William AV Cecil Net Worth: Inside the World of the Biltmore Estate

Surely you have heard of the Vanderbilts? For centuries, the name has been synonymous with wealth and pedigree.

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William AV Cecil - Net Worth

William AV Cecil net worth was estimated at $10.1 billion. The elder Cecil passed away in 2017, entrusting a completely revitalized Biltmore Estate to the next generation.

Cornelia married a man from the British aristocracy, John Francis Amherst Cecil, the son of Lord William Cecil, on April 29th, 1924.

The couple was blessed with two sons, George Henry Vanderbilt Cecil and William Amherst “Bill” Vanderbilt Cecil.

William was nicknamed Bill as his great grandfather, William Henry Vanderbilt, was nicknamed Billy. He was born on August 17, 1928.

Bill was left with a dilapidated old castle that was losing $250,000 every year due to taxation and maintenance costs.

Through sheer perseverance and numerous marketing strategies, the Biltmore Estate started to make a profit by 1968.

Every year, the city of Asheville in North Carolina receives over 11 million guests, earning around $2 billion in sales. Biltmore Estate receives more or less 1 million tourists annually.