William AV Cecil Net Worth 2022: The Men of Biltmore and a Century of Legacy


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William was nicknamed Bill as his great grandfather, William Henry Vanderbilt, was nicknamed Billy. He was born on August 17, 1928.

Who is William AV?

Bill’s life as a child was not revealed to the public. What is known was that Cornelia left Asheville around 1932 only to never return.


early life

In 1995, a century after the Biltmore was constructed, the estate’s revenue was hovering at $30 million, thus signaling that Bill was finally making a decent profit.

Every year, the city of Asheville in North Carolina receives over 11 million guests, earning around $2 billion in sales.

WIlliam Cecil Net Worth

William AV Cecil net worth was estimated at $10.1 billion. The elder Cecil passed away in 2017.

How Much is Biltmore Estate  Worth?

The estimated value of the entire Biltmore Estate is $344 million.

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