Nick Diaz Net Worth 2022- The Great Diablo Returns to UFC

Do you want to know Nick Diaz's net worth? Find out who he is, why he’s one of the best in the industry, and how he made so much money.

Who is  Nick Diaz?

Nick Diaz joined EliteXC and made his debut as a professional fighter in November of 2007.

Nick Diaz  Net Worth 2022

Nick Diaz Net worth is estimated at $6 million. He is an accomplished MMA competitor with a record of 26 wins and nine losses out of 37 professional matches.

Nick Diaz The MMA Fighter

Nick Diaz and his brother Nate were trained by former WBA and WBC World Champion Luisito Espinosa alongside Jason Schrumpf.

Nick Diaz Fighting Style

Cesar Gracie started training Nick Diaz in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he holds a black belt, achieving gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu.

Nick Diaz UFC

Nick Diaz gained fame because of his achievements in combat sports and his rather colorful personality. His tendency to cause mischief cost him several fines and suspension.

When Was Nick Diaz’s Last Win?

His last win was in UFC 183 against Anderson Silva on the first, 2015.

What Degree Black Belt is Nick Diaz?

Nick Diaz currently holds a third-degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. He first received his black belt in 2012 from his longtime mentor, Cesar Gracie.

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