Liane V  Net Worth: Famous Filipina Social Media Star

Liane V is a social media celebrity, actress, model, and host. She has become a social media sensation with around 4.6 million followers on her Instagram. Find out more about her story here.

Most of her income is generated through brand deals and affiliations on multiple sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

More popularly known as Liane V, Liane Valenzuela is a Filipino-American model, actress, and singer. Born on 22 August 1986 in San Jose, California

Liane was quite active in various activities during high school. An athlete, she competed in gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball.

Her dream lies in music and dancing. She honed her talent by taking dance classes at a Madonna Grimes institute, ballet lessons at Burbank School of Ballet.

Liane began her career at Vine, a now-defunct American social networking video hosting service, where she used to post short-form funny videos.

For the current year, Liane V net worth is estimated at $1 million. She achieved this through her music and acting stints, but especially through social media sponsorship and product endorsement.

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