Joseph Safra Net Worth 2022: Billionaire Banker and Owner of Safra Mansion


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about his life


Joseph was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 1st, 1938. He was the second son of Lebanese banker Jacob Safra and the younger brother of Edmund Safra.

Who is Joseph Safra?

The glory of the Ottoman Empire spanned over six centuries. It is unknown how far back in the past the Safras’ reach and influence.


early life

The Ottoman rule over the Middle East began to crumble in 1918 and was over by 1923.

So when the victors of World War I took control of the land, Jacob decided to break away from “Safra Frères et Cie”

Joseph Safra Net Worth

Joseph Safra net worth is estimated at $22.8 billion. He doesn’t appear on the Forbes list of billionaires, but the  ranked  in the 52nd place

Safra's Career

Joseph officially took over for his father after his elder brother Edmund decided to branch out with ventures to the United States and Switzerland.

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