Pardison Fontaine Net Worth: From the Shadows of the Stars


After years of hiding behind his songwriting alias Jordan Thorpe, he has now started to claim the limelight. Curious about Pardison Fontaine’s success story? Read on.


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Pardison Fontaine has an estimated net worth of 1 million USD. He is an amazing songwriter, rapper, and recording artist.

He has 379K subscribers on his YouTube channel, with more than 256 million views. He made around $8,000 per music video



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As a songwriter, he also has contracts with music companies, where he works as a ghostwriter. He has written great songs for other singers, including Cardi B and Kanye West.

Pardison Fontane’s real name is Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe. He is a rapper and songwriter. Born on 29 December 1989, Pardison is 32 years old.

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who is..

He always had a dream of becoming a professional music producer. He used to show his skills in school when he was a child.

In 2019, he released his debut album “Under8ed,” which included the hit song “Backin’ It Up,” featuring  Cardi B.


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