Smart Wardrobe Management: How To Read and Follow Laundry Symbols

Have you ever wondered what those little symbols on your clothing care tags mean? These squiggles and shapes convey essential information about how to take care of your clothes.

Basic Laundry Symbols

The Wash Symbol

The wash symbol is one of the main symbols on the clothing care tags. It looks like a bucket of water.

The Bleach Symbol

The triangle symbol indicates whether you can safely use bleach on the garment. Before using any bleach, you should always test the garment for colorfastness.

The Drying Symbol

A square denotes the drying symbol and tells you how to dry the clothing. Following these symbols is essential to prevent shrinking, color fading, and other damage to your clothes.

The Dry Cleaning Symbol

A circle denotes the dry cleaning symbol. If you see this symbol, the fabric is dry-clean-only.

The Ironing Symbol

The ironing symbol is easy to recognize. It is the outline of an iron. It represents whether you should iron a garment and, if so, at what temperature.