Rick Cox Net Worth 2022 – 40 Years of Creating Great Music

Do you want to know Rick Cox's net worth? Find out who he is, why he’s one of the best in the industry, and how he made so much money.

Who is Rick Cox?

Rick Cox is a name that only those who appreciate modern musical know. He has the skills and the talent to become a big name in the entertainment business and the musical world.

Rick Cox Net Worth 2022

Do you want to read more on Rick Cox net worth? Here’s exactly how he got to his $2 million net worth.

Rick Cox Musical Influence

At 17, Cox attended the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Michigan where he majored in classical guitar. And also learned how to play the cello and the sitar from his mentor Barney Childs.

Rick Cox Career Moments

Rick Cox began his musical career in the ‘70s as a jazz artist specializing in the clarinet. But not long after, he picked up his guitar again and produced ambient music with different instruments.

Notable Performances

– Cox recorded EP These Things Stop Breathing in 1983 – Cox performed in a clarinet and string quartet for When April May under Raptoria Caam’s label in 1990. - And much more

What does Rick Cox Do For A Living?

Rick Cox is a musician and composer who has a background working in the film industry, creating film scores and movie soundtracks.

How Much Is Rick Cox Worth?

Rick Cox net worth is around $2M based on a Musical Producer’s salary of $323K. Plus royalties and independent projects, including live and per-recorded performances.

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