon producer. 

18. American Underdog (Kurt Warner)

Release Year: 2021

Directed By: Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin

Starring: Anna Paquin, Hayden Zaller, and Ser’Darius Blain

Brief Description

“American Underdog” is a biographical film depicting the life of National Football League (NFL) quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from a supermarket attendant to the NFL Hall of Fame. The film grossed over $26 million and was nominated for the 2022 GMA Dove Award for Inspiration Film/Series of the Year. 

19. The Mauritanian (Neil Buckland)

Release Year: 2021

Directed By: Kevin MacDonald

Starring: Tahar Rahim, Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley, and Benedict Cumberbatch

Brief Description

“The Mauritanian” is a legal drama narrating the story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a war prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay detention camp for 14 years without charge. The film received two nominations at the 78th Golden Globe Awards and five nominations at the 74th British Academy Film Awards. 

20. Shazam! Fury of the Gods (Shazam)

Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Release Year: 2023

Directed By: David F. Sandberg

Starring: Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Rachel Zegler

Brief Description

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is the sequel to the 2019 film “Shazam!” It follows the adventure of Shazam and his siblings as they fight the daughters of Atlas. The movie was a box office success, garnering $134 million with a $125 million production budget. 

Zachary Levi – TV Shows

If you want to watch Zachary Levi’s TV shows and movies in the comfort of your home, browse the actor’s Amazon Prime Video collection and enjoy! 

21. Less Than Perfect (Kipp Steadman)

Episodes: 4 seasons, 81 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2002 to 2006, 2009

Creator: Terri Minsky

Starring: Sara Rue, Sherri Shepherd, and Andrea Parker

Brief Show Description

“Less than Perfect” is a TV sitcom that narrates the story of television network office worker Claude and his colleagues and friends. 

22. Chuck (Chuck Bartowski) 

Episodes: 5 seasons, 91 episodes 

Broadcast Dates: 2007 to 2012

Creator: Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak

Starring: Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, and Sarah Lancaster

Brief Show Description

“Chuck” is a comedy TV series that follows the life of Chuck Bartowski, an average tech whiz forced to work with the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) after receiving an encoded email from a college friend, which embeds U.S. spy secrets directly into his brain.

23. Robot Chicken (Voice – Ryu / Ken Masters / Tyg Tiger / Segway) 

Episodes: 11 seasons, 220 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2012 to 2014

Creator: Seth Green and Matthew Senreich

Starring: Voices of Seth Green, Seth MacFarlane, and many more

Brief Show Description

“Robot Chicken” is an animated sketch TV comedy created for Cartoon Network. The stop-motion series follows the story of the half-robot and half-chicken that a mad scientist created and tortured after finding it dead on the road. Filled with pop culture references, it won six Emmy Awards and two Annie Awards.

24. Telenovela (Guest Star – James McMahon)

Episodes: 1 season, 11 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2015 to 2016

Creator: Chrissy Pietrosh, Jessica Goldstein, and Robert Harling

Starring: Eva Longoria, Jencarlos Canela, and Diana Maria Riva

Brief Show Description

“Telenovela” is a single-camera sitcom that features what it looks like behind the scenes of a fictional telenovela, following the life of a non-Spanish speaking star of the show. 

25. Heroes Reborn (Luke) 

Video Credit: moviemaniacsDE/YouTube

Episodes: 1 season, 13 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2015 to 2016

Creator: Tim Kring 

Starring: Jack Coleman, Robbie A. Kay, and Kiki Sukezane

Brief Show Description

“Heroes Reborn” is a TV series sequel to the NBC hit drama “Heroes.” The show follows the lives of specific individuals with special powers as they struggle to save the world while being considered vigilantes. 

26. Alias Grace (Jeremiah Pontelli)

Episodes: 6 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2017

Creator: Sarah Polley and Mary Harron

Starring: Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft, and Rebecca Liddiard

Brief Show Description

“Alias Grace” is a TV miniseries based on the 1996 novel of Margaret Atwood with the same title. With just six episodes, it follows the story of Irish immigrant Grace, who was convicted of the murder of his employer. 

27. Tangled: The Series (Voice – Eugene) 

Episodes: 3 seasons, 60 episodes

Broadcast Dates: 2017 to 2020

Creator: Chris Sonnenburg and Shane Prigmore

Starring: Mandy Moore, Eden Espinosa, and Clancy Brown

Brief Show Description

“Tangled: The Series” or “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” is an animated TV series based on the 2010 animated movie “Tangled.” The show follows Rapunzel’s story as she struggles to adjust as the princess of Corona. 

Zachary Levi – Most Famous Roles

Zachary Levi’s claim to fame started when he carried the weight of the entire show “Chuck” as IT whiz-turned-spy Chuck Bartowski. The TV series ran from 2007 to 2012, during which he threw himself into the role and the show that he even directed some of its episodes. He even won the Teen Choice Award for Action Actor with this role. 

From TV to the movie scene, he became known as the voice behind Tangled’s charming leading man, Flynn Rider. He was loyal to the role, from the 2010 animated movie “Tangled” to the sequels “Tangled Ever After” and “Tangled Before Ever After,” as well as the TV series “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.” 

Zachary Levi moved from Rapunzel’s Prince Charming to DC Extended Universe’s Shazam. His titular role in “Shazam!” allowed him to showcase the comedy and action fusion skills he mastered when he played the role of Chuck Bartowski. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) – Zachary Levi Movies and TV Shows

What Is Zachary Levi Famous For?

Zachary Levi is famous for his title roles in the TV series “Chuck” as Chuck Bartowski and then again in the DC superhero film “Shazam!” as Shazam. He also voiced Tangled’s leading man, Flynn Rider. 

Did Zachary Levi Actually Sing in Tangled?

Yes, Zachary Levi sang with Mandy Moore in Tangled’s “I See the Light” and “I’ve Got a Dream.” Both even performed at the 83rd Academy Awards. 

How Old Was Zachary Levi When He Played Chuck?

Born September 29, 1980, Zachary Levi played Chuck when he was 27 years old to 32 years old since the TV series ran from 2007 to 2012. 

Who Voices Flynn Rider in Tangled the Movie?

Zachary Levi provides the voice for Flynn Rider in the 2010 animated movie “Tangled.” He also returned to voice the character in the 2012 short film “Tangled Ever After.” In 2017, he continued the role in “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure,” a Disney Channel television series based on the film.

Conclusion – Zachary Levi Movies and TV Shows

Zachary Levi has also written his memoir, a self-help book titled “Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others,” which details his personal struggles and triumphs.

He continues to add to his long list of acting and voice credits with his latest projects like “Chicken Run” and “Spy Kids.” 

Here’s hoping for more memorable characters from this multitalented artist. Schedule that Zachary Levi home festival now!

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