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Jacqueline Mars Net Worth:  The American Heiress

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Jacqueline Mars  Net Worth

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Looking closely at the 83-year-old heiress’ fortune, Jacqueline Mars net worth is $31.5 billion.

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Early Life

Jacqueline Mars  was born on October 10th, 19396, in Washington, D.C, to Forrest Edward Mars Sr. and Ethel Veronica Mars.

Family History

 SLikeMike McGowan’s Crumbl Cookies, Frank Mars started his chocolate empire from his humble kitchen and was founded in 1911

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Growing the Business

The varieties of the candy maker’s products steadily reached and dominated the global market, releasing one best-selling brand after another.

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Jacqueline Mars started her career in the company in 1982 and retired in June 2019. 

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