MacKenzie Scott Net Worth 2022: The Most Powerful Woman in the World

Amid people singing her thanks and praise, some wonder how MacKenzie Scott was able to give away so much of her wealth?

MacKenzie Scott net worth of $62.2 billion comes third on the list of the world’s wealthiest women, with Francoise Bettencourt Meyers leading the pack.

According to Forbes, she is not just some billionaire’s ex-wife. MacKenzie Scott is the most powerful woman in the world.

After receiving a divorce settlement from Jeff Bezos, Scott immediately committed half her fortune to philanthropy by signing up for the Giving Pledge

Forbes also reported that between 2020 to 2021, Scott donated no less than $8.5 billion across 720 organizations.

MacKenzie Scott Tuttle was born on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California. Her father, Ted, was a financial planner, while her mother, Jacqueline, was the typical homemaker.

Why is McKenzie Scott So Powerful? McKenzie Scott’s influence comes from her philanthropy. How she used her voice and fortune to help change the world.

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