Richard Kurtz Net Worth 2022: New Jersey’s Real Estate Mogul


What does it takes to be a millionaire? Richard Kurtz knows. Find out here how he became one.


What Does Richard Kurtz Do?

Richard Kurtz is a billionaire businessman of many successful ventures. He is first and foremost a real estate investor and developer who founded a real estate corporation in 1977.

Richard J. Kurtz is the founder of the Kamson Corporation in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, a successful real estate company that has a $12M annual revenue.

Richard Kurtz Net Worth: Business and Investments

Kamson Corporation Real Estate & Development

Kamson Corporation was founded in 1977 by Kurtz. According to its profile on Dun & Bradstreet, it has an annual revenue of at least $12 million

Kurtz Stone Mansion

Forbes once named the Stone Mansion the most expensive property in the market at $68 million. By 2020, the price drops to $33 million after a decade of sales attempts.

Richard Kurtz’s net worth includes other ventures, like his investment with Southwestern Energy, a company that produces and explores natural oil and gas fuel sources.

What is richard kurtz's net worth?

As of this year, Richard Kurtz's net worth is around  $1.4 billion

In 2016, Richard Kurtz net worth was on the 15th spot of the 50 wealthiest men in the state of New Jersey.

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