The Richest Rock Stars


Rock icons have always had a significant impact on society, whether through their poetic songwriting, innovative guitar techniques, catchy melodies, or powerful stage presence.


Stacker looked to Celebrity Net Worth’s database of musicians to find out which famous rock stars have had the most lucrative careers.

Robbie Williams An alum of the ’90s pop group Take That, Robbie Williams is known for achieving a successful music career as both a band member and solo artist.

Phil Collins

One of the three artists in history to sell over 100 million albums through group contributions and solo success.

James Hetfield Metallica founding member, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter James Hetfield is a music industry legend known specifically for his powerful vocals and guitar skills.

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews is the frontman, lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the self-titled rock band, the Dave Matthews Band.

Most known for his contributions as co-founder, composer, and member of the pop group ABBA, he his music career in the folk band Hootenanny Singers.

Björn Ulvaeus

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