Neal McDonough Net Worth 2022: Bona Fide Hollywood Actors

Neal McDonough set his mark on screen as a charming villain and a blazing American hero. Read more about his career and Neal McDonough net worth.

Who is Neal McDonough?

On February 13, 1966, Neal McDonough was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He is one of three children of Irish immigrants, Frank and Catherine McDonough.

Neal McDonough Net Worth

Do you want to read more on Neal McDonough net worth? Here’s exactly how he got to his $7 million net worth this year.

Neal McDonough’s Film Career

Neal McDonough’s first acting gig was an extra for Sam Raimi’s Darkman movie in 1990, where McDonough was credited as Dockman #2.

Neal McDonough’s Television Career

McDonough played many guest roles before Band of Brothers. After the success of the series, he played in Boom Town, Desperate Housewives, Justified, and Suits.

What Is Neal McDonough Known For?

Neal McDonough is best known for playing the role of Lynn “Buck” Compton, one of the main characters from the HBO war drama series Band of Brothers in 2001.

How Much is Neal McDonough Net Worth?

Neal McDonough net worth is quoted at $7 million for this year.

Does Buck Live In the Band of Brothers?

Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton was an essential element of the story. After his military career, he served others as a police officer, lawyer, and court judge

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