Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth 2022: The Savvy Comedian

How well do you know Dan Whitney? Where was he discovered? And how much is his net worth?  Get to know Larry the cable guy and how he got famous.


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Who is Larry The Cable Guy?

Larry the Cable Guy was born Daniel Lawrence Whitney on February 17, 1963, in Pawnee City, Nebraska.

Dan Whitney's Career

Whitney’s love for animal farming ultimately lead him to the entertainment business and his creation of Larry the Cable Guy.

Dan Whitney's Career

Whitney became quite the popular chap when he was working as a bellhop in West Palm Beach because he would always make hotel visitors laugh.

Whitney caught a big break in 1986 when he became part of the Comedy Corner roster. John Stoll, the owner of the comedy bar, was the most prominent promoter in Florida.

How he got the name Larry The Cable Guy

A radio friend in Tampa, Florida, heard him and asked Larry to call his show and use the voice. Larry pretended he was going to install cable TV.

Where Does Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth Come From?

Larry the Cable Guy net worth comes from the royalties from the albums he released, movies he was involved in, especially with Mater.

How Much is Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth?

Larry the Cable Guy net worth is estimated at $100 million for the current year.

find out more about Larry the cable guy and how he earned his net worth