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Green Profits: The Ultimate Steps to Make Money  Selling Plants

Do you want to use your green thumb to nab some cold, hard cash? All you need are some plants and a passion  for selling!

Steps To Make Money Selling Plants

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Step 1 – Find Your Niche

Explore succulents, perennials, houseplants, and more. Find your niche and grow your expertise in specific plants for a profitable venture.

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Step 2 – Develop a Business Plan

Pick the most efficient options, and start making arrangements for packaging, shipping, and everyday materials.

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Step 3 – Source Your Plants

You can find reputable wholesale nurseries through online research or personal connections that sell directly to businesses.

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Step 4 – Establish a Pricing Strategy

Break down your expenses and calculate how much profit you’ll need per sale to make it worthwhile.

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Step 5 – Market Your Business

You can use social media platforms, network in local communities, set up a farmers market booth, or launch an online storefront.