Lamorne Morris Net Worth: Popular Comedians of Hollywood

Like Steve Zahn, Morris’ film career thrived in primarily supporting roles. An actor of his caliber came close to earning a nomination or bagging a major award.

Before landing the lead for the popular series on Hulu, Lamorne Morris was best known as one of the principal casts of the Fox sitcom New Girl.

He portrayed Winston Bishop for seven seasons and was nominated for Teen Choice TV Breakout Performance – Male in 2012.

The actor-comedian had seven major films where he played supporting roles. Out of all his projects, the 2019 movie Jumanji: The Next Level was the most successful.

The fourth and most recent installment of the franchise reached a global box office of $798.33 million.

Lamorne Morris net worth of $4 million is a modest estimation of the actor’s successful career. Morris entered the mainstream in 2011 and currently has 62 acting credits in his name.

What is Lamorne Morris Doing Now? Lamorne Morris has four active projects. The first two are in post-production, the third is the short film 19 Weeks, and the fourth is the Hulu TV series Woke.