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90 Affordable Things To Do When You’re Bored

There may come a time in life when you find yourself bored with nothing to do. 

This extensive list of affordable and fun things to do when bored should fill your time nicely.

You can do this one room at a time, and the best part of it is that it’s free.

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1. Rearrange furniture.

These are a great way to fill up a few hours of boredom. Careful, though; puzzles can be addictive.

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2. Sudoku/Crossword puzzles.

Head over to that little island you’ve heard so much about, or check out the local market in the next town.

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3. Take a road trip.

Finding one at a second-hand store is relatively easy if you don’t have one. Purchase the biggest one and spend the day putting it together.

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4. Do a monster puzzle.

Bring the TV outside, set up some chairs, and voila! An outdoor mini theater.

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5. Have a movie nite in your backyard.